Best Home Printers in 2020 - How to choose a Printer to print from the comfort of your home?

Top 8 Best Home Printers ✨ Canon Pixma IP7250 - ✨ HP Envy 5540 - ✨ Epson Expression Premium XP-830 ...

Best Home Printers in 2019 - For Photos, Documents & Home Use

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Best Home Printers in 2020 [Top 5 Picks]

Links to the best home printers we listed in this video: ▻ 5. HP LaserJet Pro M15w - ▻ 4. Epson EcoTank ET-3760 ...

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  1. OCTOPUS August 5, 2016

    Great Price, Great Printer. I purchased an Epson 3640 printer on July 16, 2016 online and used my Paypal account. I ordered and paid for it online and picked it up at the store the next day. Three weeks later the printer was ten dollars less when I received an email from Walmart of the items lowered in their stores. I contacted the local Walmart and they told me to contact 1800WALMART since I purchased it with my Paypal credit online. I then contacted the 800 number and they credited my Paypal account immediately and also sent the refund of ten dollars back to Paypal immediately. I am very happy to be able to purchase this Epson printer for under 100 dollars and I have up to six months before I need to pay on it and have six months no interest. Of course I will be paying on it every month until it’s paid out! Much love for great items at great prices at Walmart.

  2. firelordozai August 19, 2016

    Great for home printing. This is a great printer for a great price. I used the CD it came with to install the wireless printing and it has worked wonderfully. I love not having to find a separate cord before I print. The copier is also very efficient. I put the document face down, pressed 1 button and my copy was out in seconds.

  3. Mathmom September 2, 2016

    Great price. I bought this for my daughter to take to the dorm. The features were good and the price was better. It works with her phone and her tablet. I have had several Canon printers and never have managed to wear one out, not even the one that wound up in my classroom. I retired before it did, and it cost $29.

  4. Sandie September 16, 2016

    Compact and nice size. I bought this and followed the set up directions to a T. However, after about 40 times over the week end I was still at a loss. I called on Monday for support and they walked me through the same steps 4 times and it failed every time. The USB cord doesnt come with it so I couldnt try that method, but I wanted wireless anyway. Finally after they had me download the Cannon App on my phone, we were able to use the phone to set the printer up.
    I asked if they had a lot of calls on this printer and the guy had already had 4 just that morning. I have a great printer at my other home and found I need one at this home so I chose the cheaper end printer for my needs here.

    In these high tech times, most things set themselves up once out of the box so this was unusually confusing. Not that it is hooked up, it works fine and for the price I am happy. They need to work on the setup, because this is too complex to have to resort to an app on the phone to get it to work.

    Also, it takes a long time for the printer to start printing once you hit print, It sounds like everything is realigning every time. Not a fan of this.

  5. ph October 6, 2016

    Good printer but hard to setup wifi… Good printer. The WI-FI wireless setup was a little difficult but I finally prevailed after first setting up a direct connection with cord from computer to printer. Then, I was able to setup the wifi finally. Overall, it seems to be running acceptable.

  6. Shopper October 15, 2016

    I’m happy. I don’t print in color, and use only 8 1/2 by 11 paper, so this fits my needs entirely.
    Over the long run, price per page to print will be very low.
    It’s fast.
    Print quality is excellent, and it can print two pages per sheet without needing the paper flipped and reinserted.

  7. aldn4 December 12, 2016

    A good overall printer. I bought this printer after reading reviews about it ,one of the things I like about it is you only have to replace a specific color cartridge -not the whole color cartridge like with a Cannon. Had a issue with the scanner not connecting with the computer ,which I was finally able to resolve with a phone conversation with a Epson tech.

  8. LEGIT December 15, 2016

    Best! easy fast set up! “Wow” I bought this printer thinking again the time that it would take to set up – But I was surprised how easy and fast was the set up – effortlessly !,, not like others I recently owned like HP and Canon, So far so good I recommend this printer.

  9. 15thParallelPhotography December 18, 2016

    AWESOME PRINTER! Let me get the bad out first. I couldn’t set up either of the hard wire functions (ethernet or USB), however, I didn’t need them. My WiFi function is super strong & fast, and it setup with no issues and very little help from me.

    Maybe, one day, I’ll come back and find out why the hard wire functions refused to install and run properly. For now, WiFi is the way to go. Less wires means more open ports and less mess. Print quality, as is with all Epsons I’ve owned, is second to none. And updates were near instant. No sooner than I got it up and running, it told me updates were ready for download.

    Sweet power machine. It’s currently sitting on a corner of my desk (until the NEW computer center I’m building is complete – then it will get it’s own drawer space), quietly waiting to be used each morning. Very little noise can be heard, which I don’t notice since I live near the sounds of ocean waves outside my window.

    It also has an automated “sleep” mode which turns everything off and makes no sound at all.

    Soon, I’ll get the CIS I want, and will use Epson compatible PIGMENT inks it. That will save me a great deal of cash while providing awesome sample prints for clients and friends alike. This is the printer I’ve been waiting for, for a very long time. Thanks Epson! Great price Walmart, even if shipping to me was super high, it’s still lower than buying on a tourist island.

    If you’re looking for a great and powerful printer with awesome prints and many, many functions…this is it. Try it out and you’ll love having it around.

  10. Redman January 12, 2017

    Epson Work Force WF-3640: Great buy. This was an especially great buy for us. Partly because the Walmart Card bonus of $25 made the purchase price very affordable. My wife’s old CX7400 and my old CX8400 all-in-one printers were both on their last legs and, with the built-in Wi-Fi connected to our network, this one unit replaced BOTH. As A matter of fact, we can now print/scan from my ASUS Laptop, my wife’s ChromeBook, her Kindle Fire HD8, and both our phones, through the network. All around, the best purchase decision, in electronics, I’ve made in years. I haven’t even explored “2-sided” printing, copying, or Faxing, yet.

