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SUBSCRIBE to TOY STARS - Today we've unboxed a Garden Set which come with so many cute gardening tools. So lets have fun doing ...

Real Planting Set with gardening tools DIY Kit, Let's Explore it

Hi Friends, With the use of this DIY Planting set you can grow real plant , I purchased it from local market. Thanks.

5 Must-Have Gardening Tools AND A Seed-Starter Kit DIY

Discover which 5 gardening tools are worth investing in for beginners. PLUS, get a quick DIY for your own seed starter kit. For the full seed starter kit step-by-step ...

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Last updated on May 11, 2020 1:14 am
gardening tool set
gardening tool set

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  1. Gardening December 4, 2016

    Terrible. The picture is very misleading. This item is small enough for a Barbie doll to use.

  2. Eric April 25, 2018

    good garden tool set. i like this garden tool set its come with everything u need for backyard planting and quantity was good

  3. JeanY April 27, 2018

    Has everything I need for gardening. It has everything I need for gardening. I love the apron which I can put all my tools in. Glad that I bought a whole set instead of purchase them one by one. Save me lot of money!

  4. Sophia April 29, 2018

    This set of tool has almost every thing I need when working in the garden, and very conveniently in one tool bag, very comfortable design. It also has room to put something else like hat, gloves, knee pad etc. all the tools look in pretty good quality.

  5. randy4830 May 15, 2018
  6. Brenda October 15, 2018

    Disappointed. No not at all they were the size for kids ! I wanted adult size ! Waste of money very disappointed

  7. Mel May 12, 2019
  8. Marian September 19, 2019

    These worked great for me!! I had to repair a waterline 3 feet down right between a brick wall and a huge tree. These were small enough to get into the nooks that I needed and strong enough to pry out dirt that was 40% rocks. Even stabbed a few tree roots out of my way without issue. Totally satisfied.

  9. Jimmy September 19, 2019

    Perfect little garden tools!! These things are tough and sturdy and can get a job done. I’ve been using them a for a few months. I keep them in my garage without getting rained on and still haven’t seen a rust spot.

  10. CaTa November 18, 2019

    Great gift for any occasion. Saw this while flipping through the Walmart site and thought of my friend who loves to garden. Made the perfect give set for the holidays or any day. Good price and quality. The apron has 3 pockets for tools or seeds or even a flask. The hat is adjustable, just tie to fit.

  11. eab1234 November 18, 2019

    The longer I wore this item, the more I liked the patterns and colors! The visor is adjustable for different head shapes / sizes. The gloves were a bit big for my hands, but easy to get on and the suede palm is nice. The apron has 3 pockets for easy carrying and storage. This would be a great gift for mom or any gardener!

  12. greg November 18, 2019
  13. Laura December 11, 2019
  14. Lizzy March 20, 2020

    Great so far. This comes in a beautiful package and the tools seem good and sturdy.

  15. Crs April 2, 2020
  16. SadieLynn April 4, 2020

    Watch size. Very short/small. Won’t be able to use these as I wanted to for plants like tomato and cucumber.

  17. Gary April 7, 2020

    Excellent product. Strong tools.

  18. Nitra April 9, 2020

    disappointed. what is this? the description says for men women and children. they are VERY TINY!!! not what I was expecting at all

  19. Xochitl April 9, 2020

    I just received it and those are the world tiniest tools like for a baby. I’ m very dissapointed I thought I was buying a set for serious gardeninf they look like little toys for a Bonsai.

  20. Keppie16 April 15, 2020

    Not sturdy enough for even the smallest child! Do not order this. Small grandchild used first time and shovel broke and hand shovel bent. Total wast of money!

  21. maureen April 15, 2020
  22. Marsh April 16, 2020

    This is junk! The strap on the apron broke right away. The pruners were worthless out of the box. They were dull and not much torque as far as being able to cut through small hibiscus branches. I was disappointed in the entire set.

  23. Irene April 17, 2020

    Very Nice gardening tool set. Well made tools. The tote is stylish and well constructed.

  24. Richard April 21, 2020

    1 Star is being nice. On my first use, it broke. I went to dig up a small flower, put it in the soil and SNAP it broke. Very disappointment as this had really high reviews. But I think a kid’s toys would have been better to use.

  25. Helaine April 24, 2020

    These are miniature tools.

  26. Nicole April 26, 2020

    Excellent product, excellent cost. Bought this as a gift for my sister and she loved it . It is designed well and the carrying bag and tools are very sturdy.

  27. Kelsey April 28, 2020

    Mixed feelings. Pretty good, tools seem good quality. Spray bottle leaks. Gloves still allow for splintering through the fabric, not very protective. Also, the apron is like a child’s apron, no way that would fit me.

  28. Twila April 29, 2020

    MINIATURE TOOLS. Very disappointed. Should indicate MINIATURE. Definitely NOT for working in an adult garden/yard. Not at all worth $19.00.

  29. Sarah April 30, 2020

    Garden tools. I really love this set overall. The tools are all very sturdy and nice. And the bag is great to have. My only problem is the size of the apron. It fits a child/small adult. I am 5’9” and on the heavier side (size 18) and I can barely get it on and it looks ridiculous on me. Other then that the set is great

  30. sherry April 30, 2020

    super small. These are very small. the spade is about 2″x2.” a serving spoon would be able the same size. The quality is not bad, but they are not what I expected. They are toys, not tools. They have become sandbox toys for the kids. Not practical for a garden.

  31. Gardener1 April 30, 2020

    Tiny Tools. They are very small…toy or child size.

  32. Thelma April 30, 2020
  33. Anonymous May 3, 2020

    Gift. This was a gift and she was very excited about it. She will put to great use.

  34. Patty May 3, 2020

    Super tiny! These are super tiny! Definetely not for adults. Returned it as soon as I received it, not even worth trying.

  35. Terri May 5, 2020

    as the other reviews have stated. This description does not explain well enough that these are mini tools. it says small so you are thinking as in small hand held garden tools.

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