fried chicken


fried chicken contain a lot of fat, protein and high calorie. Generally, 100 grams of fried chicken can reach 218 calories. At the same time, under the action of high temperature, the chemical structure of oil will change, which has adverse effects on human health. Hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other “modern diseases” are closely related to it.


beer contains almost no nutrients except calories. The calories of a small can of beer can reach 147 calories. It’s not good for your health except to make you fat. As for beer, 39 dietetic editors always think that it’s better to have a little beer and never get into the habit of drinking beer every day. It seems to be very enjoyable to eat barbecue and drink beer at night. However, due to the diuretic effect of beer, it often makes you wake up frequently, sleep poorly, and make you more and more fat. I believe that “beer belly” has been heard by everyone.

hot dog

100g hot dog contains 307 calories, 25g fat and 13g protein. Most of the hot dogs are barbecue or fried, which contains very high fat, and after barbecue or fried things have a certain degree of damage to the human body.


many female friends choose to use fruit juice instead of fruit. They think it is not only good to drink, but also can supplement nutrients. In fact, eating fruit and drinking juice are not the same thing. First of all, fruits are rich in cellulose, which helps to moisten the intestines and defecate; secondly, the sugar in fruits is natural fructose, while the high sugar in drinks is not so healthy. In the process of fruit juice making, many minerals and vitamins have been lost, which can not meet the needs of human body for minerals and vitamins. So, if you think it’s nutritious to drink fruit juice every day, the high sugar in the juice will make you become a “little fat man” after a year.


in summer, cola has become a popular drink. Many people are used to drinking one can after exercise. But you know what? A 375ml can of coke contains 168 calories. What’s more, drinking Coke will not only make you feel full, but also make you eat more food. Therefore, it is better to drink less soda in summer!

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