    Set-up was easy. I had to hard wire it to my laptop to download a firmware update, but, after that everything went “by the book”. It found the network (cable modem/router) immediately and all I had to do was input the password for the network. It did the rest. I used the included disc to load utilities in my laptop.
    After giving Google Cloud Print the IP addresses of the gateway and printer, they informed my wife she was ready to go.

    The printing is beautiful, the machine is easy on ink, and it seems twice as fast as our old machines.

  11. Isaiah53 April 1, 2017

    Great Printer. This printer replaced my previous HP printer and an HP flat-bed scanner. The top of this printer opens up and reveals a flat-bed scanner. This also prints good quality pictures. The previous HP printer would jam with photo paper. I hooked it up through my router as a network printer. Very happy with purchase.

  12. DesertRat00 April 7, 2017

    I love this printer! After having two HP’s back to back over eight years, I was so over them. This Epson printer was so easy to set up. I followed the directions exactly and when I ran into a glitch getting it set up on wireless, I just turned off my computer’s security for five minutes and the install went flawless. This printer is intuitive and the print quality is beautiful. It was traumatic picking out a printer because they usually are so riddlesome with installs and operation but not this one.

  13. WaltNFlorida December 26, 2017

    Great printer except for printhead. I bought this to replace one that started streaking after 2 years. Discovered that the print head can’t be cleaned and is not replaceable. Since this is almost the only printer you can get without a built-in scanner I bought it with a 3 year replacement Care Package. My use is almost all graphics, posters, etc. The printer does a fantastic job of these.

  14. 4201 July 25, 2018

    Pool of ink inside printer. Takes forever to print. Where the ink sits there is a pool of ink.

  15. RMnFlorida August 15, 2018

    Another HP Winner! It prints quickly, will double-side,scan,photo,wireless foryour devices in the Network, Took me about45 get everything setup including the Fax , I can’t wait to use that! there is a Test you can do also on HPwebsite support. I like the TOUCHPAD on the front of the printer. Easy to maneuever. I am loving already.I set mine up in the den connected to a laptop and a phone line.. So its perfect in there and out of the way. Dont pause on this printer its a winner!

  16. jorged123 September 6, 2018

    Compact Laser Printer with Good Features. I bought this thinking it was a wired network printer (Cat5/6), but it’s only wireless/USB. I knocked the one star for the false description. It fits on the top of my bookshelf nicely. It connected to my access point with no problems and stays connected. It prints quickly as expected and also works with my android cell phone as well as any computer on the network, wired or wireless. The purchase was exactly what we needed and it was on sale at the time!

  17. rglover October 22, 2018

    Awesome Product. I have been using my new Canon printer for less than a month in my classroom — I am extremely happy with the ease of use and functionality of this printer.

  18. Jimmy John December 13, 2018

    Needs simple improvements. Bought this printer a month ago to replace an Epson WF-4630 which failed after 16 months. I can’t give this printer 4 or 5 stars just because it prints because that is expected. Overall, it is a small footprint, functional device. There are some pain points which I saw in other reviews which could be solved. First, is that this printer goes to sleep and sending a job to it doesn’t wake it up. Thus I need to get up and walk to the printer and push a button to print. I often print stuff from my laptop or phone from somewhere else in the house. Next, very unnerving was the fact that the printer would not make a basic quick copy because it said the item I wanted to copy was a different size than the paper that was in the tray. I got very stressed for 15 mins going through the menus. Turned out I had 8×10 in one setting and 8×11 in the other. I actually had to go online, read the manual and find an option to disable this check which solved the problem. This should be off by default. Next is that you need to install an app on your phone in order to print – never had to do that prior. Next is there is no option on the printer to set up the wireless password – need to do this through a computer – thus do not buy this printer if you don’t have a computer. Next is the menus are very tedious. Not intuitive. Takes a long time to get to what you want and some menus you can’t exit from by pushing the menu button. I’ve walked away from it several times frustrated. Next is that the screen often says “wait” while it does something. Not sure why? Next is the display always says copy – there are buttons for copy, scan and fax but no button for print – so it always looks like it is in copy mode. Next, it now has a message on the screen “firmware is on the server” – press OK. So, I press OK. It does nothing – why isn’t it asking to download and install it? Guess it’s back to the required PC and the manual to figure that out. Lastly it’s louder than expected. Don’t try to print a birthday card late at night for your partner. I am a very technical friendly person so I feel these pain points would apply to all. It is a good printer, is inexpensive, has a small footprint, is multi-function but can be stellar with menu improvements and software changes.

  19. Jolene64 December 15, 2018

    great things coming in small Packages. I purchased my hp all in one printer a month ago and it it the best. I work very well at printing. I scanned papers to send to another person. Everything works great. It takes up less room, but it does a great or the same as the bigger Hp all in one. Not to mention I like the blue color

  20. Mamapam December 18, 2018

    Beautiful pictures. I bought this printer because I only use HP. I love the beautiful pictures it prints out. Also the 2 slots for photos paper and regular paper my printer is all set to go.Love it!

  21. Corko January 28, 2019

    Quiet and quick. I bought my Envy 7855 about a month ago. I have printed some photos which have turned out quite nice, but mostly I am using it to print out tax forms. This printer churns out the black and white pages very quickly, and is quiet while it prints. It fits nicely in the limited amount of space I have for a printer.

  22. sunshin514 March 31, 2019

    A True Photo Printer. This printer is very easy to setup. The only problem I ran into was it stalled during installation going online so I had to unplug it and it started over and it was smooth sailing from there. This ENVY line is the newer replacement for the Photosmart printers’ line and anyone who had one knows how much we loved it :-). I like how the arm automatically opens when you print and you can keep it closed at other times. I was skeptical because of some of the reviews but I only had the one problem during setup. As for the quality of printing pictures…perfect! And printing documents, double-sided…it performed without any problems. I did subscribe to the HP Instant Ink Program and no problems there either. I would strongly suggest that if you had a Photosmart printer before and in need of a new one; this will be the one. Two other things to be aware of: 1) The scanner is not spring loaded so make sure it’s fully opened before letting go and 2) Keep plastic or a printer cover over your printer.

