eggs are rich in cholesterol, protein and other nutrients. It is understood that every 100 grams of eggs contains 14.7 grams of protein, mainly including ovalbumin and ovalbumin, which contains eight kinds of essential amino acids for human body, and is very similar to the composition of human body protein. It is very suitable for human physiological needs, easy to be absorbed by the body, and the utilization rate is as high as 98%. Moreover, every 100 grams of eggs contains 11-15 grams of fat, which is mainly concentrated in the yolk and is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. The yolk is rich in lecithin, sterols, yolk, calcium and phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins, which helps to improve the function of the nervous system.


show that eggs are one of the most suitable food for human consumption. However, although eggs are the ideal natural food for human beings, we should pay attention to science in eating methods, otherwise we will lose more than we gain.

five misunderstandings of eating eggs

1 eating raw

some people like the taste of raw eggs, but they don’t know that eating raw eggs may eat bacteria contained in eggs, such as Escherichia coli, into the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort and even diarrhea. Moreover, egg protein contains avidin protein, which needs to be destroyed by high temperature heating. Eating raw eggs will affect the absorption of biotin in food, resulting in body weakness, muscle pain, eyebrow shedding and other symptoms.

2 overnight

many people like to eat soft boiled eggs. If they can’t eat them all at once, they will put them in the refrigerator for the next day. However, if the eggs are not fully cooked, it is easy to breed bacteria in the case of improper preservation, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort, flatulence and other symptoms.

3 eating eggs on an empty stomach most people like to eat an egg at breakfast to supplement the energy needed for the day. It is not very good to eat eggs on an empty stomach. If you eat too much soybean milk, eggs, meat and other foods with high protein content, the protein will be “forced” to be converted into heat energy and consumed, which can not play a nutritional role.


4 excessive consumption of


egg protein content is very high. Once excessive consumption, it can lead to the increase of metabolic products, increase the burden of the kidney, thus damaging the function of the kidney. Therefore, ordinary people generally eat an egg a day is enough, pregnant women, puerpera, nursing mother, the weak and patients after major surgery recovery period, need to increase good protein, can eat 3-4 eggs a day, but not more.

5 fried eggs

fried eggs with rich aroma, many people like to eat them, especially the ones with golden edges. But in fact, the high molecular protein contained in egg white will turn into low molecular amino acids on the edge of burnt eggs, and its nutrition has been destroyed, even endangering human health.


eggs are of high quality and low price, and they are the main source of high-quality protein. Only by recognizing the five misunderstandings of eating eggs can we make better use of eggs and supplement our body’s nutrition.

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