What is the difference between

fat and muscle? Muscle is an important source of dietary protein, the main components are protein and water, protein accounts for about 15% ~ 20%, water accounts for about 70%. What about fat meat? Protein is pitifully low, 90% of which is fat, with very little vitamins and minerals. Two liang of fat, the size of a tennis ball, has 800 kcal of energy, equivalent to two and a half bowls of rice, eight or nine Fuji apples, or nearly seven cups of milk.


meat flavor, all in the fat. Whether pork or beef, if only muscle fiber, then brought to the table, diners will have only one word evaluation: firewood. The reason why rabbit meat has no flavor is that it does not have layers of fat, and there is no trace of fat in the muscle gap. The reason why pork is popular among Chinese people is that it is the fattest. People often think that eating Dongpo meat, braised pork, garlic white meat, braised meat with plum vegetables, etc., is to eat fat meat. In fact, fat is hidden in the daily diet, and it is unwittingly excessive. First of all, why are spareribs always the most popular on the meat counter? It is because it is fat but not obvious, fragrant and delicious. Up to 30% of the fat is quietly distributed around the bone rods and deep into the muscle texture. Despite the high cholesterol and energy levels, people are always stuck with it. Secondly,


are followed by various kinds of instant boiled meat in hot pot shops, and “handmade mutton rolls” and “beef rolls” are all in a state of “thin in fat and fat in thin”. People just enjoy the smooth taste of sliced meat, but they don’t realize that they have eaten too much fat.

finally, where is the most hidden fat? It should be meat sausage, fish balls, dumpling stuffing and other meat like food. Manufacturers often claim that their sausages are “starch free”, but never “fat free”. According to the international practice, enema products contain more than 20% fat, which mainly comes from intentionally added fat mince. If there is no fat to help, not only less aroma and delicious, but also make enema slice difficult, taste rough. A cooking master of


taught the secret of making fish dumplings. He emphasized that the fat content of fish meat was too small, and it was necessary to add appropriate amount of fat minced meat to make the dumpling filling fragrant and juicy. Fish balls are the same thing. Fat and starch are common ingredients. Even ordinary people also know that the meat for meatballs and dumplings must be fat and thin, otherwise it will not produce attractive taste.


here, many people will exclaim – they did not eat less fat. Although the sentence “what to eat and what to eat” is not entirely in line with scientific principles, it is quite appropriate to use it in fat meat. No matter what form of camouflage fat, after eating if it can not be consumed, it will become fat stick on the body. Therefore, it is suggested that people should pay attention to the “invisible fat” mentioned above. ▲

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