  23. FAGAN April 20, 2019

    great printer. It took me three tries to get the right printer for me and this is it.
    I am an artist / photographer who sells greeting cards of my images.
    This printer is just right for me. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  24. Maggie BB May 30, 2019

    Great Buy. I bought this printer as a gift for my daughter and family and she told me that she is very happy with this printer

  25. Norma June 3, 2019

    Epson is a Great Investment! Easy to setup, and can be used without internet service. Just connect your desktop’s or laptop’s USB cable and you’re good to go! And it also has a memory stick and card reader!
    I bought this Epson on sale for$99.00, a great price.
    One more thing – I already had an Epson printer that fell during a home move but still kept working. Even after another fall off the table when being setup again and still worked! The panel fell off but I was still able to push it in and it still printed for one more year and a half until I decided to upgrade. I looked only for Epson because my first Epson did do well and for a writer, a good and loyal printer is paramount!
    Take a chance and give your self a good working companion for your home office. You will get more done and not be disappointed.
    I remain
    Norma Iris

  26. PLEWIS2158 June 7, 2019

    Easy to Use and Fairly Durable. I bought this printer about a month ago to replace one just like it that I had purchased several years ago that dies with a 6081 error. Rather than pay the cost of getting it repaired, I bought a new one. This time I was successful in setting up the wireless printing feature. I am quite pleased with it over all.

  27. Grammy912 June 18, 2019

    Just the Right Fit. I needed a printer to use with my Desktop offline Computer. This is perfect. It does everything and then some.

  28. ACF June 23, 2019

    Ink expense high! Blows through ink, and we even tried using the XL. We barely print 10 sheets a week, and have to replace the ink monthly. Can only use their specific brand ink, so couldn’t try and save money there. The scanner started creaking after about 25 scans, and the image scanned shows up dull.
    Pro: nice looking printer

  29. MrsMills July 13, 2019

    This is perfect for teachers! I am almost one month in with my new printer and my instant ink subscription and I. AM. IN. LOVE. I am a first grade teacher and I can’t wait for my new students to see all of the colorful resources I’ve been printing! If you’re on the fence about it, just crawl right on over and invest in this little gem. Now, if I can just figure out how to buy a high capacity laminator without breaking the bank. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  30. Customer937 July 17, 2019

    Good value so far…Recommended. Relatively easy set up…two sided printing is a plus…compact size.
    I have always used a HP color printer, but I have grown tired of the ink cost. Since the majority of my printing is text, I decided to go with a laser jet.
    This unit had good reviews so I am giving it a try…So far, so good.

  31. Idontnameproducts July 27, 2019

    Great printer !! After going through a rocky start up, I really like this printer and the advantages of the wireless feature. The “free for life” cartridge looks pretty good for a low volume user.
    I was a bit upset when I clicked option and I got the “oops” message.
    I had to go internet searching to find another HP link to complete the installation.
    HP should fix this. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  32. Attila July 30, 2019

    Useless. The software of your equipment isn’t wireless friendly, and still can’t use it. Can you do anything?

  33. clt August 11, 2019

    a decent printer nothing spectacular. purchased for wi fi capabilities-DO NOT rely on that-get a USB cable before you throw it out the window. It was ALWAYS offline-and I live in city limits good wi fi. And to hook up the USB cable you have to lift up the top and run it around inside there so buy at least a 6-10′ cord.I had a brother that lasted for 20 years this one will be lucky to get 1 year-so disappointed

  34. CW515 August 25, 2019

    Nice Printer. Bought this printer for an older parent to replace another Brother printer that died. Fairly simple to install for most people. My dad at 87 would not have been able to do it. I do wish they still included a manual with the product instead of having to go online to access it.

  35. Flowergirl August 30, 2019

    Easy to Use. I bought this printer about a month ago because my inkjet printer quit working. I have not used it a lot. So far, I am happy with the quality of the printing of documents.

  36. E J September 1, 2019

    Great printer. I bought this for my wife to use in her classroom. It was very easy to set up and functions great. The shipping was really fast and was perfect size for her to use for all the classroom copies of papers and her instructions. Thanks for such quick service.

  37. BA September 11, 2019

    No issues. The printer was easy to set up and seems pretty easy to use. Connected to home network and can print from computer, tablet or phones from anywhere in house. Have not had it very long but so far we are satisfied.

  38. Rudi September 23, 2019

    great value for the price. this is our back up printer. occasional documents from the laptops, wireless. as advertised, easy set up, works great.

  39. JPMx September 28, 2019

    Paper jams. Paper jam were so bad, I took it to the recycle center within a week. Not worth the expense to return.

  40. FK September 28, 2019

    Brother MFC-J895DW Printer. Great price, easy to set up. Prints fast, scans good. Can place it away from computer being wireless.

  41. Susan October 3, 2019
  42. Nick October 9, 2019

    Works well no issues. I’ve been using this about a month for personal at home use. Printed about 100 pages at this point. No issues and easily and wirelessly connects to my iMac and MacBook. Make sure you enable continuous printing as soon as you set it up so you can fully use all the toner otherwise it’ll force you to by more before necessary. Overall great set up and easy to operate. I read A LOT of reviews before selecting this printer.

  43. Otto October 13, 2019

    Easily found what I though I wanted, got what I wanted (a day early), was not bombarded with “How about this, too” or bait and switch. Happy Camper!

  44. Cheo October 23, 2019

    Everything you may need. Love the printer, bought for my son’s school work. We were looking for a printer only and this printer filled the bill. Quiet, wireless and no unnecessary features. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  45. Mimi303 November 9, 2019

    Size and color matters. I needed a small printer for occasional use and this fits the bill perfectly on the 8” deep shelf above my desk. And the Color choices sealed the deal! Turquoise able is perfect! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  46. Pastor November 10, 2019

    Average and cheap however expansive. Average print quality with cheap plastic.

