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, many people regard banana as a “convenience device”, and the saying of eating banana for defecation is also widely spread. But some people say, why do I feel more uncomfortable when I eat bananas instead of defecating? Fu Jinru, honorary chairman of the Tianjin nutrition society, said that the dietary fiber rich in bananas can promote intestinal peristalsis, indeed can moisten the intestines and relieve constipation. However, ripe bananas only have effect, if you eat raw bananas may have a reaction. Raw banana skin is generally green or very yellow, flesh hard, astringent, contains more tannic acid, has astringent effect on digestive tract, can inhibit gastrointestinal secretion and inhibit its peristalsis, excessive intake will cause or aggravate constipation.

in addition, the nutrients of raw bananas are still in the stage of gradual enrichment, and the taste of raw bananas is not as good as ripe bananas, so we are not recommended to eat them. Eat ripe bananas also want to grasp the degree, a day to eat 1 ~ 2 can.

in addition to bananas, constipation can eat what? Fu Jinru suggests that drinking a cup of warm boiled water after getting up in the morning and doing some simple running and jumping exercises can speed up the intestinal peristalsis; replace some staple foods with coarse grains such as brown rice and oats; and eat more fruits and vegetables. Many people will constipate because of high pressure and greasy diet. They may as well drink some green tea and Pu’er tea, which can reduce the fire, relieve the greasy and improve the constipation.



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