is around us. I believe that there are always several people who don’t eat dinner. They think that not having dinner is a healthy lifestyle, and they always get it in front of their relatives and friends, and carry forward the health value of “no dinner”. However, is it really healthy not to have dinner? Should we have dinner or not?

good health without dinner? Should we have dinner or not?

what “dinner rumors” have you heard these years? Can you lose weight without dinner? wrong! Generally speaking,


generally speaking, dieters only eat two meals a day. If they have dinner, they would rather suffer from hunger rather than eat it. I comfort them with the statement that “not having dinner is helpful to lose weight”. In fact, no matter what meal you don’t eat, you will reduce your energy intake and have the effect of losing weight. It has nothing to do with which meal you don’t eat. Can you protect your stomach without dinner? wrong!

some people say that at night, the human gastrointestinal system needs to rest. If you eat dinner, the gastrointestinal system will be forced to “work overtime”, thus increasing the pressure on the gastrointestinal system, which is not good for the stomach and intestines. If you don’t eat dinner, it will help protect the stomach and intestines. In fact, dinner is eaten at 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening. The stomach and intestines have enough time to digest the food and will not make the stomach “work overtime”. Can you live a long life without dinner? wrong!


scientists have found through animal experiments that diet restriction can help to prolong the life span of animals. As a result, people mistakenly believe that people can prolong their life by limiting their diet. In fact, this kind of scientific research is limited to animal experiments, and we can’t blindly apply it to human beings. In addition, the so-called “restricted diet” refers to eating less, rather than not eating dinner. What are the hazards of


not having dinner?

1. If you don’t eat dinner, in the hours before going to bed, people will consume a lot of energy after working overtime, entertainment and other activities, which is easy to produce a sense of hunger, and hunger will make the nerves keep excited, leading to insomnia, affecting the quality of sleep.

2. When the human body is in an empty stomach state, the stomach will secrete a large amount of digestive juice, which will lead to the gastric acid state, and the gastric acid will corrode the gastric mucosa, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal function decline. In the long run, such diseases as gastric ulcer and gastritis can be easily induced.

3, induce physical discomfort, easy to get sick

for a long time without dinner, human nutrition will not keep up, immunity will also decline, in the end, you will find that the body appears mental depression, physical fatigue, pale face and other symptoms, it is very easy to induce disease.

how to eat dinner to be healthy?


do not eat dinner, so, how to eat dinner, is the most healthy?

1, time: dinner time, it is best to choose between 17:00-20:00, and form a regular pattern. Staple food: rice, flour, corn, sweet potato and other healthy food can, do not let the body “famine” on the line.

3. Dishes: nutrition should be balanced, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs should be replaced, avoid overeating, avoid eating spicy, stimulating food.

of course, if you feel like you’ve had enough in the afternoon, you can also simply eat a few vegetables for dinner to avoid indigestion.

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