  47. Jacqueline November 14, 2019

    Printer. I was unable to make this printer work. When I could finally coax it to print a page the screen would say “Paper Jam, Remove Paper Tray”, but there was no paper jam. I started over wiith the same results, everytime it printed a page or 2, it cried paper jam. I finally packed it up and took it back to Sams Club. Sorry Sam. This is my last Brother Product.

  48. MichaelNJ November 17, 2019

    Easy setup for WiFi & iPhone printing. Works Great. Reviewing HL-L2370DW Brother B&W printer: Owned for 3+ months. I was able to set this up using only the big Quick Setup Guide sheet included in the box. After unboxing and sliding in the cartridge, I downloaded the software to my laptop from the URL (in step 6). After running the software on my laptop and nursing it through all the steps, okays, approves, etc. it connected wirelessly very easily. I also then used the software to make it download updates for the printer driver and laptop software. This was a lot to do, but it really took under half an hour.

    I print from a Lenovo ThinkPad with Windows 10 and an iPhone (using AirPrint). I have no problem printing while the printer is in sleep or deep sleep mode. I like that it has deep sleep mode to save energy. Comments about it using a lot of energy are misleading because it only uses that energy while printing. Most of the time, it is sleeping. Information in the most popular review is wrong. It does have a power button (maybe they were reviewing a different model)

    There was a black vertical line on the printed pages at first, but I followed the instructions on the Brother site for this printer & problem, cleaned it with a couple of alcohol wipes , and was up and running in another 10 minutes. Shouldn’t have to do that, but I won’t knock them for what is an otherwise very easy half-hour setup, a good looking and easy to use printer. It’s also light and compact which is very welcome.
    I hope this was helpful information for everyone!

  49. Doug November 23, 2019

    Just like Brand New. Was a little hesitant to try a refurbished printer. I was looking for more than just an entry level HP printer. This 5225 office jet had pretty good spec’s. Like upto 10ppm , duplex printing, fax, scanner, etc. Was in the middle of printing job when my last printer broke i really needed this printer to work right of the box and it certainly did! Not one glitch not one hang hp or error. These guys from Texas really know how to do excellent quality control. On top of that it was perfect I couldn’t find one scratch! Really Love this printer and i would highly recommend buying one from Walmart and Deal Scoop vendor!

  50. Tony December 15, 2019

    Great value printer. Great printer. Simple basic B&W printer. Good quality, fast and good price.

  51. Wade 17268 December 16, 2019

    Very disappointed. I print lists on a weekly basis that need to be highlighted with a highlighter marker. The ink smears even after its dry, a week later. The printer itself is flimsy and poorly made. The digital display is antiquated. HP rep told me this was a lateral step from my last business printer but it is a huge downgrade. I really want a refund. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  52. Will501 December 24, 2019

    Poor photo color. I bought this to replace an older Epson Photo printer. The color on the photos is horrible. They are all yellow with orange. I cleaned and aligned the cartridges but same unacceptable quality. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  53. Mary Ann47 December 29, 2019

    fron loading paper. The printer was delivered December 12th. With the holidays I haven’t really used it much yet. When I did try it, it worked great. Love the front loading paper feature. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  54. JenOne January 9, 2020

    Do Not Buy This Printer. Worst printer ever! I didn’t even want to give it one star. Blows through ink and paper jams all the time. Printing is a non-stop struggle…the printer is searching for the document, doesn’t print, we’re turning the printer off and on over and over. DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER!

  55. Daycareowner January 13, 2020

    Was not impressed. Set up was easy since this was my 2nd HP printer in about 2 weeks however the print quality is horrible. There were lines on the photo as well. Maybe since I used regular paper, not sure but the HP 2640 desk jet that I paid $25 for printed a better picture than this one! I printed both photos using my phone if that makes any difference.

  56. Pat L February 2, 2020

    Excellent printer from HP. I purchased a new HP Officejet 5255 last month because I need to upgrade my printer for speed after purchasing a new HP Touch Laptop. I love my new HP Laptop and HP Printer. I connected with HP Smart Friends and they configured my new laptop and printer. Smartfriends are an excellent resources and they are very friendly. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  57. Lift Doctor February 8, 2020

    Don’t let the price fool you… I bought the 5255 a week ago. I was hesitant because of the cheap price. I am amazed. It was literally cheaper to purchase this new printer than to replace my ink in my old printer. No brainer. It copies, scans, even does faxing. The print quality is great. For an inkjet printer…this one gets a great rating from me. Thank you hp. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  58. Diamond Dominy February 15, 2020

    HP Printer 5255. Set up was easy; it communicates with my PC and cell phone. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  59. Icantbelieveitsnotbutter February 15, 2020

    Excellent Printer! I love this printer! It’s easy to install, has excellent print quality, has a lot if cool features, and last but not least, it came with one black toner cartridge. Now, I don’t have to worry about buying and installing multiple cartridges. Yes, excellent indeed! I’m so super excited about this brand new printer and I love it!

  60. Anastajia February 22, 2020

    Great basic printer for office or personal use. Replacement printer for older HP model printer (HP Photosmart 7520 series). This printer is easy to set up and easy to use across multiple devices. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  61. june artist February 26, 2020

    Outstanding Prints. My older HP printer expired & I purchased this one which I love. I am an artist and need clear, color accurate prints, & I have it. I like that I can print images out in different sizes to see if they will work in my paintings, & it saves me a lot of time being able to put them in various places in my landscapes to see which one works best. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  62. Biebs March 7, 2020

    Works great!! Has all of the features I was looking for. Easy to set up and get up and running! That’s always a plus. And the fact that the print quality is great certainly doesn’t hurt. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  63. Kathykath March 8, 2020

    Good dependable Printers. This is my second HP Printer. The first one lasted 8 years and just had to be replaced a month ago. I found everyone that I talked to, from the person I purchased the printer from to the 2 or 3 technical support people to be personable, and very helpful. I’m not very saavy when it comes to technical problems, and they walked me through the set up with no problems. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  64. Mugsy1 March 10, 2020

    I purchased this printer a couple weeks ago, and I’m very happy with it. For example, I like that there is a tray for photos and a separate tray for regular printing paper. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  65. Kiwi March 11, 2020

    Dependability. I’ve had this printer for over a year, and altho I don’t use it as often as I used to, I can say that it never fails. When you need a print, it’ll come from sleep to print in a minute and continue to work as if you were printing daily. Great little printer, no mechanical or software problems, I highly recommend it.

