2019 Ultimate GoPro Accessories Guide

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CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE GoPro Accessories from Amazon 2020

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Must Have GoPro Accessories For 2020 | Hero 8 Black

In this video, I go over some GoPro gear and accessories you should consider for your Hero 8 Black in 2020. When it comes to accessories for your GoPro ...

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Gopro Accessories
Gopro Accessories

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  1. Ninabella January 1, 2014

    Horrible. I got it for my boyfriend and he put it on the back of his car since its made for it he wasnt even going fast he lost the go pro everything i wouldnt buy this product again !

  2. Jamtones January 5, 2014

    VERY GOOD! Seeing a low review i wondered if it would be any good but i bought the product anyways. I use it when i drive sometimes to get some use out of the GoPro and the cups but i mainly use it for flying as i am a Pilot. The ONLY bad thing i have come across is when you get the Suction Cup it doesn’t come with any way of how you assemble it but there is a picture on the back and once you see that it is actually easier to assemble. On planes it works great i hit turbulence and when i drive on bad terrain i hit bumps and stuff and i didn’t even see the mount move. I have to say for the price it was seem high but it is a lot cheaper then buying 1 time sticky mounts over and over again i HIGHLY recommend this product.

  3. iminabox January 31, 2014

    It works. Okay, so I stuck my Hero 3+ Black Edition on the outside of my car for a 6 hour trip. I was entirely skeptical of the suction ability and knew that it was going to fall off so I tied a laniard to the mount and my mirror just to be safe.

    After moving it when I would change batteries, it consistently held up. I don’t like the price, but suppose that it’s worth protecting the investment at 75-80 mph on a freeway. Plus, there was very little, if any, movement or vibration.

    All in all, I am very satisfied with the purchase.

  4. Ju5t5umGi3 April 29, 2014

    Great Price. Great price and arrived the Friday before the expected delivery on Tuesday.

  5. TXkawboy May 26, 2014

    Perfect hands-free GoPro mount. Ordered site-to-store, saved $2 from the shelf price. I needed the head strap mount, didn’t know the ball cap clip was included…extra bonus! The head strap fits just right w/out adjustment, but it is adjustable.
    I used the cap mount for an outdoor video shoot (fishing & horseback riding). You wear the cap backwards; it clips to the bottom edge. But my cap was the plastic strap-adjustable kind, and so there was a little movement. Video was unaffected, but when walking and moving around there was a noticeable and annoying popping on the audio. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a fitted cap.

  6. nerd97 May 30, 2014

    Essential accessory. This is definitely a necessity for GoPro owners. It allows you to take 1st person photos & videos without wearing a helmet. It also includes a nifty little baseball cap mount, so you can wear a hat AND take awesome video. This should NOT be used in situations involving an impact, or while swimming, because it tends to fall off.

  7. Trailcranker July 6, 2014

    Must have mount for automotive use. This is a well designed sturdy mount. It is a must have if you plan doing anything automotive wise with a Gopro. Have used it many time with no issues. Haven’t noticed it doing anything to the sheet metal or painted surfaces.

  8. jeffrop July 21, 2014

    Wow this sucker holds! Bought the suction cup to mount my GoPro camera on top of my car’s sunroof for a day at the racetrack. This thing has robo suction! On the back straight at Mid-Ohio Sports Car course my 600hp Camaro topped out over 120mph with this thing hangin on without a hitch! Got some awesome hi res video even spun her out in the rain!
    Way to go GoPro!

  9. Wytnite July 30, 2014

    The head strap worked perfectly! Used it for filming a recent rafting trip. Despite the rapids, the head strap kept the Gopro in place.

  10. DodgeMel August 4, 2014

    Works great for sticking to our boat… So far we have been pleased with this suction cup accessory for Gopro. We have used it on our boat to capture people skiing and tubing. It works very well.

  11. ryanbikerboy August 14, 2014

    Does everything it should. I Bought the suction cup for my sport bike to get some alternate angles that the bar mounts can’t hit. At first I was worried about it falling off and my new GoPro flying down the road with it, but after using it a few times I will say that this mount sticks like it was glued on! I took it to a track day and it stayed perfectly secure at speeds of 150mph plus, so every day riding will be no problem at all. I gave it a pull the first time I put it on my fairing, and I most likely could have pulled my fairing off before the mount came off. I recommend this mount to anyone!

