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  1. vereshchack September 3, 2020


  2. FUZE&FAMILY Studio September 3, 2020

    มาจากพี่ tackle เลย

  3. Kyle Relleve September 3, 2020

    When you left ! It's like a knife , you stab me .I still love you 10 – 26 .

  4. blue firrant September 3, 2020

    We all are waiting to end this year right to have a new life in a new year

  5. Muhammad Hatta Siregar September 3, 2020

    I am 26th years old. Since I hear this song in first time (2017), I love it. Salam dari Indonesia.

  6. Nathan Folco September 3, 2020

    Love song very good

  7. Yani Bali September 3, 2020

    You cut away the heart of my life

  8. Smiley Me September 3, 2020

    Love this song so much….i was 6 yo when this song become a hit & remind me all the old memories..💗💗✌✌😊

  9. Arleigh Balanay September 3, 2020

    To my dear wife who passed away 9 days before her 58th birthday, God knows how much I love her & I miss her so much, wherever you are I love you.

  10. Marieta Campoblanco September 3, 2020

    Nice song. awesome pictures

  11. juneskie bulatao jr September 3, 2020

    throwback to hear g;music / love''

  12. Mertin kim September 3, 2020

    저도 이곡을
    아주 잘 부릅니다!!

  13. ISRAEL SAAD September 3, 2020

    puta que pariu uma música do caralho

  14. Rony Morales September 3, 2020

    Con esa canción empecé a amar al amor de mi vida… un 24 de junio de 2020… Bella canción que me hace permanecer en un lindo romance que me mata de amor… ❤❤❤😍😍😍😘😘😘

  15. Bad Vibes_gaming September 3, 2020

    Rockwell a very underrated 80s artist

  16. Razer Santos September 3, 2020

    💋Shout Out kay LOTA SANJOSE… Mahal na Mahal kita… mula Noon Magpa Hanggang Ngayon.. Take A Bunch Of Ingats💋

  17. nur badariah latip September 3, 2020


  18. frank english September 3, 2020

    You touched my life

  19. Jayson Gabunilas September 3, 2020

    Alam mo mula noon hangang ngayon d ko pa nakikita ang ina ko at aking ama ewan ko lang etong kanta po eto ang inpersyon hhebhehe sana nga

  20. rdml nvs September 3, 2020

    This song really helps me to calm, overcome the hurt, the hate, the anger, the sadness, and loneliness I feel. Three girls really breaks my heart. The first one I thought I could really trust her for what she told me that she will keep her promise to stay. But years later I caught her cheating and I caught that she's flirting with her co-worker holding hands while walking at the park and she kissed her co-worker in the cheeks. And she saw me right behind her. And I am so speechless when I found out what she really doing when she's without me. And the second one after our 2nd anniversary months later I come home after my ojt I decide to buy some food and I saw her with someone else. They are in a cafe making some public display of affection. I captured that moment with my phone and when I come home I really cry and I send her the pic and I said ( we are done ). And after 1 year I move on. The 3rd one I really love her so much but my problem she had a boy bestfriend. I didn't fail her in every moment I always care for her give time to her open my problems to her. But she's not like that, she always tell to her friend her problems, or what she want to say. The care or the comfort the right I should do to her her boy bestfriend doing that boyfriend material. She didn't give me her time her attention. And I break down I become depressed I give up to her I said let's just stop this it's not working you and me. Just please stay away for me I don't want you and I don't love you anymore that's all I said to her. I am so depressed and I leave my apartment and return to my parents house and I tell them what's wrong with me why I always lose in love. They comforted me. And now I am single 3 years from now and I have a job now I still live with my parents. Now I'm just waiting for a perfect time to find my perfect love. Or am I just really gonna give up on love and just live with peace, no sadness, no pain just living all by myself.

    Some time when I hear this song, sometimes I always remeber my past. The past the I lose in love. But I always listen to this song. Its so beautiful and relaxing.

  21. pawaran luckymepm September 3, 2020

    i do

  22. Rosy Carillo September 3, 2020

    My fav. Song

  23. Anita Kristin September 3, 2020

    Yes . That person it's me ! What is with you ? PEACE !

  24. Shirly Cariño September 3, 2020

    You is lisnen 2020

  25. Open Source September 3, 2020
    played by Mandy Moore…..nice movie.

  26. Lindiara Maciel de lima camargo September 3, 2020

    This is Lindiara Maciel de lima de Curitiba estado do Paraná

  27. Feez Mizaro September 3, 2020

    Why is this song not in Spotify?!

  28. john renel dionaldo September 3, 2020

    ang ganda nang kanta

  29. Seksan Chuenwongnam September 3, 2020

    You just have a very good impressive memory.

  30. Mureli Rajathurai September 3, 2020

    Truly cuts to the feekings core

  31. S M M September 3, 2020

    Unfortunatley I shouldn't know anyone.

  32. Arlynteopiz Lim September 3, 2020

    My favorites for ever knife much love ❤️ love's knife idol#muzhmox9

  33. 박상일 September 3, 2020

    84년 겨울서울어느 거리에서처음들었던 기억

  34. Esteban E.M September 3, 2020

    Love cuts like a knife

  35. Ferdinand Asuncion September 3, 2020


  36. Raquel Santos September 3, 2020

    Sorry!Sinto muito pela sua perda!

  37. Bernadette Craig September 3, 2020

    first time hearing this song

  38. Asim Banerjee September 3, 2020

    Why people's listening Song's,only for peace for souls.Knife …you cut way my heart of Life.Rockwell nicely expressed Moto our society.Few men's weighting for weak point Humans and continued cutting wound points.Cut cut and cut society embraced cardiac.Gentle expressed present situation,Rhythm and melody's perfectly presentation of the world's.

  39. Muhammad solahuddin yusuf September 3, 2020

    Lagu ini bagus sampek sekarang masih enak dinikmati

  40. Mylene Desagun September 3, 2020

    This song reminds me of my brother in heaven…imissubro

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