  66. Brian the Brit March 16, 2020

    Simple, easy. Had it working inside of 10 minutes after unpacking.

  67. Metsjets March 22, 2020

    Good Printer. I purchased this after my last HP printer didn’t function any longer. Only difficulty that I’m having is a paper jam and trying to print on 4” x 6” photo paper. One of those problems may be with the user, not the printer. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  68. Rick C March 22, 2020

    Fast & Efficient! we recently converted from a copier/printer combo unit to do most of our printing in our Self Storage office, advised that your printer was great by an employee and would save us big time on ink costs. He was right and we are delighted. We kept the old printer for copying driver’s licenses, etc. and as a backup. Not needed so far for that!

  69. NCLoren March 26, 2020

    A solid and fast performer. This is my 2nd Brother B/W laser printer for home use. It not only is a great printer, with the “high yield” toner cartridge, it offers about the lowest cost per page of any I looked at.
    My only gripe is that the printer comes with a toner cartridge that only allows printing 700 pages. I know the profit is in the replacement toner sales, but 700 pages ….?!?

  70. PBadyrka March 27, 2020

    Outstanding Performance. This HP 7855 AIO Printer is exceeding my expectations. The setup procedures were easy to follow for both connecting to my computer and to my Android phone using the HP Smart App. The print quality on both documents and photos is excellent. The two paper trays for different size projects makes the chore an easy task. I am completely satisfied with everything about this printer [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  71. Lady Hobo March 27, 2020

    So easy and convenient!!! I bought this printer because I had things on the internet I needed copies of and at 72 years old it was easy to carry. and operate. The disc was great to help me get my laptop to connect to it and to connect it to the internet. The price was affordable even on my fixed income and the print was sharp and easy to read. Now I can file my own income tax free online and have a printed copy. Thanks HP. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  72. Sqezins March 29, 2020

    Nice printer for the price. Several very useful features in the driver – 1. Double sided printing (saves paper) 2. Interactive scaling of output (reduces page count). Tho sometimes it drops the bottom line of type off the page (oops watch out, that can byte you).

  73. Randy March 30, 2020

    Good buy for light to medium heavy printer users. Printer works great. Prints well, makes good copies, good scans and faxes fine. Only downside is the price of the ink cartridges. But if you are not a heavy printer user, this is a good buy.

  74. psugirl14 March 31, 2020

    Perfect small at home printer! I bought this at the beginning of the COVID-19 stay at home order and I’m so happy I did! It has been perfect for printing my kids’ daily lesson plans and a variety of activities to keep them busy while we shelter in place. So easy to hook up wirelessly and very excited about the automatic ink reordering plan! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  75. AARPKA March 31, 2020

    Portable. We use this in our AARP tax sites and find it small enough to carry it to different sites, it is relatively quiet and the Wi-Fi Capability is very useful. The only thing we are not too happy about is toner usage and false replace toner message. Also the control panel set up is not very easy.

  76. dd48 April 1, 2020

    almost perfect. like compactness,print quality great,a little noisy,to print multiple two sided pages have to feed one at a time,also some pages when i hand feed do not print straight on page even though i have guides pressed to each side still comes out crooked or even scrunched

  77. Joel April 3, 2020

    Love my Canon Imageclass MF232W. After decades of battling with ink jet printers I took the leap into a laser printer. Given our light use, I didn’t want to spend a ton. The Canon imageclass fit the bill perfectly. Setup was a snap and we can print from our laptops and smart phones by installing the Canon app.

  78. Mark April 3, 2020

    Decent product for a decent price. Very satisfied. Seems to work as advertised. No problems connecting to WIFI.

  79. Rose April 4, 2020
  80. Thommmmy April 6, 2020

    nice printer for money. Have got two of these now to have at two different homes where i bring my computer. Neither heat, cold or months left alone effect the workings of these printers.

  81. Abhijit April 7, 2020

    Worth it. Nice printer, works really fine. Worth the price.

  82. Coht42 April 7, 2020

    Perfect size. We don?t use a printer often, but there are times you need it and this is perfect for that occasional user who doesn?t want something big or taking up a lot of space. All the features are great especially the wireless function. All I use is my iPad these days and it works perfect. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  83. MBNO April 8, 2020

    I have these in my office. They are easy to maintain, but tend to wear out faster than I anticipated. Good at pricepoint.

  84. Konpeitos April 8, 2020

    Easy to use and very functional. The setting for this printer was very easy. When printing in the draft option, it is very fast. When printing in the normal option, it takes some time. Overall, I am happy with the purchase.

  85. Chewy April 9, 2020

    It needs cords, but doesn’t come with them. Machine set up just fine, but two hours and a lot of tears later I realized that the reason my computer wasn’t finding the printer was that it was supposed to have some cord that Brother doesn’t include because it would be “unnecessary environmental waste.”
    If you’ve got a printer usb adapter cord in your house already, go for it, but for those of us living in the 21st century, we’re going to go buy a wireless printer.