  12. enthusiast1960 September 5, 2014

    Head strap. Purchased the unit because I was going treetop trekking and wanted to mount the camera on the helmets supplied. Strap worked very well. The rubber ribs on the inside of the band grips well on any helmet.

  13. BrunoSmash September 14, 2014

    Good but needs chinstrap. Good quality build, good rubber buttons for grip on inside of straps, but still came off in strong ocean current. Chin straps would have been great. Worked great on horseback. Was scared to try on jetskis. Used with Hero+ Black Edition.

  14. kensiep November 5, 2014

    Not Too Good to be True. I was skeptical of how cheap this product was if the quality would be horrible. It’s so amazing and seems like it will be durable and last a long time. I would have expected this quality for a much more expensive product. Love it!

  15. Tinab2273 January 23, 2015

    Better than pictured! This was Exactly what I wanted and free shipping to boot!

  16. AZELGATO December 13, 2015

    Great Product. This suction cup mount is rock solid and compact too.

  17. DynaGranny June 2, 2016

    Clip/Head Strap Mount for GoPro. We are bowhunters, and we had previously tried mounting the GoPro to the bow itself. Because of the movement of the bow when hunting and shooting, the GoPro was not always pointed in the direction of what we wanted to see (the animal and shot placement). With the Head Strap Mount, the GoPro is pointed where we are looking and seeing what we are seeing. We were able to see exactly where the arrow went and it eliminated guess-work.

  18. Worked October 1, 2016

    Worked great! We purchased this to record a zip lining experience. It worked just as anticipated. We were happy we made the purchase.

  19. Susana February 2, 2017

    Amazing. Great price for an amazing products

  20. HOYTMAN66 February 21, 2017

    Great products and service. Recommend these to anyone!

  21. Bigcountry March 7, 2017

    Sse. Great prouduct

  22. BornNDaSouth June 28, 2017

    GoPro Camera Jaws Clamp and Goose Neck Mount. I’m always looking for ways to mount a GoPro on my motorcycles. I saw a review of this in a YouTube video and had to have one. This is going to give me so much versatility in making ride video. It’s also half the price of the GoPro brand on their website.

  23. jimbob September 1, 2017

    pretty good deal. But the bicycle clamp and offset clamp weren’t there? Maybe backorder?

  24. Angela September 20, 2017

    A brilliant bit of kit. It’s a brilliant bit of kit, every accessory you will ever need for whatever brand of sports action camera you own. Bag it comes in is strong resealable plastic. Also comes with a nice case to carry your camera and a few of the attachments that you may need for that day. I would definitely recommend this product, well worth the money.

  25. Jerry October 2, 2017

    Sensitive. I wish I would have known how sensitive the pieces are. I slid on two of the pieces that attach/detach from each other and it worked just fine. But when I wet to remove the two pieces, it broke. This happened on the second day I received the order.

  26. John October 22, 2017

    Packed with Accessories. Great Value for the money. This case of accessories is all you will ever need to hook your GoPro to anything! I love it.

  27. cooper November 2, 2017

    Awesome deal. Awesome deal, this is a very good price for all the accessories that this pack includes.

    I was surprised by the good quality and the practical way of storing them. The items i don’t use i can store them easily in their case. I have tasted a few items and i was pleased by them, being durable and easy to use.

  28. Amos21 December 6, 2017

    It looks like a genuine GoPro remote control. I searched for remote control in Amazon and Bestbuy. I found exactly similar remote control but more expensive. Then I decided to order it from Walmart for a third of the price thinking that it was a nice deal. However, when I received it and watched Youtube videos how to pair this device with Go Pro Hero 5, I found it to be quite different from the genuine one.
    Don’t buy it and waste your money. Pay more and get the real one.

  29. Nooo December 6, 2017

    Hope your experience is better than mine. This is just my experience but I have not been able to get it to stick to anything unless it was perfectly flat and smooth. Is there a secret I am missing? It looks awesome but functions like something you buy from dollar store

  30. Grammy December 24, 2017

    This was a Christmas gift for my grandson. He loved it!!

