many healthy diet guidelines put forward such as “eat fish often” and “eat more fruits and vegetables”. But what is the intake of each food? British Dietetic Association spokesman and nutrition expert Sean Porter taught you how much to eat every day. According to the Chinese people’s balanced diet pagoda, we have improved it.

meat: a palm. The daily intake of meat should be controlled in the palm of the hand (excluding fingers), about 50-75 grams. The total intake of red meat should not exceed 500 grams per week.

fish: a whole hand. Daily consumption of seafood and fish should be 50~100 grams. It is best to eat two deep-sea fishes, salmon, mackerel and sardine.

nuts: a palm. Nuts and plant seeds are good snacks that enhance satiety and are rich in heart healthy unsaturated fat. However, nuts or plant seeds are high in calories, and the daily intake should be controlled within 30g, about the size of a palm.

cheese: two thumbs. The daily intake of cheese should be controlled at the size of two thumbs, about 30g, which can meet 1 / 3 of the daily calcium requirement.

staple food: a fist of cereal + a fist of potatoes or beans. The daily intake of staple food should be 250 ~ 400 g, of which the best amount of coarse food is 1 / 3 of the total staple food, which is good for the prevention of chronic diseases and weight control.


vegetables: a fist + a big handful. The amount of vegetables you eat every day should be 300-500 grams, which is equivalent to one fist of tuber vegetables plus a large number of leafy vegetables. What needs to be reminded is that it is best to eat a variety of vegetables and colors every day, so as to get more comprehensive nutrition.

cake: two fingers. You can eat a piece of cake with the length and width of two fingers every day, which contains about 185 kcal.

fruits: a handful. The daily amount of fruit should be 200-400 grams, about the amount of a medium-sized apple, or a handful of berries.

chocolate: an index finger. A chocolate bar about the size of an index finger weighs about 20 grams. Dark chocolate is preferred. Finally, it should be noted that this method is only applicable to healthy adults, infants, diabetic patients and gout patients. If you want to measure the amount of food by hand, you should consult a dietitian and other professionals. ▲

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