The risk is very high, we must not take such harmful and useless measures. Don’t always think about opportunism, don’t always think about miracles. Examinees can be physically and mentally comfortable, the mood is peaceful, maximize the normal level, is the biggest victory.

due to the mental stress before the examination, if the diet is not very satisfactory, appropriate use of complex vitamins or calcium tablets within 400 mg can be considered. Pay attention to the recommended dose to eat, do not eat too much, because some nutrients intake is not healthy.

7. The family table is usually too light, always the same. When the college entrance examination wants to make some delicious food, and do not know what to eat fresh food, special headache.

don’t worry like this. If the usual diet is plain, suddenly do a lot of different food during the examination, in the invisible will increase the pressure of candidates. In fact, college entrance examination or high school entrance examination is just a test. Since you can do well on weekdays, this time as long as the normal play can. Family members only need to consider the appropriate improvement in food diversity, and do not introduce many new foods that they have not eaten on weekdays. Because new food may distract children and increase stress, and because they have not eaten them on weekdays, there may be problems such as allergy, intolerance, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.

for example, some people feel that prawns are high-grade food, so they make a large number of them for their children. As a result, the children’s gastrointestinal tract is not suitable for diarrhea, which is not worth the loss. Some children are even allergic to shrimps and crabs. The same is true of beans. Children who don’t eat on weekdays suddenly eat a large number of them, which may cause flatulence and hinder on-the-spot performance. If you really want to do something new to comfort children, you might as well wait until after the exam. Can you recommend some high quality food that everyone can eat and is very helpful to the examination?


can be eaten during the examination period as long as they are in line with the examinee’s constitution. If it is necessary to recommend, then recommended yogurt, tofu, green leafy vegetables, millet, brown rice, lily, lotus seed and other grains.


yoghurt is rich in B vitamins, which is beneficial to thinking; at the same time, it is rich in calcium, which is conducive to soothing emotions; it is easy to digest and absorb, and the lactic acid is conducive to reducing the risk of gastrointestinal infection.


tofu are also rich in calcium and lecithin in soybeans. Lecithin can be used as the raw material of neurotransmitter acetylcholine in human body, which is good for maintaining memory.


vegetables are rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber, which can help prevent constipation and help resist stress.

millet and brown rice contain B vitamins, which are conducive to avoid depression and depression. Meanwhile, gamma aminobutyric acid in brown rice is conducive to mood stability. Lily, lotus seed and other food materials are rich in dietary fiber and oligosaccharides, and they are not difficult to digest. They are good ingredients for supper. Porridge cooked with brown rice is refreshing and delicious, which is conducive to calming the mood.


are basically free from allergy and intolerance. Most people can eat them and buy them everywhere. However, I still advise parents to calm down and provide them according to the daily life rhythm and diet content. The more desalinated the college entrance examination, the less pressure on children. “

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