  31. Flyer March 28, 2018

    Not happy. Got mine and it only worked on charging. cord. Contacted DHcamer twice but still nothing from them. Believe internal battery bad. I will not order again from DH camera.

  32. James March 30, 2018

    Does not work, it’s refurbished, do not buy! It’s a refurbished remote, from a secondary seller, not Wal-Mart. It works on the power cord when charging, as soon as it’s disconnected, it doesn’t work at all, do not buy this remote from here!

  33. Awesome April 1, 2018


  34. jaraldo5 May 13, 2018

    Must have for a GoPro. Awesome product! Really easy to handle and stabilizes camera while holding. Goes underwater with no problems.

  35. heelsfan July 31, 2018

    DOES NOT WORK UNLESS PLUGGED IN – pointless. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… Bought this product, received, charged BEFORE attempting to use. But as others have said, it only works when plugged in. DOES NOT WORK ON BATTERY even though when cord is plugged in, it states battery is fully charged. Seems like they may be attempting to re-sell the same defective product without actually refurbishing it.

  36. Linda August 15, 2018

    One possible caveat. I opened the white mailing bag it was sent/delivered in and the black case and its components reeked of toxicity. The odor was intolerable and it also rubbed off on my hands. I couldn’t wait to close it, put it back in the white bag, wash my hands, and return it to the local Walmart. It may just be a recent batch or my keen sense of smell, but I own a lot of plastic goods and none of them smell like what I received.

  37. Ladybebe December 29, 2018

    Good price and good product. I love it held my GoPro Hero 7 white in place and very strong material must buy

  38. Ron5528 January 7, 2019

    Tons of tools. Tons of tools to use on your GoPro. As mentioned by other reviews, the odor is strong. Just open package and leave outside over night. Easy fix. If you can’t deal with that then don’t buy it. Your loss. The only piece I don’t care for is the floating camera holder. I already owned “The Handler” by GoPro and did not buy this package for the case or the floating camera holder.

  39. Tom January 18, 2019

    I was looking for all the pieces that was supposed to come, unfortunately the selfie stick that was supposed to go on a GoPro works only on a cell phone and that is what I was not looking for

  40. Munson February 28, 2019

    Product was as described. Works well with Go Pro 7. Good price.

  41. SteveinFL March 6, 2019

    Great accessory to add your collection. Great accessory. Especially like the lanyard securing it to your wrist.

  42. Evilelf March 13, 2019

    Versatile set makes video adventures a breeze. I am in love with this 26-1 kit bundled in a light easy to carry case. I am able to take this kit anywhere for use with my go pro for awesome video capture adventures. I have gotten the most use out of the light tripod so far. I found it fairly easy to affix my go pro to the mounts securely. This was my biggest concern if my equipment would be safe. The fact that the pieces are light and bundle into the case allow me to take it on trips with ease. This one is versatile snd ecpands my options for documenting my activities.

  43. NiZoo March 14, 2019

    AWESOME kit! I received the “GPCT 26-in-1 Mount Accessory Kit” and couldn’t wait to open it! I got my husband a portable camera for our trip to Mexico and this would have been PERFECT to have with it! Right out of the box, my husband was looking at every single accessory provided. He was really excited to try out each accessory on his bike while he rides around the neighborhood. The handle bar mount worked perfectly and didn’t move at all which is great for getting steady video. My daughter also really likes to use the portable camera and was a big fan of the telescopic handheld arm mono pod and the mini tripod. With the 180° rotatable suction cup you are able to use this in your car for those long trips when you want to catch the scenery or even as a makeshift dash cam. This kit also comes with a chest strap mount, head strap mount, wrist strap mount, floating grip and LOTS more! The instructions are super easy to follow and give nice detailed descriptions about a lot of the items. I also love the carrying case because it holds everything all in one place and you don’t have to worry about losing anything. The carrying case is also made of a good heavy duty material that I feel keeps each accessory safe.