  86. J Monster April 9, 2020

    Easy Access and Set up. I bought this within this month. Took it out of the box and it hooked up to everything seamlessly. All my printable components can find this printer, including my phone. Color ink jets for 8 months or 300 pages is free. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  87. Kelly3333 April 9, 2020

    Poor performance. Not recommended for Chrome users although we are not sure that is the problem. Unable to sync the available drivers with the printer. Updated, reinstalled, reinitiated wi-fi etc. absolutely nothing worked! Had to send it back along with this poor review. I did buy another printer (instaink compatible as well). It’s on it’s way now, sure hope it works or they will get it back too. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  88. Tren1993 April 10, 2020

    Great Features! I purchased this a couple of weeks ago because I wanted an updated version of my former printer. I love all of the updates. It was easy to install and prints copies quick. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  89. Abelino April 10, 2020
  90. Dallas April 11, 2020
  91. Abelino April 11, 2020
  92. JPawPrints April 11, 2020

    Very Happy. OMG I freaking love this printer I have three Canon printers now the second one I bought broke on me so I have the first one I bought and this one (the third one)they both work pretty good but doing double sided printing with this one is like a breeze it doesn’t automatically almost and my other two were manual double-sided copy so I am so in love with this printer currently I haven’t did any photos on it yet but that is soon to come I will update my review if my opinion changes after I do a photo but I highly doubt it will

  93. joyce61 April 11, 2020

    canon 4520 series is a nightmare. I bought this printer in Dec./2019 and still cannot get it to print as it should. Have aligned printer head and wasted countless ink experimenting with diffierent tests, none of which have helped. This has been the worse printer I have ever owned and will never buy a canon again.

  94. Steffy April 11, 2020

    Quick & Easy. Setup for the all-in-one printer was super easy. I was able to do everything right from my phone and was printing within 2 minutes! Love the wireless printing capability, and also enrolled in the instant ink program so I?ll never run out of ink. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  95. VictoriaD April 11, 2020

    Great Printer for teacher. I bought this printer about 3 weeks ago and I am loving it. I am a kindergarten teacher so I’ve been doing a lot of printing and its been working great. I also love that Instaink is avaliable with this printer. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  96. PKC April 12, 2020

    Laser Printer. Very happy with the purchase. It was easy for not techies to set up and is working beautifuly!

  97. Dav2d April 12, 2020

    MUCH APPRICIATED TOOL. It’s getting a lot of use from all fronts: faxing, printing and copying. I think I may have an issue with the tray in that ink may have ran and stained down the middle and now shows a streak… It got in the way of a few copies … Only time will tell. Besides that, I’m a fan and throughly appreciate the tool. Would/will recommend. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  98. Cdman1 April 13, 2020

    Couldn’t ask for a better experience! One Happy customer as I set up my newly replaced photo printer! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  99. MicheleF April 13, 2020

    Nice and Efficient. I purchased this printer about 3 weeks ago and I am very happy with it so far. I have not used all of the features that are available to me, but it was easy to set up and I have not had any problems yet! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  100. badprinter0 April 13, 2020

    Waste of My Money and Time. This is the worst printer. I bought a cheap printer to print out things here and there for our farm business. This printer had problems from the start. It constantly thinks it’s jammed. It can’t pick up a piece of paper from the stack to save its life. It takes me forever to print anything. The extendable tongue where printed pages come out broke instantly. The multi-piece chute where you place fresh paper also broke within weeks. We constantly had issues with the printer’s wireless communication with our phones or laptop. Causing us to have to re-download the setup program, which takes over 30 minutes (!) almost every time we wanted to print. This is a poorly made printer all around. Do not waste your time or money on this.

  101. NaomiC April 13, 2020

    Best printer for the price. As always, HP never fails to impress me. Had a shipping question right after ordering, and a rep responded within minutes. I received my printer much faster than expected. Setup was very easy and only took a few minutes. I live in a tiny 1 bdrm apartment, and the small size is perfect for my space. And the print quality.. Oh my goodness. Whether it’s shipping labels, documents or photos, everything comes out beautifully. And I love how quiet it is [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  102. TinaE April 13, 2020

    Frustrating. I bought this printer after researching reviews, etc. The setup was smooth, printed well, but we ran into problems when we tried to scan or copy. It kept leaving a black line down the middle of the paper. As we were trying to solve the problem, it mentioned, the roller being dirty, but with this printer, there is no way to get to that to clean it. Ultimately, I boxed it back up and sent it back. Frustrating, and took up my time. Printer had good reviews, so hopefully mine was just a dud. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  103. RockyH April 13, 2020

    Very user friendly. After several disappointing experiences with color inkjet printers from other manufacturers, I decided to try this one. I’m extremely pleased! It works as great as expected.

  104. Mimitocaden April 14, 2020

    Needed this for the kids online school..perfect! So easy to set up and it works! Needed for the kids school now online. Whew! This is an awesome and easy fix for printing! Thank you Canon! Fast ship too….great price!

  105. Mizoram April 15, 2020

    Love the different features. I bought this just in time. Has been a great printer as we moved into working from home and homeschooling. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  106. Barbara April 15, 2020



  107. HappyCustomer April 15, 2020

    Printer. Was delivered quickly. Works great.

  108. Charles April 15, 2020

    Serviceable tool for drafts but not for letters. Inexpensive and, after some software glitches for wireless printing, now working fine. A dark band of ink prints along the left side, so thick that it flakes off in your hand. This printer is fine for my drafts and documents, but it would not be a good tool for printing an important letter meant to impress its recipient.

  109. Leslie7211 April 15, 2020

    Was very easy to hook up. I had an UP instant ink before I Upgraded. Love the instant ink program. I WOULD NEVER, but anything else. Saves me so much. Also this Program keeps me from having to go get my ink. Because of Y/F it know when I need ink and delivers to my door, through mail. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  110. Joe Gag April 15, 2020

    review purchase. It was hard to download the program to connect to my computers. In fact I haven’t gotten it to connect to one as of this date. I suspect that it even locked up the last one so that I need a boot disk to get it to working again. I did not get a boot disk when I received the computer. Now I have to try and run that down from HP; Otherwise the one that is working finally , prints pretty good. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  111. Alice April 15, 2020

    Love, love this printer. It does everything I need to do and it is not hugh.

