1. Potatoes

potatoes have the title of “apple growing in the soil”. Potatoes are rich in inorganic salts, and also rich in potassium, which can not only help the body to discharge sodium retained in the body due to excessive salt, but also promote the body to discharge excess water.

in order to enable the human body to fully absorb the potassium in potatoes, it is best not to peel potatoes when baking or steaming them. If you use potatoes for stewing, you might as well drink the soup together. But if it’s fried potatoes, it’s better not to cut them into pieces, and don’t soak them in water for a long time to avoid the loss of potassium.

2. Cucumber

can be said that more than 90% of the components in cucumber are water, so the nutritional value is not very high, but in the cucumber skin, there is a substance called isophlein, which has a very good diuretic effect. It can be said that since ancient times, China has had a precedent of using cucumber to treat cystitis and acute nephritis.


in eating cucumber is best to eat raw skin, if the melon stalk, vines together after drying boiled water, its diuretic effect will be more obvious. But in the edible time should pay attention to, because cucumber sex is cold, therefore to some gastrointestinal easy cold person should not eat excessively.

3. In red beans,


are not only rich in potassium, but also contain saponins in the skin of red beans. It has a strong diuretic effect, and has a good effect on improving beriberi and edema of the face and feet caused by kidney function decline.


bean paste can not help you eliminate edema, because the filling of bean paste is to leave boiled red beans, and saponin has been lost with the soup. If you want to eliminate edema, boil red bean soup is the first choice, boil with a small fire, boil until the amount of soup is only half of the total amount when adding water can be served.

4. Carp

if the swelling phenomenon occurs during pregnancy, you might as well take carp as food tonic material, eat more carp, in addition to eliminating edema, but also can achieve the role of lactation. It is also effective for cough, liver disease, skin disease, gastric ulcer, rheumatism and hemorrhoids.


can remove the fishy smell of mud in carp meat. Carp can be raised in clean water for 1-2 days, and then slaughtered. Steamed or braised carp are good choices, but no matter which cooking method you choose, the time must be constant until the bones are soft.

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