Make Fabric Face Mask at home | DIY Face Mask No Sewing Machine | Easy Face Mask Pattern

makefacemask, #fabricfacemask, #facemaskpattern I have made a fabric face mask video tutorial. In this simple face mask sewing video, I have included the ...

DIY FACE MASK from old clothes in 2 ways - Washable & Reusable face mask - No sewing machine

Hi everyone, It's Jess here and welcome back to my channel. It's my extra video for this week. I think I should do it. Because it might be helpful for some of you.

How To Make a Mask At Home: 3 Easy DIY Masks

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homemade face mask
homemade face mask

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  1. mary2004 May 8, 2013

    great for combination skin. I use it as a mask on the oiler parts of my skin and just a wash on the dryer parts. Two products in one.

  2. Annemkit August 7, 2013

    Best ever! I am 63 years old, have used many, many cleansers in my lifetime, including facial scourers and brushes, damaging my skin. Now, washing with this cleanser, morning and night, my skin is as good as perfect. Excellent product.

  3. RareReviewer4all April 16, 2014

    Must have in my routine. Non irritating. Effective as cleanser and mask. I cleanse after washing face of makeup and leave it on for a few minutes, makes skin smooth and aids in complementing cleansing with anything else, salicylic acid products etc. very gentle and effective, should always be available.

  4. mrblueu December 22, 2015

    Seems to Work Rather Well. This was my first time trying this product and I like it, plus it does seem to work rather well. I’ve always liked facial masks but have not purchased any in years. In fact, I don’t see the facial masks much any more, not like this. Many of the facial masks they make today are not really masks. THIS IS. It’s a green clay mask that dries rather rapidly on your skin. Just don’t answer the door with it on or they’ll think your the Green Monster from the Deep Lagoon. Looking forward to trying some of their other products.

  5. dallas850 February 14, 2016

    good mask. I ordered this mask just because i like to have clean skin and i have never used a mask before but i saw this one had such great reviews and now i know why, it feels great to the face and it really gets all the oil from your skin and leaves your skin feeling really fresh and soft i loved it but i would only recommend that you use it if you have really oily skin or a great moisturizer because it left my face really dry for almost 2 weeks, so i don’t think i will be using it too often just maybe once every 3 weeks during the winter and ever other week during the summer but i do recommend it, i will definitely be buying it from now on and the price is great.

  6. PERKY June 14, 2016


  7. NanaHoney June 20, 2016

    Another great Freeman product at a great price. I ordered this at the same time as Freeman’s Black Sugar and Charcoal Scrub and Mask. I have very sensitive skin, and this is the first clay-type mask that I have ever used without any adverse reactions. It doesn’t take much, it feels cool and smooth going on and it rinses off without any scrubbing. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and smooth, not at all tight or itchy, as is usually the least annoying of the effects of a clay mask for me personally. The price online is very reasonable when shipped free through the Site to Store program, and it only took a week or so to arrive at the store. I would happily buy products from this company in the store, but haven’t seen any Freeman products in any store in my area.

  8. Ty12 September 8, 2016

    Awesome product. I really love this product! It makes my skin really soft, and it is easy to use. I’ve already recommended this to some friends. It’s really great.

  9. Washoffmoney September 15, 2016

    Soft and smooth. It’s clean my face very soft and smooth I will buy it again

  10. Junebug September 19, 2016

    Acne treatment. I like this product but I like the clear pore daily scrub in this even better but every time I go to buy it is sold out. I like it because it has a small amount of benzoyl peroxide but not too drying for my skin for my age of 44. I have always had a hard time with acne and this helps me keep it under control.

  11. MsSpigner22 September 25, 2016

    Great !!! I love all the framing products, the facial scrubs, the peel off masks, and the clay masks, they all work wonderful and leave your skin looking and feeling so clean and fresh

  12. dmroman February 12, 2017

    PTR. Great product. Would recommend this to anyone and everyone

  13. cho1 February 16, 2017

    Great Product. Works as expected. Love the smell and results.

