strawberry stewed meatballs, banana fried ribs, pineapple balls, apple fried meat, pear chicken Have you ever eaten these fruits and vegetables that sound like “dark food”? Recently, these “fruits and vegetables” frequently appear in college canteens, which makes people want to worship the creativity of canteen chefs.


in fact, some fruits can become delicious and nutritious dishes as long as they are cooked properly. Let’s have a brainstorming of fruits and vegetables today.

fruit cooked, nutrition will be lost?


fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, organic acids, phenols and so on. So after the fruit is cooked, is there any nutrition?


fruits will lose vitamins and other heat fearing nutrients, but minerals, dietary fiber and organic acids will not be lost. Therefore, apples, pears, peaches, bananas, pineapples and other fruits with low vitamin C content have little nutritional loss when they are cooked; however, for fruits rich in vitamin C such as Kiwi fruit and strawberry, some vitamin C will be lost after ripening. After ripening,


fruits have decreased tannin and other anti nutritional factors. At the same time, the cell wall of fruits is softened, the texture becomes soft and collapsed, and the stimulation effect on intestinal tract will also be reduced. It is especially suitable for people with poor digestion and absorption ability and poor appetite.


but the speed of digestion of ripe fruits will be increased, and the rate of blood glucose rise will increase. Therefore, patients with diabetes and hypertension should not eat more.

fruit + meat, delicious and healthy.

fruit with animal food materials, vegetables, etc. can increase the flavor of dishes, let people appetite, and other fruits protease in pineapple, kiwi fruit, papaya can also play the role of tender meat powder.


beef treated with fruit is obviously tender than the beef without any treatment, and even more tender than the beef treated with tender meat powder.


in terms of food ingredients, the unique ingredients of fruits can help digestion and absorption of nutrients, and prevent accumulation of food and fire.

such as pineapple, hawthorn, papaya and other fruits contain rich protease, which can help digestion and absorption of protein and minerals; a large number of soluble dietary fiber in fruits such as apples and mangoes can effectively reduce cholesterol in the body.


teach you to make five fruit dishes

fruit should be eaten, cut (not too small) and stir fried. When cooking, pay attention to the time and heat, and try to put fruit when the dish is about to be cooked. This can avoid the fruit exposure time in the air for too long, and shorten the cooking time in the pot. It can not only reduce the loss of vitamin in the fruit, but also maintain the sweet and crisp taste of the fruit.

most fruits are suitable for cooking some fresh and tender meat, such as fish and shrimp meat, pork and beef tenderloin, chicken, duck meat and other ingredients. There are many ways of fruit into vegetables, such as steaming, stewing, frying, etc. we can make colorful fruit dishes according to the characteristics of fruits.

1. The fruit with compact texture is suitable for steaming

. Generally, the fruit with more compact texture is suitable for steaming, such as Sydney, papaya, orange, pineapple, etc.

orange flavor egg soup

method: divide the orange into two, dig out the flesh, and leave the orange shell for use; mix the egg liquid, rock sugar, tremella, medlar, and small pieces of orange meat, and pour them into a small bowl of orange shells, wrap them with plastic film, and steam for 5 minutes at high fire.

the method of

is as follows: mix the steamed glutinous rice with honey dates, raisins, corn kernels, etc., put them into the center of the hollowed out Sydney, press tightly, cover the cut “pear cap”, and steam for 5-8 minutes.

pineapple rice

method: steam glutinous rice into glutinous rice for standby, then cut a part of pineapple to cover, dig out the pineapple meat and cut into pieces, leaving about 0.5 cm thick shell, steaming for about 15 minutes on the cage. Mix the pineapple meat with glutinous rice, put it in the pineapple, cover and steam for 15 minutes.

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