is the same as 50 years old, some people look like 60 years old, while some people look only 40 years old, this phenomenon must be familiar to you. Why do some people age quickly while others always look so young? In fact, aging is closely related to genes, exercise, diet and environment. Improper diet can also accelerate aging. Some foods are “aging agents”, we must be careful.

1. Fried food. Fried food includes common French fries, fried fries, fried sirloin, etc. Fried food will produce a lot of harmful substances under high temperature. Some substances not only cause cancer, but also cause oxidative stress reaction in the body, resulting in the increase of free radicals, causing oxidative damage and accelerating the oxidative aging of body tissues and cells. In addition, fried food is high in fat and calories, which can easily lead to overweight and obesity. Excessive adipose tissue in the body will affect the metabolism and endocrine of the body, damage the tissue and function, and accelerate the aging of the body. 2. Pickled and smoked food. This kind of food contains very high salt, high salt will damage the gastric mucosa, increase the burden on the kidney, and will raise blood pressure, make all aspects of the body damaged, accelerate aging. In addition, pickled and smoked foods are not fresh and hygienic, and a large number of toxic and harmful substances will be produced in the process of processing. Eating these foods often will affect gene replication and reduce cell viability.


3. Canned food. Canned food is convenient to eat and has a variety of types, and many people like to eat it. But canned food in the processing process, most of the additives, salt or sugar, compared to those fresh food, nutrients are less. Therefore, long-term consumption of canned food is not conducive to health, will accelerate the degradation and aging of body tissue. Processing meat products. Ham, sausage and other processed meat products not only lost the freshness of meat, but also added nitrite, salt and other additives. High salt is a “health killer”, which can reduce cell vitality and accelerate the aging of the body. The World Health Organization has also listed processed meat products as human carcinogenic food. High fat food. High fat food is often fragrant and attractive, but they are aging food, not to eat more. High fat food is easy to be oxidized and rancid, at the same time, it produces a large amount of lipid peroxide, and promotes the reaction of free radical chain in the body, leading to oxidative damage of the body, and then promoting aging.

6. Food moldy will produce a large number of mold, toxins, these toxins will damage the liver, kidney, nervous system, and even cause cancer. Moldy peanut, corn and other grain and oil products will produce aflatoxin; moldy sugarcane will be fatal; deteriorated fish, shrimp and crab will produce harmful substances such as amines, histamines and sulfide; unhealthy fermented foods such as stinky tofu and bean paste are often contaminated by botulinum toxin. Eat more fresh health food, avoid practical moldy food, harmful substances are difficult to invade you.

7. Lead is a toxic metal. When it enters the human body, it will cause damage to the hematopoietic system, liver and nerve tissue, cause neurological disorders, memory decline, and make people pale and premature aging. Most of the


lead containing foods are caused by industrial lead pollution, including popcorn, eggs, the skin of fruits and vegetables, metal box food, puffed food and color printed packaging food. In addition, there are also lead pollution sources in our life, including cosmetics, hair dyes, printed materials, newspapers, paint, crayons, toys, etc. we should be careful of the food pollution caused by these lead containing substances.

8. Aluminum is also a harmful metal to human body. After entering the human body, aluminum will gradually accumulate and combine with a variety of proteins and enzymes, affecting a variety of biochemical reactions in the body. After the aluminum invades the human body, it will also damage the brain, lead to memory loss, even dementia, anemia, osteoporosis and other diseases, accelerate aging. Most of the aluminum in food comes from aluminum additives added in the process of food production, such as alum. The main aluminum containing foods include fried dough sticks, waffle biscuits, puffed food, shrimp slices, fried snacks, processed aquatic products, etc. ▲

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