  44. Ced45 March 14, 2019

    This is a loaded set of tools. I received this product as a member of the walmart spark reviewer program and I really think this is a crucial addition to Go Pro users. It has any accessory you will ever need for a casual action camera user. It has a floating mount for use in water so that your camera doesn’t sink to the bottom if it slips out of your hand. It has a handle bar mount which is great for bike recordings but be cautious if you have a bike handle that is bent in unorthodox directions or that is very thick or skinny as you may have some difficulty with fitting the mount though it should still work for the most part. (i had issues because i have a hybrid bike which has very limited space between the rubber handle and the center, making it difficult to install as part of it would cover the rubber which is thicker that the handle making it not so secure). I really like the body strap because you could just attach the camera to you chest and get going… makes for great hands free work in field work. The carrying case is cool. it is not so padded and not so robust but it does the job. these parts are not fragile so the case satisfies my needs of support and storage. I really like the bendable tripod as you can essentially use it to get a good flat camera angle on almost any surface no matter how uneven.

  45. IfYouTrustMe March 15, 2019

    Items are fine pieces. The items were packed in a padded storage case, and for new items, each was individually wrapped. The bolts and nuts were fit and no need to over tighten. Plastics are nice and had gone through the test that under these cold weather, they were intact still. Remainder is to put them on to the road test on the slope.

  46. Bigness March 18, 2019

    A great kit with tons of accessories! This is a great kit for your GoPro camera (or GoPro imitators as well) that has all kinds of attachments. It has a car dash mount (with suction cup), a head rig, a chest rig, tri-pod, mono-pod (selfie stick I guess), handlebar mount, just to name a few. It all comes in a very nice hard nylon zippered case to keep it all organized. Definitely a great kit for anybody with an “action camera”.

  47. Theresa March 19, 2019

    did not come with all parts. cannot mount GoPro because adapters are missing. the entire kit is useless without the adapter.

  48. buyerfromhere March 20, 2019

    Great accessory kit for go pro! I am writing this review on theGPCT 26-in-1 Mount Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5 Camera. This is a great set for the money. It comes with so much stuff! And all appear to be great quality. My favorite is the tripod, head mount and extendable stick. Everything in this set is very useful though. This will be a great addition to my Gopro hero 5. And the set is light and easy to carry. It even comes with foam cutouts for putting your go pro inside the case. I highly recommend this to anyone with a gopro 1 – 5!

  49. RichCruz March 20, 2019

    A most have for a GoPro cam. My only concern about this set and the because I give 4 stars and not 5 is because due to the price of this accessory kit set everyone must be “prudent” about the durability and quality of the included items in this kit.
    They look good and I can’t wait to test it in the next vacations “in real action”.
    The container case is very easy to handle and convenience for carry in all they together.

  50. widgett18 March 26, 2019

    Camera asy.pak. This go pro style camera easy pak has everything. It comes in a padded
    case too . Theres an suction cup to attach to your windshield, head strap , wrist strap, floating hand grip, handle bar mount , mini tripod , chest mount and more . This works great and the carrying cases makes it easy to take everything!

  51. PhDt13 March 26, 2019

    Nice GoPro Hero Kit. When I received this accessory kit for a GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4/5 Camera which includes carrying case, head mount, tripod, arm, handlebar mount more. The thing I liked is that it includes the head mount because I like use my mountain bike outside and take film of the trials and adjacent wildlife and terrain. So, I strap it to my head and cool dude! It captures the live action. Then when I want to take a break it can go with any of 25 other attachments for any kind of moment. it does get shaky because of the bouncy terrain but over all it works pretty good. I also like that it all comes in a convenient carrying case for on the go fun. I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program.

  52. Reggie April 7, 2019

    Great item! This item is way better than I imagined. I would surely use this all summer with my hero 7 black while on family trips. I love the multi use you can get out of this item. I also like that I was able to purchase to Walmart Protection plan just in case I have an accident. You can’t beat the price point or quality.

  53. Travelingon April 12, 2019

    Love it! Love the functionality of this product – it is so versatile – the design is pretty ingenious – will be using it a lot!

  54. MartinezO22 April 14, 2019

    Great Product. I am glad I bought this useful accessory for my GoPro. I am an adrenaline junkie looking for new adventures and this tool will serve me well.

  55. Bign April 26, 2019

    Great product as good as the gopro brand great shipping

  56. BrendaR May 29, 2019

    Amazing Product!!! This product not only helped me get comfortable with filming but also helped me adjust and make filming a whole lot easier!!! highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a gopro. Definitely will lift weight off your shoulders! Take it from me and order this product ASAP!