  14. Alexandra S May 13, 2017

    Makes your skin glow. When I first tried this I put this on a did too thin a layer. The next time I put it on, I did it thicker and let it dry for 30+ mins. I didnt have white heads all over the mask when I pulled it off, but,my skin looked much cleaner. It also was super soft. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  15. Jordan July 12, 2017

    Great Mask. I have been doing a lot of research on this product and have been looking all over for it. This is the best price I have found and the shipping was really fast. I do like the mask alot and it lived up to the potential I had for it. Would recommend it to a friend.

  16. Katie August 27, 2017

    Not worth your money. I was so excited to get this face mask, i just received it and my bottle does not even have enough of the product in it for two full face masks?? for six dollars i assumed i would have gotten more out of it then i did, on top of that after peeling it off it did not remove any dead skin or black heads. I would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing this to pick a different brand.

  17. BodyLover September 15, 2017

    Really Works. This item really does work. I did the mask and when I was done, I saw all the bad stuff that was in my skin like whiteheads as well as small hairs. I think that most people would have to use it twice because there is so much bacteria on our faces that one time can only pull so much off. I will be ordering more in the future.

  18. Kimberly September 24, 2017

    My skin is incredibly soft and looks so good!! I’ve never had bad acne until about a couple months ago when I started my new job at a pet grooming place. All that dog hair sweat and dirt made my face look so bad! It felt like I tried everything and my face just wouldn’t clear up. Then I seen this product and read the reviews and I seen that they were all mostly really good, so I ordered some and the first day I used it I noticed a difference. My face was so smooth and just immediately looked clearer. I’ve been using it for almost a month now, and I’m in love. My face is so clear and looks great! I highly recommend this product! You will definitely fall in love with the results!

  19. catgirl October 5, 2017

    AWESOME Mask! I loved this mask; it got my face at least twice as clean as other peel-off masks like cucumber masks. And don’t believe the hype on all the U-tube videos about charcoal masks being painful to peel off; it does sting a little, but it’s more than worth it to me, to get rid of all the dead skin build-up. Words cannot describe how pleased I am with this mask; I use it at least every other day, if not more, because my skin is extremely oily, (even though I’m 56 years old), and I still get break-outs. This mask has definitely started helping clear my face of tiny little bumps that wouldn’t go away before. I highly recommend this mask!

  20. Bellatrix October 27, 2017

    Yasssss!!!! So a read a lot of reviews before I purchased this product. You think with the way people wined about pulling the mask off it would pull off your soul. Well I used it and I loved it. The mask does get hard and you have to pull it off per the name. It does clean out your pores and your face is beyond smooth and soft. Use it if you can take a little pain if not try something else.

  21. tdidymas November 13, 2017

    It appears to work. I put on a thick coat because I thought what it looked like on TV was the way you’re supposed to use it (I’m assuming truth in advertising here). I expected long white sticks of gunk coming off with it, but the sticks were very small and nothing longer than about 20 mil. that I could only see with a magnifying glass. With the tape style blackhead remover, I’ve seen the sticks much larger that I don’t need a magnifying glass to see them; however, it is possible that my pores were much cleaner than I thought. Because it was a thick coat, it took much longer than 30 minutes to dry. I started peeling after 50 minutes, and there was still one spot not completely dry.

  22. Therealistopinion January 1, 2018

    The Truth. This product is trash it literally cleaned out none of my pores and just removed all my face hair which brings me to say it HURTS to take off. When I removed it was just my skin peeling like crazy will never ever recommended or buy again. I am also pretty sure the reviews are fake……

  23. Brittany January 31, 2018

    This is the best acne cleanser! We have used this for a few years now .We have tried many acne products even the other ones neutrogena has and this is the only one that works on my sons acne! I have used it too. For some reason i cant find it at the stores around us anymore so i will order it online.

  24. Elvia February 8, 2018

    It’s ok for the price. It hurts a little if you have oily skin if you have dry skin it will hurt a little more. Dose remove somethings but it’s not a miracle worker.

  25. Blackmomba February 23, 2018

    Even though you have to leave it on for awhile your pores actually feel really good. It really gets deep in there and cleans them out. I suggest using this product right after a hot shower.

