boiled dumplings with cold water or hot water? If


are fresh dumplings with skin and package, boiled in boiling water, and then boiled three times with water, then the pot will be cooked, which should be uncontroversial. Fresh dumplings just made are raw and live. They are not easy to stick and break when boiled with boiling water.


in this way, the dumpling skin and stuffing can be cooked together to ensure that the dumpling stuffing is thoroughly cooked, but also makes the dumpling elastic and chewy, and the taste is the best. Note that fresh dumplings like this must not be boiled in cold water, unless you want to harvest a pot of paste soup.


but if it’s frozen dumplings, whether it’s homemade frozen dumplings or purchased from outside, it’s not the same. This kind of dumpling can be boiled with boiling water or cold or warm water.


frozen dumplings have low temperature, and the retrogradation of flour inside the dumpling skin will aggravate. When boiled in boiling water, the dumpling skin is relatively easy to break and crack. Moreover, it takes a long time to cook the dumpling skin to be cooked, and the taste is not so strong.


are different when boiled with cold or warm water. The time is short, gas is saved, and the dumpling skin can keep closer to the state of fresh dumplings. In addition, if we talk about cold water directly, the state of cold water is different in different seasons and at different room temperature. We suggest that when we cook frozen dumplings, we should use warm water, that is, the water should be slightly heated in the pan and then the quick-frozen dumplings will be the best. How can


boil dumplings without breaking the skin?


boil dumplings. If you want to keep the dumpling skin unbroken, you have to go to the pot with cold water. There are three reasons:

1. It takes three or five minutes to wait until the boiled water goes into the pot. Cold water is not only a short time, but also saves natural gas, and it is not afraid that the dumplings are broken and conglutinated.

2. When boiling dumplings, it is easy to cause the outer skin to be cooked, but the inside is not ripe, especially for quick-frozen dumplings, it is easy to cause diarrhea. Dumplings are mostly pork or other meat stuffing. They are afraid that there will be parasites when they are not cooked. Therefore, it is safer to cook dumplings in cold water.


new dumplings, can only be boiled with boiling water.

frozen dumplings can be boiled with boiling water, warm water and cold water. At the same time, warm water is better than cold water than boiling water! How to cook

frozen dumplings? Put water into the pot and boil frozen dumplings with a little more water to prevent the dumplings from sticking together. Add a small teaspoon of salt to prevent dumplings from sticking to the pan or from sticking to each other. In order to prevent the dumplings from breaking in the boiling process, you can also put some green onions into the water in the pot, and then start boiling water.

3. Immediately after boiling water, put the frozen dumplings into the pot and start cooking. At this time, stir the dumplings gently with the back of the spatula to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the pot. Cover the pot and cook over medium heat. After boiling, add a small bowl of cold water and stir the dumplings gently in the pan with the back of the spatula. At this time, do not cover the pot, but open the pot, boil once, add cold water, and gently stir the dumplings in the pot with the back of the spatula. After repeated three times, the frozen dumplings swelled and floated and cooked. Analysis of the reasons: why boiled dumplings in cold water does not break the skin? The frozen dumplings are heated together with cold water. When the water temperature rises slowly, the temperature of the dough and stuffing also rises slowly. When the water boils, the temperatures of the inside, outside and boiled water of the dumplings are very uniform. Therefore, the boiled dumplings have good elasticity and the meat filling is cooked. If the water is boiled before the frozen dumplings are boiled, the dumplings are in the environment of freezing inside and hot outside. The dough will be cooked quickly. Before the stuffing is cooked, the dough will be boiled and broken. The above content of

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