vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which are very important for our health. In order to make the vegetables taste more delicious, we will cook vegetables in different patterns, but we need to pay attention to that if the cooking method is improper, it will cause a lot of nutrient loss. When vegetables are soaked in cold water for a long time,


are used for salads, in order to maintain the refreshing flavor, vegetables will be temporarily soaked in cold water after cutting. However, long-term immersion will lead to the loss of nutrients and water-soluble vitamins will slowly drain into the soaking water. Therefore, it is very wrong to soak vegetables in water for a long time. 2. Pour

2. Generally, the volume of vegetables will become smaller after being cooked, and people can eat more vegetables than raw food. But vitamin C has poor heat resistance, once heated, it is easy to lose. Therefore, it is better not to discard the soup after cooking vegetables, and the soup containing vitamin C should be reasonably utilized or ingested so as not to lose vitamin C.

3. Using Blender and food processor to make vegetable and fruit juice

children who don’t like to eat vegetables and fruits usually have no resistance to vegetable juice. Mothers often hope to use vegetable juice to make their children nutritious. However, if you use food blender or processor to break the fruits and vegetables, it is easy to cause the loss of vitamin C in vegetables and fruits. This is because in the process of fruit and vegetable being stirred and broken, vitamin C is exposed to a large amount of air and then oxidized, resulting in loss. Therefore, if you want to make raw vegetable juice, you’d better use a manual juicer to reduce the possibility of oxidation. When mixing carrot with other vegetables, we usually consider mixing vegetables as much as possible to achieve a variety of nutrients intake. However, it is not good to mix carrots with other vegetables. Carrot contains vitamin c oxidase, which will destroy the vitamin C contained in other vegetables. Therefore, carrot should not be used when making juice.

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