  112. giggi April 16, 2020

    This is by far the WORST HP printer I have bought. I purchased this printer over a month ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. It only prints from remote when I feels like it. After just a few poor printouts the ink ran out already . I have to wait up to and hour for a project to print then it is either a poor print or is full of black in marks. I am so disappointed with this printer it is hard to tell you all the problems I am having. My previous HP printer was an 8500 series and never gave me any problems. When I sent something to the printer I had it before I had a chance to take a sip of my Coffee. One other problem, when I do get a good print is after about 30 to 60 minutes before I get a printed copy. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  113. Lauren April 16, 2020
  114. Bobbie April 16, 2020
  115. Charm April 16, 2020

    Fast, responsive printer/easy setup. This printer is great, but it is ONLY a printer. No scan, copy, or fax function.
    The prints come out super fast,

  116. TWM59 April 16, 2020

    Great home printer. Pro – exactly what we needed. Too small for a business, but perfect for home. As router network printer, can print from anywhere in house using anything connected.
    Con – installation instructions are generic, meant for many models. Can’t complete step 2 unless you noticed the 1-inch square of packing foam on the head track and removed it. It is not mentioned anywhere. Once you get past that it is relatively easy. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  117. Rose April 17, 2020

    Great Value! Easy to install with help of technical support. Great bargain!!!

  118. MsArc April 17, 2020

    Better than expected! Setup was easy! I was able to download everything from the canon website, no need for the disc, but a good backup should something happen. It was truly a better than expected experience.

  119. WJSCHMARS April 18, 2020

    Amazing Printer!! I won’t lie when I say I was worried about having to set up my printer, but after installing the app on my phone, and going to the website on my laptop, it literally walked me through each step, and was so easy. When printing the options are easy to choose, and I love the fact I can choose if I want to print in only black, or color. It also prints amazing photos. I love it!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  120. SusanKna April 18, 2020

    Great value. Easy to install. Printing well! (And, the printer does not take up much room.) Great value.

  121. Cali_cici April 18, 2020

    Awesome printer. Bought this printer when this pandemic affected my ability to go to work and my children’s ability to go to school. The instant Inc. deal was awesome +8 months of free ink was a super extra added bonus. The printer is quiet and very intuitive. Thanks HP!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  122. Mjackson April 19, 2020

    HP has never let me down. Love it! I’ve had it a week now and Just did a few test prints and I am impressed. Definitely better than my Canon. This is a nice upgrade. I especially like the photo features. I haven’t printed photos from a printer in a long time and this gives me every incentive to start again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  123. Disappointed2sam April 19, 2020

    Disappointed. I bought this to replace my previous HP printer. The description for the 8035 identified 2 sided printing. I was VERY disappointed to find out that this did not include reading 2 sided documents and print them as 2 sided documents. I regret I permitted a company to fool me by their lack of clarity on their product capabilities. Now I am stuck with this lower quality printer as I have to have a printer now!

  124. QuarantineMom April 20, 2020

    Good printer but runs out of ink. I received this printer abut 2 weeks ago. I have 2 younger children and needed it to print out their homework during the Corona Virus quarantine. I print out on average 15 pages a day in black and white and an already out of ink. Thats disappointing to say the least. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  125. Karen April 20, 2020

    Can NOT connect. Can not connect to any device. Did not come with a connection chord to connect directly from printer to device and there is not one in stock anywhere in our area . Very frustrating!

  126. farmer 39 April 20, 2020

    Ok job. We ran out of ink and with the coronavirus the delivery is late. We ordered on April 13 and it will not be delivered to April 23. That is if we are lucky. We had to purchase black in to continue printing. The printer is doing okay now. However, I am not pleased with the paper tray. I am afraid I will break it when closing it and it does not hold much paper. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  127. Melissa April 21, 2020

    Got it working. Bought this refurbished (mistake) and it wouldn’t work out of the box. Printhead alignment problem, over and over again. Did all the troubleshooting, finally ordered new Ink cartridges, and to my absolute shock it actually worked. So I do have a working printer now. Still, I’ve saved the receipt and I am prepared to take it back the moment it messes up again.

  128. Barbara April 21, 2020

    would be nice to know that it does NOT come with ant ink or instructions. still trying to set it up.

  129. NORTHWOODDOG April 21, 2020

    Good Printer. as usual, good printer from Canon EXCEPT user manual is TERRIBLE

  130. Courtney April 21, 2020

    Satisfied customer. Order arrived day before expected. Printer works great. Crisp, clear print. Prints quickly. Easy to set up. Instructions not great. Would recommend.

  131. Liron April 22, 2020

    I don’t like this printer. I need every few hours to turn the printer on.
    The feeder on top has hard time to take more then 10 pages to copy/ scan or fax with out make pages Stuck.

  132. Lucy21 April 22, 2020

    Cant install/setup after numerous attempts. Still havent been able to install wirelessly or by computer cable. It keeps saying installation failure. Reallt frustrating.

  133. virvit April 23, 2020

    Doesn’t print a lof of school docs. While the quality of prints is good, I’m having a lot of troubles printing school docs for my daughter. Let’s say it prints the frame but not the content. Tried multiple computers, browsers, MS Word/Adobe versions – nope. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  134. harmonydelong April 23, 2020

    Inexpensive, cute, small. For the most part, this printer is awesome! It doesn’t take up a lot of room on my desk, and I love the sea green color. It was not too difficult to set up wireless printing. I like that you can insert paper in the top of the printer instead of in a paper tray at the bottom. I find that paper trays usually take up a lot of space. I don’t think the scanning is the greatest, but it gets the job done. It can be a challenge to line the paper up just right, so some scans had dark areas. If you need a very basic, inexpensive printer that has a small footprint, this is the one.

  135. mel April 24, 2020
  136. dpsota April 24, 2020

    Good printer. I purchased on line and received printer in timely manner and was very easy to set and get it connected wireless to my laptop. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  137. Technut80 April 24, 2020

    Exceptional value with a outstanding feature set. This Printer/scanner is a great. A true feature packed value. Easy hook up and asy opperation. prints are crisp and the scanner works extremely well. The scanner allows you to stitch multiple scans together into one PDF. I love this feature. The tonner cartridge is high yield and readily available.