  26. Kate March 1, 2018

    Disappointing. Package arrived early. The mask made my skin soft but it’s hard to put on because it’s so thin and kept dripping off my face. And it didn’t get rid of any blackheads.

  27. haley1 March 8, 2018

    Works miracles!! I use this proudct mainly as a mask, and it isn’t amazing. You keep it on only 5 minutes and then wash off. Unlike other products that claim to get rid of blackhead, this one really does! I’ve had a line of blackheads on my upper lip for a long time, and after my first use, they were gone and haven’t come back yet. I love this product very much and will continue to buy it again and again!

  28. elisabet March 17, 2018

    Works great when done right. Wash your face with warm water before using. Shake the mask tube before using as well.
    I noticed if you don’t it will come out not as thick.
    Yes, it hurts a little taking off. But it’s why I wanted it. It means it’s doing the job.
    Start at your forehead and it will hurt less. At least did for me.

  29. Soul July 12, 2018

    Didn’t work for me as it did for other reviewers

  30. Fail August 2, 2018

    Fail, doesn’t work and packaging has so many misspellings that I can’t figure out what it was supposed to say.

  31. Slsf1138 August 17, 2018

    It’s a little syrage but worth iy. The gel takes a long time to set and is still a bit sensivite, so you can oo make sure that almost nothing — including ur hands. Bit your skin looks not just smooth but well hydrated like youre a kid again

  32. Beach Girl August 26, 2018

    Noticeably Improved. Used for three days now and I Really see and feel my face improved. Smother with a glow too. I highly recommend this product.

  33. Brown eyes blue September 19, 2018

    Need a huge jar please! This mask has changed my skin. 58, dry, sun damaged skin. I have used the hydro boost cream for dry skin since it came out. Then came the mask. Total game changer. I use this twice a day as a replacement moisturizer. Then pat on a little argan oil over it. My undereye and neck have done a 180. This is the best! But…I need a vatt of it. When are we going to be able to buy this by the jar, like the regular hydro boost? Oh, and don’t forget the back of your hands!

  34. LeafyNitemare November 14, 2018

    I apply it with a cheap makeup brush and that works pretty good. It’s a nice consistency not too thick not too watery. You have to get enough of it on to completely cover your skin or it wont work. The peeling isn’t really that bad. If you have a low pain tolerance, you probably wont like it. But it breaks down very easily with water. I saw some gunk come put of my pores. Dont expect it to be a miracle mask, you still have to wash your face. 😉

  35. Lin w December 13, 2018

    More options. Good, hope we could have more options of Peter Tomas Roth productions with reasonable price, thanks

  36. Arie January 5, 2019

    Normal-combo. It feels really nice on the skin and it helps make pimples go down. I would use if you have normal and combo. I just feel like the creamy ness this has It would good for oily skin but other masks like the mint+ lemon would work better for you.

  37. AprilLeigh January 26, 2019

    Love the Hydro Boost Hydrating Overnight Mask! This says it��s a one-time use product, but there’s a lot of gel in each pod. Applied liberally 3x over a 30 minute period, and used the last little bit on the back of my hands. My skin soaked it up, and the next morning, it was so soft. I like the consistency and smell, and it’s the perfect antidote to seasonally dry skin. I’m curious, like many others here, whether it will be available in a larger, multi-use container.

  38. Melissa January 27, 2019

    Amazing. I love it.. it’s great facial therapy. Very relaxing.

  39. Bella54 February 2, 2019

    Was skeptical at first but I love it! When I first put this mask on, my face was a little irritated and tingly and I was getting nervous that it’d make my sensitive skin break out. I was debating just washing it all off but I am so glad I didn’t. I was starting to notice the tingling going away so I went to sleep and the next morning my skin felt so hydrated and amazing!! So, even if you have sensitive skin like me…rest assured it won’t irritate it! Would recommend x100!

  40. yerba March 20, 2019

    Please make in a larger size. I bought this little face mask while on a trip bc it was perfect travel size. I have a serious problem with acne and I have found that this product does not make me break out like typical hydrating masks do! BUT… I do really wish that along with the singles you guys would make one that reseals because I have found that there is more than just a single use in this thing and end up wasting it because I can’t close it properly to not dry out! PLEASE make a larger size that has a lid!!!!!!!!

