every woman wants their skin white and tender, so they look younger and more beautiful, but some women’s face is always dark yellow, so they will feel inferior because of their sallow complexion. So how to improve this situation? Let’s let experts of traditional Chinese medicine give us guidance.

for many women, the skin color is dark yellow, although not accompanied by physical discomfort, but always appears very haggard. How can we not be a “yellow faced woman”? If the internal organs of the human body are deficient in Qi and blood, they must be manifested in the skin and face. Qi deficiency will lead to dull complexion, poor spirit and fatigue; blood deficiency will lead to dull skin, pale or yellowish complexion, and unsmooth nails. With vigorous Qi and blood filling, talents will have abundant energy, active thinking, vigorous body, good memory and quick adaptability, so as to shine brilliantly. Qi and blood should not only be sufficient, but also flow to produce vitality and beauty. If


want to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation, purifying skin, replenishing qi and enriching blood, there is a formula that is very suitable, very simple and very life-oriented. Take 30 grams of red dates, 20 grams of black fungus, 100 grams of rice, soak the black fungus and nuclear red dates together to cook porridge, sooner or later take. The ingredients in the formula are all home-made food. We all know that food is the most important thing for people. The most homely food is the best gift given by nature to us for survival and longevity. Grains are the seeds of plants. Every small seed can grow large plants and can reproduce continuously. Therefore, every seed has great “vitality”. If food has life, it can support people. The vitality of seeds is the biggest. If we eat a meal, we will eat countless seeds, and we will naturally have vitality. So, the biggest benefit usually comes from the most homely foods. In addition, exercise can make Qi and blood unobstructed and blood circulation. Therefore, exercise is the best way to make Qi and blood flow. Walking, fitness and swimming are good exercises. However, sport is about persistence. Recommended to everyone a fast walking fitness method, the method is simple, good fitness effect. Choose a round field, walk forward three times, and then walk backward three times. People with good physical strength can walk more.

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