saffron has always had the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dispersing depression and opening knot. It is a beauty plant welcomed by female friends. The reason why women use it for beauty is because of its powerful function of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation. Many women’s common diseases are actually caused by endocrine disorders. Therefore, to treat these diseases, we should start with regulating endocrine, make Qi and blood unobstructed, promote blood circulation, and comprehensively regulate from the inside to the outside. Modern medicine believes that tonifying blood and nourishing blood is the best way to regulate endocrine, because the most important thing for women is blood. If there is no blood problem, women will be young and beautiful.


modern women have been under great pressure of work and life for a long time, resulting in the decline of internal defense ability, endocrine disorders, feeling bored and slow thinking. In severe cases, blood stasis, pigment precipitation, and water being squeezed out of blood vessels will cause the skin to lose its natural luster due to lack of oxygen. Pigmentation spots appear on the surface of the skin. Make tea with saffron, 0.1-0.5g per day, for a long time, can play a role in nourishing and beautifying the skin, calming the mind and strengthening the constitution. The biggest effect of saffron tea is to maximize its function of nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, increasing blood oxygen supply, obviously improving blood microcirculation, replenishing blood oxygen, water and nutrition of each cell, making skin more delicate, shiny and elastic. Through drinking saffron tea to improve body function and regulate endocrine is the best way for women to improve skin, beauty and beauty.

saffron beauty effect

1. Saffron tea

take 5 to 10 saffron silk, soak in boiling water and drink.

2. Saffron wine

saffron blood tonic wine: cooked 500 g, angelica 250 g, saffron 25 g, wolfberry fruit 250 g, bergamot 25 g, longan meat 250 g, pine nut 250 g, Fu Shen 100 g, tangerine peel 500 g, Yuquan liquor 5 jin (5000 ml), drink after a month, twice a day, 50 ml each time, after eating. It can tonify kidney and produce essence, invigorate spleen and Qi, nourish blood and activate collaterals. It is mainly used to treat kidney deficiency and blood deficiency, dizziness and low back pain, lack of food and mental fatigue, insomnia and irregular menstruation of women.

3, saffron mask


saffron Whitening Mask: 1 grams of saffron, 10 grams of Angelica dahurica, 10 grams of peach blossom, rolled into powder, and modulated with honey.

saffron red wine mask: 1 grams of saffron, crushed powder, pearl powder, honey spoon and red wine.

saffron mask has whitening skin, increasing skin luster and elasticity, wrinkle resistance, freckle, anti skin oxidation and aging effect.

warm reminder: Saffron wine actual dosage please follow the doctor’s advice, pregnant women, menstrual period, bleeding patients with caution!

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