The haze of

is coming quietly, which makes people unprepared. Most of them were wearing masks to protect them The most important thing to fight against haze is to create a healthy lung. There are many harmful components in


haze, including nitrogen and sulfur compounds, particulate matter in industrial dust (such as PM2.5, PM10). After these substances are inhaled into the respiratory tract, large particulate matter such as PM10 can be discharged from the respiratory tract through cough reflex, but small particulate matter such as PM2.5 will deposit in the lung and even adhere to the surface of alveoli. At this point, it is impossible to drive it out even with a severe cough reflex. Finally, it will lead to the decrease of alveolar elasticity and function. Over time, emphysema, bronchitis, and even lung cancer will find the upper body.


we all know that indoor green plants can purify the air, and some components of plants can also purify the human body. For example, eucalyptus has disinfection effect on the air, living in the environment with eucalyptus is conducive to human health, and its leaves also have the effect of reducing the viscosity of the body’s mucus; Mullein has the effect of clearing away heat and toxin, stopping bleeding and removing blood stasis, which is very conducive to lung maintenance; bromelain extracted from pineapple stem, leaf and skin can effectively treat inflammation and inflammation in various tissues Edema is conducive to the self-healing of human body after haze. The natural baoweili plant compound extract capsule has scientific ratio of eucalyptus leaf extract, Mullein leaf extract and bromelain, which completely retains the active ingredients of plants and will not bring any side effects to human body. In addition, vitamin C is specially added to Weili plant compound extract capsule, which helps to improve cell resistance, maintain vascular elasticity, and make you no longer afraid of haze. ▲

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