BMW E46 Water Pump Replacement

heforx BMW E46 Water Pump Replacement

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OEM Saleri Pump:

BMW Fan Removal Methods:

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1/4″ ratchet:
6mm Flex nut driver:
Replacement o-ring set for E46 Cooling System:

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  1. Aidan Barrera III September 3, 2020

    What about if it has the pully still on it? I cant get to the water pump

  2. Lulu Dova September 3, 2020

    No let me rephrase that you speak tooooooooo much!!!

  3. Lulu Dova September 3, 2020

    You speak too much!!!

  4. Benjamin Murray September 3, 2020

    I'm glad I came across your videos! How often would you recommend replacing the radiator? I've heard they rarely fail on the e46 but I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

  5. Kami Shing September 3, 2020

    If only you were here in my country i would definitely get you to fix my BMW E46 323i.

  6. Pa Vang September 3, 2020

    I’ve changed my coolant not long ago and just replaced my water pump and thermostat today without draining the radiator. I just topped off the coolant that leaked out and bleed the system. Will this be okay???

  7. Nicholas Nikbin September 3, 2020

    Isn't the OEM water pump one of e36/46 biggest weaknesses though cause its made of plastic?

  8. mcbalint100 September 3, 2020

    I tided one nut to much when I replaced the water pump and I broke one bolt , do you know what should I do ?, thank you!

  9. Bass Red September 3, 2020

    20:05 Is it ok if 1 propeller is broken in this oil housing?

  10. pianothatilove September 3, 2020

    This is indeed a very informative video but what is pissing me off the most is that everyone is implying that people must use bmw coolant, this is absolutely stupid as you can find much cheaper and incredibly good options out there! The only thing which should be considered is buying an HOAT coolant

  11. ASH 007 September 3, 2020

    When do you change the water pump on the E46 how can you tell when it goes bad please can you let me know

  12. josue zamora September 3, 2020

    My E46 ac only blows cold on the left 2 driver vents the other 2 blow out hot do you know why

  13. Hamed Javid September 3, 2020

    You talk too much about similar things and it's good reason forgotten this teach and learning something's else that never cant us it

  14. elemental Diffusion 777 September 3, 2020

    How the actuallllkl fuckkkkkkkkkjkk do you get the bolt off for the fan blade bc mine is almost welded tf on im ab to just blow this car up with tanerite or somthing man🤬🤬🤬🤬

  15. Shiva Harry September 3, 2020

    Blue BMW antifreeze is like a oil based substance. Green antifreeze is just water with additives. Using green antifreeze caused premature wear on the internals primarily including the water pump.

  16. Carls Johnson September 3, 2020

    Could anyone help? I'm getting lots of pressure in my upper radiator hose and coolant coming out of the expansion tank cap. Car isn't overheating.
    Exhaust gas in coolant tester fluid stays blue. Compression test was a success. Leak down test revealed nothing. Coolant pressure tester didn't drip a drop. Completely replaced everything which makes up the coolant system except the water pump. Could it be the bearing in the water pump causin my leaky cap and swollen upper radiator hose?

  17. Toad Phillips September 3, 2020

    Why the heck would you want plastic?

  18. chios1958 September 3, 2020

    You videos are great. Thank you, your information helps me a lot!

  19. joseph cristal September 3, 2020

    U have made my life easier working on my e46. Love u man..

  20. John Rose September 3, 2020

    failed water pump at 150k! thanks for the video!!

  21. Mac Rivera September 3, 2020

    I keep hearing not to let the water pump run without coolant for it would break its mechanical seal. So how does it survive in the initial start up while the t-stat is still closed?

    I’m also clearing out the old coolant thru distilled water dilution method (several cycles and drain until
    clear), how do you ensure not to introduce cold water to a hot engine which could warp it?

    Thanks in advance!

  22. Dariel Morales September 3, 2020

    Thanks man your videos teaching alot of things big help with my new e46

  23. Karis Birch September 3, 2020

    Hey, just wondering where you got that that drill? I need to get one that is small but I don’t need to hook up to air

  24. Stefan Yotcev September 3, 2020

    please if you decide you have the time make a video on bleeding the air out of the system ? you explained it but ofcourse it would be great to see it in action. thanks !!

  25. Nivii97 September 3, 2020

    what kind of coolant do you use?

  26. Donato September 3, 2020

    Much more easy than I predicted… I will buy the eBay oring kit and buy a pump kit in OEM Bimmer Parts.
    Many thanks!

  27. Aris September 3, 2020

    You can drain the coolant from the engine block by removing a bolt from the engine near cylinder 2 under the exhaust side. Don't do what he did.

  28. Alex Pantalunan September 3, 2020

    Hey man I have a question so when doing this job do you have to drain coolant from the block, I need to replace my water pump and thermostat soon

  29. Alan W September 3, 2020

    Just a tip,if the pump crack when anyone press the bolts,you can hammer the front of the pump,that will only break the pump bearing only and then can remove the pump,I did many time before,good luck

  30. paul gilliland September 3, 2020

    Do you work on customer cars? If so are you interested in doing a project on a E39 M54

  31. Khomotso Matheba September 3, 2020

    dude your channel rocks…still the most down to earth mechanic I know.

  32. BNSFguy617 September 3, 2020

    Great video! I need to change the water pump on my E46 tonight.

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