  41. ReeTheStylist May 5, 2019

    The best mask if you have white or blackheads like I do. I clean my face first, apply sea breeze then apply the mask. My face is so smooth and clean. You have to apply a thick amount and it takes about an hour for it to be dry

  42. leo27 June 11, 2019

    Nice! Really liked using this overnight mask. I got about 4 uses out of one container.

  43. DorkyQueen August 12, 2019

    My skin is so dry. My face was severely burned by the product. My face no longer feels the same and I’m so dried out by the product.

  44. mominLA August 27, 2019

    Great mask! This mask is amazing! It is easy to apply, smells great and needs only 3-6 minutes before washing it off. The granules are small so my face doesn’t feel raw afterwards and there is hardly any sting. My face feels fresh and renewed afterwards and so smooth.

  45. leliss September 3, 2019

    Great scrub! Love all Peter Thomas Roth products, and this one especially delivers! I can really feel it tingling (in a good way!) when I use it!

  46. Donna September 9, 2019

    LOVE!!! Makes my skin glow! I love the exfoliating properties, the pumpkin enzymes, and that remarkable afterglow! Not to mention the softness of my skin. Hint…a little goes a long way and after you have your face and neck done – don’t forget to put the extra on the back of your hands!

  47. Beth September 14, 2019

    One of My Favorite Masks Ever. I agreed to write a review as part of an Beauty Ambassador sponsored post I did with Walmart. I picked to write a review of the PTR Rose Stem Cell because it is one of my favorite masks ever. It is phenomenal for plumping lines and overall radiance and a “glass skin” look. Now I only repurchase it through Walmart because it is WAY cheaper ($19 vs. regularly $52), and it has super fast free shipping. It is designated as “Sold

  48. Robw September 22, 2019

    Nice product. Smelled nice and my skin did feel great the next morning.

  49. lucy September 26, 2019

    the mask is not sealed. Feels like somebody else already use it.When I open it, the top of the mask is not flat,

  50. AV October 6, 2019

    Ive bought this 3 times and about to order for the 4th time. I absolutley love this pee off mask!! If you choose to make the mask thick as you apply then I’d suggest waiting about 40 minutes instead of the time on the package. This mask really does take out a great portion of all the gunk in and on your face. The first time I wore it peeling it off did sting a tad bit but I feel nothing at all now. Worth a try!

  51. fellowEsthetician November 9, 2019

    Great mask, careful if sensitive, would buy again! Love this mask! There is some stimulation on the more sensitive areas on the face like around the nose, mouth, and eye area but that’s normal for pumpkin enzymes. I’m not a huge fan of the exfoliating granules due to removal being a little difficult, but it leaves the skin brighter, revitalized, and fresh. The scent is to die for as well! I’m surprised how much more affordable it is compared to other stores selling this product that I had to buy it!

  52. croemer December 7, 2019

    Best enzyme mask I have ever found! One of…if not the best enzyme mask on the market. This Mask brightens your face and the scent is divine. You apply the mask to damp clean skin… rub a bit…let it sit 5-7 minutes and then I add a bit of water and lightly scrub my face and it rinses off easily. I always have this on hand. The price at Wal Mart is the best I found on line!

  53. Opened December 9, 2019

    I recieved mine opened so i dont know if its been used or what…

  54. sherylsb January 11, 2020

    it did work for me. i actually just applied it where i needed it. where i saw some black heads. left it on 30 min. it did hurt slightly, but not much when i peeled it off. i usually am a negative reviewer, but this DID work for me. so i gave it 5 stars.

