banana is the most common fruit, but we often find that after a long time, the skin of banana will be “spotted”. Many people think that this is the banana rotten, in fact, it is not. The banana with long spot has stronger efficacy. The following small editor has made an inventory of the efficacy of a long spotted Musa.

the efficacy of

1. Anemia: the iron content of longban banana is high, which can stimulate the hemoglobin in the blood. High blood pressure: Banana with high potassium content but low salt content is ideal for lowering blood pressure. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the banana industry would be allowed to publicize that long spotted bananas can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

3. Brainpower: in twickenha, there are 200 students in twickenha, UK. In order to improve their brain power and help with the examination, they eat a proper amount of long spotted bananas at breakfast, break and lunch at the beginning of the semester. Research shows that the long spot banana rich in potassium can improve students’ concentration and help them read books.

4. Constipation: the fiber quality of long spot banana is very high, which can help to restore normal gastrointestinal activity, eliminate fecal secretion, and do not need to take laxatives.


hangover: the milk color of banana with honey can relieve the wine in real time. Long spot banana relax stomach, honey to raise blood sugar level, relax spirit and make charcoal water compound. Angina pectoris: banana has a natural acid making effect on the body and has analgesic effect.

so, don’t think the banana with long spots is bad. Eating it is good for your health. But once you find that the banana is broken, you can’t eat it. The above content of

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