heforx I Bought a MULTI MILLIONAIRE'S Storage Unit and MADE BIG MONEY! MOST EXPENSIVE Storage Unit!

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I Bought a MULTI MILLIONAIRE’S Storage Unit and MADE BIG MONEY! MOST EXPENSIVE Storage Unit! I Bought an abandoned storage unit! This storage unit is similar to when I bought a millionaire’s storage unit but the storage unit finds are even better! The initial cost of this abandoned storage unit was the highest of any abandoned storage unit we have ever purchased! Will the storage unit finds sell for enough to create a nice profit margin? Let us know what you think!


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  1. Treasure Hunting With Jebus September 3, 2020

    Sorry about the mic messing up because the heat is rough on it! This may very well be our BEST storage unit ever! How much total money do you think will be in this storage unit? Let us know!

  2. Roselyn Enfinger September 3, 2020

    Love y’all videos if you come across towels please let me know and I’ll pay for them

  3. Ferdinand Carson September 3, 2020

    That Hawaiian figure looks like the Monopoly man.

  4. REDorsey September 3, 2020

    The former owner of the unit. https://prabook.com/web/jack_h.de.kruif/55759

  5. anita September 3, 2020

    Y’all really need to educate yourself on music artists and tv and movie and Broadway stars

  6. Victor Haggy September 3, 2020

    If it is art by the artist. Why are you just ripping off the plastic. Bad move.

  7. Lorraine Park September 3, 2020

    That doll might be worth something. Cabbage Patch kids was an idea stolen from a lady who handmade all her dolls and called them something else. I'm guessing it was #ed because they were handmade and all unique.

  8. Sandy Surratt September 3, 2020

    oh my gosh could you possibly move the camera in a more jerky, sickening manner? You're not making a block buster action movie that needs to move the camera angle every 1/2 second.! It makes me motion sick. Also, I'd like to actually see the items for 3 seconds, instead of 1/2. PLEASE slow down a little. Smooth it out.

  9. Cesar Ulises Rodriguez September 3, 2020

    Tom seleck from the TV Series..Magnum P.i

  10. Linda Skander September 3, 2020

    Watch Blue blood. You really don’t know who he is???hahah….Three men and a baby, Magnum P.I. You might make some money on that! He is a great actor! Great unit! Thank you

  11. sherifh September 3, 2020

    “Where’s my illegal knife?” 🤣

  12. Rickey Rainey September 3, 2020

    Tom Selkirk was Magnum PI a popular TV show.Niw he is on Blue Bloods another popular TV show.

  13. Charlotte Skiftun September 3, 2020

    Some of those framed pics could be very valuable, do not roughly handle your investment. A couple folks found old pics of presidents, an old copy of the constitution. Jesse james? Tom selleck===$5,000.

  14. Charlotte Skiftun September 3, 2020

    Anna nichol smith pic ?

  15. Robert Lewis September 3, 2020

    You can buy a set on eBay to test that to see if it's real gold and what the purity is

  16. Marlene Mitchell-Kavanaugh September 3, 2020

    Tom Selleck…..

  17. Stac Master September 3, 2020

    They don't know who Tom Selleck is these people are clueless

  18. Derron Ellies September 3, 2020


  19. Casey Doguet September 3, 2020

    The first 1985 Olypics poster is about $2000 unframed.

  20. Morningstar Storey September 3, 2020

    WOW LOVE THE NATIVE FUR BOOTS!! YOU SELLING THEM?? Could use the beaded ones to add to my Regalia. I inter trible Dance at Pow Wows. MorningStar is my Native American Name.
    Much Love to you both!

  21. Nancy Aylward September 3, 2020

    Tom Selleck, watch Blue Bloods on CBS. The Lilly Tilly Boutique was a high end French Clothing Store.

  22. Taj Pharham September 3, 2020

    Keep the bubble wrap, you definitely know those things are worth something 😉

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