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I’m going to share with you how I successfully turned £10 into over £10,000 all from the comfort of my own home, using just an internet connection. No selling, no affiliate links and very little time! If you want to know how to make money online in 2020 then you’ve come to the right place and I can’t wait to earn even more this year! #howtomakemoneyonline #makemoneyonlinefast #makemoneyfromhome

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If you have any questions please leave them below. I hope this inspires you to start making more money today!

Lots of love, E x

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❤ FAQ’s ❤

Q: Where are you from?
A: I live in the UK. I use to live on the boarded of Kent/London/Essex and relocated in 2017 to Devon.

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 26

Q: Do you work and what is your job?
A: I have always worked as a finance manager with a brief stint in travel. I started this channel in 2014 when I was pregnant with my first son however couldn’t continue so began again on maternity leave in July 2017 and I am now focusing full time on my channel.

Q: Who is in your family? Are you married?
A: Me and my husband Adam have been together for almost 10 years and married in 2016 in Santorini. I have found my soul mate and best friend in him. We have two children, Klayton who is 5 and Parker who is 2 and would love to add to our family this year.

Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with a Canon G7X and Canon 80D.

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  1. C McG May 12, 2020

    Hi eilis is this worth starting at the minute in lockdown or is there no bets happening because of lockdown? X

  2. Kieran N May 12, 2020

    Hi, im really stuck on exactly how this works. Can someone maybe call or contact me and explain?

  3. Lucy Pamela May 12, 2020

    This is confusing your title says you started with £10, where your video says you started with £100?. Which one did you start with?

  4. Just Debbie May 12, 2020

    Does this really work? I need to raise some money – as we all do, and I’m struggling to find ways. I’m a stay at home mum with health issues to boot 🙁

  5. M Nastri May 12, 2020

    So do you have to gamble your initial £100? Or do you definitely get it back? Sorry I’m still baffled 🙈

  6. Ruth Abalo May 12, 2020

    I love how down to earth and lovely you are thank you so much this is genuinely really helpful!

  7. Adam Khan May 12, 2020

    hi i really wanted to start this but due to the coronavirus i’m sure all brokers are closed ? sports are closed so what do we bet on ? so how does match betting carry on ?

  8. FoxtrotSJ09 May 12, 2020

    Would it affect me if I'm trying for a mortgage?

  9. Simples Meerkat May 12, 2020

    I do matched betting because of you. You mentioned it last June and I have never looked back. I am even trading now. Thank you again. Yes Cheltenham next week 😻

  10. Katyn943 May 12, 2020

    Hi Ellis, I'm interested in this, set up a team profit account and clicked on the link to Betfair but they want photos of my ID and a utility bill, is this right? Did you have to provide these? Thanks, Katy 😁

  11. Shelley - Our ever evolving home May 12, 2020

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Thank you Ellis for going into what you do in more detail 👍🏻 I have watched you for ever and continue to do so because you are always completely honest and not full of bullshit xxx 👍🏻👏🏻❤️

  12. emmashouse02 May 12, 2020

    Great video Ellis. For anyone considering trying this I can’t recommend it enough. Just give it a go you’ve really got nothing to lose. Just remember to check everything twice and follow the videos every step of the way. I made £400 in the first few weeks and started with £10.

  13. Fredrick Martin May 12, 2020

    Can someone who is not from the UK do matched betting?

  14. Juliana Cassia May 12, 2020

    Você vai trabalhar com maquiagem? Desculpe, não entendi por favor

  15. Lara Joanna Jarvis May 12, 2020

    Ok so you've made me want to try it all again! After a massive fail from trying it with Profit Accumulator I just could not get my head around it AT ALL!! But I definitely want to try again, Team Profit sound great! Xx

  16. Dave World May 12, 2020

    works great till you gubbed everywhere circa 100k here albeit over nearly 9 years

  17. Chloe Wright May 12, 2020

    Anyone who thinks this is dodgy it’s not! I’ve been doing this since June last year and have made over £7000. It’s simply putting the time in to do it and learn how the system works. U get what u put in 🙂

  18. A X May 12, 2020

    Very informative video! Just wanting to ask how much you roughly make a day or week and how many bets you make?? I understand its not gonna be the same every week but just wanting to know the ball park

  19. nicola peacock May 12, 2020

    Hi Ellis i hope you can help as I’m interested but have a question in terms of the liability with bet fair. In the guide video it says about having funds in your account in case of losing with bet fair does this mean it’s money that you have linked with bet fair and your bank account or is it a bet fair account with funds in just in that you have to make sure you have the supposed funds in to cover the bet? Is it funds that you will have to pay out out of your own money if you lose either with bet fair or with the bookies? Sorry hope that makes sense I’m not a betting person and have no clue about it? Thanks

  20. Rebecca Doyle May 12, 2020

    I could never do this because I could never give a single penny to a book maker. My dad is a gambling addict. I understand this isn't gambling because you're making guaranteed money but you still have to use these gambling websites. Fair play Ellis for doing what you gotta do to make money. My post isn't to drag you down just an FYI for people with the same conviction as me 😊

  21. Kelley-Jay Marsden May 12, 2020

    Thank you for posting this video. I have heard of this but never looked into it and your video has helped me make the decision to look into it and start tomorrow with £10 and see how I get on. I will first watch the tutorials to get my head around everything as suggested.

    Also is it worth creating a separate email address for the use of Team Profit and any other accounts that are needed to be created when betting so then it's not in your main inbox and confusing, then all emails are in one place ?

  22. Sammy Ocd May 12, 2020

    Hi Ellis! This video has made my day! I really want to give this a go..I have watched the videos but I do have a few questions..
    1: which app (do you use personally) that controls your money?
    2: how easy is taking that money you have won out? (Do they charge you?)
    3: Do you use odds monkey? I’ve heard great reviews on it but they charge monthly if i’m correct?
    4: Have you ever been gubbed? & what did you do? (This part scares me abit)😂
    Thank you so much Ellis! I hope I haven’t bored you with all my questions! 😘

  23. Emma Claire Hughes May 12, 2020

    So is it free? How is it not gambling? My bf said it is. He bets occasionally Xx

  24. rebecca seal May 12, 2020

    Its gambling and very dangerous people can and do get into debt and become addictive. Also You should show warning that it is dangerous as you are promoting this . I know you get paid to talk about gambling. Sorry but this is dangerous. How do we know this is real? As you get paid to advertise this. I love your channel but this is disappointing sorry my own opinion. Putting on a bet is gambling

  25. Toni T May 12, 2020

    I’ve been trading foreign and crypto currency online. 👍🏾

  26. Indigo Dandelion May 12, 2020

    Do you have to it tax on your winnings?

  27. Danielle Rigbey May 12, 2020

    Really would like to try this. 👍

  28. HEIDI THOMPSON May 12, 2020

    Very interesting, is match betting legal

  29. HEIDI THOMPSON May 12, 2020

    Really interesting video, is match betting legal

  30. Zineb Fkinich May 12, 2020


  31. lila sisa May 12, 2020

    hello sara nadia maroc

  32. Bary Misawar May 12, 2020


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