  57. John June 7, 2019

    Watch out for the Selfie Stick breaking. The selfie-stick immediately broke at the pole when I tried to screw on the camera attachment. The other stuff seems okay.

  58. Joan June 17, 2019

    I bought it for my grandson and one for his friend. I haven’t given it to them yets. grandson saw it and loved it can’t wait till I give it to him. on birthday

  59. Scot June 30, 2019

    Cheap. Very cheap no instructions don’t know what half the pieces do smh get what you pay for

  60. KJ August 5, 2019


  61. Linda August 6, 2019

    Lots of stuff; no directions. While it did indeed come with 51 pieces there was absolutely no way of determining what half of them are for! I am a new Go Pro owner

  62. GoProRookie August 11, 2019

    Perfect all-in-one selfie stick/tripod. Perfect combo for GoPro. One piece that does it all.

  63. Jess September 2, 2019
  64. Meatslingerrrr September 19, 2019
  65. Maddie329 October 21, 2019

    My son loves it for his many cameras! This was purchased for my 9yo, who is a little nerdy with the gadgets. He has used just about every piece in this kit. If you have a little person with a GoPro, or similar, then this is a great inexpensive option to add to their interest.

  66. JudiL November 5, 2019
  67. jeff November 12, 2019

    bad battery. the internal battery won’t charge, just like all the other reviews i saw after i had already purchased it. I was able to get it to pair. it just won’t hold a charge.

  68. DJ November 15, 2019

    Used don’t buy. This is a used item, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. Nowhere in the description does it say that it was used or even refurbished. I thought I was getting new old stock. BEWARE do not buy this item. Really disappointed!

  69. NickM November 25, 2019

    Received the package fairly quick, looks and works as should will buy from seller again

  70. Kaye December 9, 2019

    Perfect ! Perfect! Came without instructions but easily assembled ! All pieces came with individual cases. Better than i expected !!

  71. Gary December 20, 2019
  72. Dan January 2, 2020

    Item works great and is what I needed. Great value here-Go Pro sells this for $70.

  73. djLarryB January 5, 2020

    Multi GoPro Bracket. Very easy to use and has many different ways to use your GoPro. Love this item! My nee joystick for GoPro.

  74. Paras January 27, 2020

    Doesn’t work at all. Just worked once when it got delivered.
    Never worked after that. At first it won’t even charge just show low battery symbol on the screen even though thr charger is plugged in.
    I understand price is low, but please don’t sell crap for $10.
    It is not even worth a $1

  75. Mikeysrods February 19, 2020

    Useless. Unable to pair with my GoPro 3

  76. Ruby March 10, 2020
  77. Wesdley March 19, 2020
  78. Heidi April 2, 2020
  79. Darleenepooh April 2, 2020

    Great. Haven’t gotten to use it yet, but I think I’m going to love it. The price was great also!!

  80. Alexander April 7, 2020

    Wouldn’t recommend. The glue did not Stick and it fell Off.

  81. tammy April 14, 2020

    Happy. I have not used the product yet. but I have checked it out. It is everything I was hoping for. It arriverd very Quickly. Thank You.

  82. Amber April 16, 2020

    Happy with my order overall. Was satisfied overall. It arrived with all pieces pictured and as described. Including Some written, descriptive information would have been helpful, but we were able to figure it all out with internet help.

  83. Michael April 24, 2020

    Recommend chest strap, but is sized small. I have only use the chest strap so far. It works really well. The only caveat is that it is sized very small, requiring me to put it on it’s larger setting to fit me, a 6 foot one, 153 pound male.

  84. Han April 25, 2020

    Don’t waste your money. First, they sent me a USED one. It had scratches all over the product.
    It won’t pair. I tried to pair this remoto with Gopro Hero 5 Black and it doesn’t pair with mine.
    I returned it as soon as I could, and I hope you don’t waste your time and money for this POC.

  85. Juan April 28, 2020

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! This is an excellent purchase for all the equipment you are getting. everything works and fits perfect.

  86. Rodney May 5, 2020
  87. Jesse May 8, 2020

    Great product. Really great i would recommend it if you are new to gopro and you need more accories to use

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