we drink water every day, and drinking water is inseparable from cups. There are many kinds of cups on the market, such as glass, ceramic cup, plastic cup, stainless steel cup There are also various shapes and patterns, so what kind of cup is the safest to drink?


safety index:

The safety index of

is the highest among various types of glasses, because the glass contains less or safer chemicals during the firing process. When drinking water from glass cups, we don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals.

ceramic cup

safety index: /

if the ceramic cup is free of any pattern and has not been dyed by colored glaze, then it is an excellent choice for drinking water, and the safety index is 4 stars. However, if your ceramic cup is dyed with colored glaze, and the inside of the cup is rich in color and beautiful in design, then its safety index is only 1 star. Xiaobian advises you to change the cup quickly.

stainless steel cup

safety index:


only uses stainless steel cup to hold boiled water, the general problem is not big. However, since the stainless steel cup belongs to alloy products, it is better not to use stainless steel cup to contain acidic drinks (such as juice, carbonated drinks, coffee, etc.), so as to avoid the release of metal substances contained in stainless steel and affect health. In addition, when cleaning stainless steel cup, do not use strong oxidizing bleaching powder, soda, etc., to avoid chemical reaction.

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