  138. HandyManShopper April 25, 2020

    Good product. Product exactly as ordered. Product functioning properly.

  139. Sites21077 April 25, 2020

    Easy set up! I have only had it a week, but there are features I like that were not on previous printers. First it has two trays, one for paper and the other for 4X6 cards or photo paper! Second, the tray area is enclosed in a drawer so the paper says nice and clean. Set up was very easy, as well! So far, so good! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  140. Ann April 25, 2020

    Better than most I have tried.

  141. Jacqueline April 25, 2020

    Overpriced. The printer is just a printer and works fine, just disappointed about them not honoring the price match.

  142. Jeebs88 April 25, 2020

    Exactly what I needed! I needed to replace my HP OfficeJet Pro 8600, so I talked to a representative on the phone to find a printer that was similar in capabilities.

    I was not only happy at how the 8035 met all my needs, but also amazed at how easy it was to set up and connect to all my devices. The transition between printers was seamless.

    I am completely satisfied with this printer and I urge anyone who is looking for a reliable All-in-One printer for their home to check this out. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  143. Ed April 28, 2020

    No Good! Bought new at Best Buy! Worst printer ever! Don’t do much printing but, when I need to, the paper never loads correctly, jams, out of paper messages, have to reload drivers!
    Do Not Purchase!!!

  144. azhane April 28, 2020

    No matter how many times I clean it I can’t get the pages to print right waist of money

  145. Jessica April 28, 2020

    Bummed. Requires a specific usb cord to connect to the computer and doesn’t come with it! Separate purchase that I am still waiting on because I can’t pick it up in the store. So I’ve had it for two weeks and haven’t been able to use it yet.

  146. Idonthaveanickname April 28, 2020

    a big fat 10. Lets just say, I am very pleased.

  147. melissa April 28, 2020

    very nice compact easy to set up printer. its quite.

  148. satisfiedinVermont April 28, 2020

    The best! The best home office printer I have had yet!

  149. crystal April 28, 2020

    I LOVE THIS PRINTER!! easy to use in general, prints fast, hooked up in 10 minutes. awesome printer.

  150. georgia April 29, 2020

    refurbished… Was a bit disappointed no instructions or disc. Would not recommend this printer for anyone that is not familiar with setting up printers.

  151. Alexis April 29, 2020

    Scanner doesn’t work. Printer is fine.

  152. Jackofshadows April 29, 2020

    Good Little work horse for a Home Office. My Previous printer finally died after 10 years. I Needed a Cheap reliable mono-printer. For the Price I paid I have got more then my moneys worth. Once i Figured out the print orientation. Its printed top quality back and white pictures Graphs and reports even better then my Hp. Mono had. I Sure hope it lasts 10 years to

  153. Windy222 April 29, 2020

    Bad. Finally threw this away. Setup impossible. Does not come wit USB which is required for setup. Setup with Mac requires download. Still would not work. No customer service phone for help. Emailed them and got stock answer from website which I had already read several times. Bad bad experience. Would not buy Brother product again.

  154. Timothy April 29, 2020

    Good Printer. Works well, easy setup, can print documents and picture from all of our laptops, cell phones, and tablets with not wires.

  155. michele April 30, 2020

    printer did not come with the correct ink cartridges. I need the SETUP cartridges.

  156. Tracey April 30, 2020

    To big and it prints a black line if I feed it through the top

  157. John May 1, 2020

    Seriously Walmart? Printer would have been a good buy if it actually came ready to print. Missing ink cartridges cost me an extra $50 and another week long wait, on top of the original price of the printer price and week wait, just to get it running to print my kids’ homework.

  158. Stayingsane May 1, 2020

    Good printer. Touch screen. Easy to set up. Prints from phone or laptop.. Simple to create shipping labels too.

  159. slimowens May 1, 2020
  160. Barbara May 2, 2020

    Good product. Works great. Love the ability to print screen. Decent price. So far, so good.

  161. Danny May 2, 2020

    Is this suppose to be like this. I dont know what the heck is going on

  162. jrock03 May 2, 2020

    works great very easy to operate

  163. Natacha May 2, 2020

    Love it. Love it and a good price too was worried for not being here on time but it was on time so it’s a good thing perfect for my new project will buy it again

  164. Antoinette May 3, 2020

    I love this printer so far! I have had it a week so it remains to be seen , as to how I like it later. The set it was quite easy, follow paper directions, or online. The print is excellent,so I am satisfied…also I had a bargain price!

  165. Jean May 3, 2020

    Huge bang for your printing buck. Could not be happier with this compact laser printer. Easy to set up and link our devices. Quick, crisp printing. Excellent price. A winner for sure!

  166. Lexi May 3, 2020

    Great ink lasting, simple product once you figure out how to connect to it! Only issue I have is the SINGLE PAGE SCANNER. Bit annoying, but still a great all in one product

  167. Tammy May 3, 2020

    Love it. This is the best printer I have had . Fast printing . The toner cartages print a lot more pages and less expensive to replaces compared to the regular Ink cartages

  168. Viola May 5, 2020
  169. Blanca May 5, 2020

    Easy to install, fast printer. I love it!!!

  170. Sharon May 5, 2020

    So far so good. Easy to set up. Since it is wireless we’re able to print from any of our devices and computers. It has been very convenient due to having to print out schoolwork.

  171. Cynthia May 8, 2020

    Low quality printer. Poor print quality. Our printer is defective even though certified refurbished. Trouble connecting. Wouldn’t turn off! Had to to unplug the o reset it!

  172. Michele May 8, 2020

    I love being able to print from Wifi.

  173. Cheltorr May 8, 2020

    I bought this for my daughter to printout her school work, and I must say I really love it. it was easy to setup and I was printing her work in about 15 mins from opening the box. I really recommend the printer.

  174. Wesley May 8, 2020

    Very simple to operate. Prints well. Compact. Highly recommended.

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