  55. Lindsey January 17, 2020

    Great reviews in a professional beauty magazine -. Discovered this product after reading a revjew by a beauty “ Expert”. It is excellent.
    Exactly as described. Asborbs quickly, and skin is hydrated. Would re-purchase, and recommend to friends

  56. nancy February 6, 2020

    messy but worth it. I really liked the product, but really don’t like the packaging. And, there are no instructions. so i just kept putting this on until it was all gone. After awhile it started to dry and as I added more it just became stringy. I made the mistake of trying to blow dry my hair and it got stuck in the mask which was a big mess. Then I got it all over my pillows. So why did I give it five stars? Because i looked so darn good this morning. I’m all smooth and soft and my face is really happy. My recommendations to others – 1. don’t use the whole thing on your face – your neck, arms, shoulders, hands, knees can all benefit. 2. pull your hair back 3. apply it at least an hour before you go to bed 4. plan on taking a shower the next morning to get it all off 5. be prepared to look great

  57. Samantha February 19, 2020

    I love this mask! I especially appreciate that it has the option to have on for 15-30 minutes and the option to use it as an overnight mask!

  58. Michele February 21, 2020

    Smells awesome! I love the smell! It does tingle when you first put it on but then subsides. Maybe it’s more psychological but I feel i am doing something good for my skin. I only use once a week. Glad I found it on this website!

  59. AnnoyingAlias February 29, 2020

    Terrible packaging! Putting the instructions inside the bottom label was a very bad idea! Most labels do not peel off or open easily despite the manufacture’s best intentions. Especially, if the label comes in contact with water while, for example, sitting on a vanity in a bathroom. I bought three different varieties of Neutrogena’s single use masks. I was not able to open the instructions on any of them. Not a problem with the clay and peel off varieties because they are self explanatory. This being the first time I have used an overnight gel moisturizing mask, I thought I should read the directions. However, I could not as the label was glued shut. It took twenty minutes of googling and sifting thru
    endless “influencer” blogs and videos to find the instructions on Neutrogena’s website. Plus, another ten minutes to write this review about the stupid packaging. Please put the masks in packets! I will not buy your product as long as it comes in these annoying tubs. Thank you.

  60. Pokemon March 13, 2020

    Love this! Fabulous mask and the best part is it’s clear for day use! Hint— apply thicker than thinner for beat results!

  61. Alexxxx March 16, 2020

    Burned. Made my face turn beet red after wearing the mask for about 2 minutes, burned, and redness lasted at least half an hour. Trashed it

  62. chanell March 29, 2020

    Okay Purchase. Ordered this to try to clean my pores. It works for the most part,didn’t get out as much as I’d hoped but works better with multiple uses. Also it hurts to peel off.

  63. redladyrose April 9, 2020

    Great Face Mask. This clay masks cleans out my face pores and leaves my skin feeling firmer.

  64. betty April 14, 2020

    This is a great product. Ive been using for a few years. A little goes along way. I use it at night.

  65. Susan April 19, 2020

    The product itself is great- but when I received it had clearly been opened previously.

  66. Bilma April 24, 2020

    best mask after the indian aztec healing clay

  67. Beth April 24, 2020

    PTR gel mask. This is a pleasant mask as well as effective.

  68. Aubrey April 25, 2020

    My face glowed after using it. Also it has a slight cooling that I enjoyed.

  69. Irishyone April 28, 2020

    2.5 PM Mask. I like the way this contours my nose. It is very warm, but we have had a couple fires near us recently and it having the charcoal really helped

  70. Yessi April 29, 2020

    Bigger portion size. I really love this product!!! My face feels so good but can you please make a bigger container or sell it in bigger portions ? Or a better deal so that I don’t have to keep buying these little containers although a little goes a long way I just don’t like that I only have enough for a couple of days please consider making a bigger portion size but keeping these little ones also

  71. Nellie April 29, 2020

    Not as good as expected. It didn’t cover my gray however it did condition my hair. Expected better coverage of gray hair.

  72. Donna May 2, 2020

    Excellent product. Great price for this mask. Shipment was received very fast!

  73. elisabet May 3, 2020

    Don’t buy this ! It’s just apiece of clothing not worthy .

  74. Sherron May 4, 2020

    Very well made… Made very well. with breathing valve. perfect! I bought more

  75. yurong May 4, 2020

    This seller is greedy, and selling low-quality items from China with over-priced tag.

  76. kim May 4, 2020

    Great. Loved the mask , help to take some redness out of my face .

  77. Happylady May 5, 2020

    this item is made from very poor material easily stretched out of shape

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