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boiled eggs for a short time, the yolk did not solidify, I am afraid it would be unsanitary to eat; for a long time, the eggs are “old” and the taste is not very good. Many people may have a puzzle: how long is the best time to cook eggs? How long can eggs be cooked? The following is a brief introduction.

“3 minutes egg”, the egg white is ripe and soft, the yolk is just about to be cooked, slightly loose. “5 minutes egg”, egg white cooked and tender, egg yolk cooked but not hard. The best way to eat an egg is that the egg white has solidified, while the yolk is in a semi solidified or flowing state. This can not only ensure the digestibility and absorption rate, but also avoid the loss of nutrients.


1 and “3-minute egg” are slightly cooked eggs, which are easy to digest and take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to digest.


2 and “5-minute egg” are half cooked eggs, which take about 2 hours to digest in human body; for eggs that boil too long, it takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to digest in human body.


3 and “5 minutes egg” are not only soft and tender, but also good for human body to absorb nutrition. In terms of nutrition, the eggs boiled within 10 minutes have the highest digestibility and basically no loss of nutrients.


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