pineapple fried prawns home practice diagram? I believe that there are many partners who do not know how to do pineapple fried shrimp, so the following small editor for everyone to sort out some related content, so let’s take a look at it with the small editor.


main ingredients prawn 200g

auxiliary ingredients oil salt pineapple 100g fried dough sticks 200g cooked black sesame cooking wine pepper chicken essence thick uncooked flour water kraft wonderful sauce



2. Scrape all the shrimp back with a knife and wash it with water to remove the sausage;

3. Cut pineapple into small pieces;

4. Squeeze the water out of the washed shrimps

5. Flatten the shrimps with the back of the knife, and then chop them into

6. put in a small bowl, stir in a little cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, pepper and stir vigorously with chopsticks or hands in one direction. (this step can not be saved, must be thoroughly stirred until the shrimp meat can be tightly bonded together).

7. will stir the shrimps in the shrimps into a little thick powder water to continue stirring and stirring; and


8. Cut off the two ends of

9. Cut the middle part of the dough sticks into small sections and insert your fingers into the middle of the dough sticks. Carefully press the middle of the dough sticks empty for standby;

10. Evenly insert the shrimp paste into the hollow part in the middle of the dough sticks;

11. Put the oil in the pan and heat it to 50% heat (put a chopstick in to test the oil temperature, and the bottom of the chopsticks will bubble)

12. Fry the prawns with fried dough sticks in medium and low heat until the color of fried dough sticks becomes dark, and the shrimp meat becomes hard and ready for use;

13. Heat the oil in the pan again until it is hot

14. Pour the deep fried fried prawns into the deep fry until crispy (about 10 seconds). Control the oil and remove the


15. After cooling, mix well with pineapple and salad dressing, and finally sprinkle with black sesame seeds.

pineapple fried prawns

pineapple calories: 44 kcal (100g edible part)

is a kind of fruit with high water content and low calorie, containing certain potassium, which can help relieve edema caused by excessive sodium intake, and is suitable for eating during weight loss. The heat of


fried dough sticks: 388 kcal (100g)


are extremely high in heat and fat, and the fried food contains a lot of carcinogens. Do not touch them during weight loss and eat less at ordinary times. The calories of


prawns: 85 kcal (100g edible part)


aquatic meat with high protein content and low fat content, but high cholesterol content, it is not suitable to eat more when losing weight.

1. Pineapple is the best choice to make this kind of prawns with pineapple sticks, which has more water and sweeter taste;

2. You must choose the puffy one, cut off the two ends, take the middle part of the cut section;

3. Raw powder water is flour with a little water to make a thick paste state;

4. If you choose prawns, try to buy them as large as possible; shelling prawns is a little troublesome, and restaurants generally choose frozen shrimp;

5. It is more convenient to pat the shrimps flat with the back of the knife before chopping the shrimps; when stirring the shrimp paste, it must be thoroughly beaten until the shrimp paste is strong, so as to ensure that the shrimp glue has elasticity and good taste;

6. For the first time, fried the fried prawns with 50% oil for the first time, and then fry them in medium and low heat to keep the low temperature and make the shrimp inside mature; when they are mature, they are taken out for the second time to make the fried prawns crispy and taste the best

7. Choose “Kraft wonderful sauce” to taste better. It is available on, or you can use ordinary sweet salad dressing. Be careful to add and mix when the fried dough sticks are not hot.



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