tomato is a good thing. It can be eaten as fruit and fried as vegetable. The taste of eggs is not vulgar, and the combination of the two is simply “strong and strong”. However, there are some people who make a dark dish with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. They really waste good ingredients. Xiaobian tells you that scrambled eggs with tomatoes should be delicious only in this way!!!

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 1. People who can’t cook with


will never match. They can fry three tomatoes with one egg, which is really a waste of ingredients. If you want to make delicious dishes, you must match them. Take scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Generally, you use two eggs with two tomatoes of the same size.

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 2. Don’t be stingy with oil


. Pour as much oil as eggs into the pot. After the oil is heated, pour the eggs into the pot. Before pouring the eggs, shake the oil pan to make the oil cover the bottom of the pot, so that the eggs can not stick to the wall of the pot. Pour the eggs along the edge of the oil and pan. After the eggs into the pot, immediately use the shovel or chopsticks to stir the eggs quickly, so that all eggs can absorb enough fat, and are subject to the high heat of the oil.

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 3. Break the egg

Kdsps egg egg egg, we should be careful when we fight egg. We must force more egg and have to fight harder. We should gradually speed up the process. We should scrape the chopsticks at the bottom of the bowl every time and let the chopsticks soak in the egg as much as possible. Every time the chopsticks move outside the bowl, almost all the eggs leap out of the bowl mouth. When the eggs are stopped, the eggs will have a lot of bubbles. You can count the eggs.

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 4. Add


to the eggs. The eggs will be fried old if they are not careful, and they will stick to the pot if there is little oil. We can put a small amount of water into the eggs that have just been beaten, and put them into the pot after mixing, so as to ensure that the eggs are fresh and tender, and some water will not stick to the pot so easily.

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 5. Stir fried tomatoes with sugar


. When someone likes to make them, put some water in them. In fact, the water in the tomatoes is enough, so there is no need to put water. In addition, the quality of tomatoes is not good, fried vegetables are not sweet and some bitterness, when out of the pot can put some sugar. This can neutralize the sour taste of tomatoes, taste better. And to use the moisture of tomato juice, when cutting tomatoes, try to cut into large pieces of orange petals, so that you can get a lot of juice.

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 6. Don’t put salt too early.


turn off the heat first, and then add salt when it comes out of the pot. This is a secret skill of scrambled eggs with tomatoes. You can see that when you bring the dish to the table, the tomato just releases the right fresh juice with pure taste!

tomato scrambled eggs how to do the best to eat? 7. There is no need for seasoning


. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes are a word for “fresh”, and there are substances that form the taste when the eggs are scrambled with tomatoes. There is no need to add fresh monosodium glutamate or chicken essence. This is also the reason why you don’t put scallion, ginger and garlic in this dish.

tips: if tomatoes are fried with skin, thick will naturally reduce the appetite of diners, you can do a simple peeling treatment before stir frying tomatoes, just scald the washed tomatoes with boiling water, the skin will open immediately, it is easy to peel off, so fried not only taste no less, but also taste better.

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