soy sauce is a common seasoning agent, whether it is fried dishes, steamed dishes or cold dishes, are inseparable from soy sauce. About soy sauce, there has been a saying: Eating soy sauce will make people’s skin black, so many beautiful women will not eat soy sauce. Does soy sauce really make your skin black? How to eat soy sauce?

eating soy sauce can really make skin black?

1. Soy sauce has little effect on human skin color. The main reason why

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make people black is that the skin contains melanocytes. If there are more melanocytes in human body, the skin color will be more black. Melanin is produced by the catalysis of l-aminotransferase. Soy sauce contains a very small amount of L-arginine, which often does not affect the skin color of human body.

2. The content of tryptophan in food has little effect on skin color.

although soy sauce contains L-lysine, different kinds of soy sauce also have different content of L-lysine, but milk, soybean milk and other foods contain higher content of L-lysine, and these substances will not affect skin color. So don’t worry too much, even if the food contains a lot of amino acid, it will not necessarily synthesize melanin, let alone affect people’s skin color. There is no catalyst for the synthesis of melanin in soy sauce. In fact, tyrosinase is needed for the synthesis of melanin. If the catalyst is lacking in the synthesis, it is difficult to produce a large amount of melanin and it will not affect people’s skin. According to many studies, soy sauce does not contain the raw material of melanin, nor does it catalyze the formation of melanin, so eating soy sauce will not make the skin black. How to eat


soy sauce to be healthy? Pay attention to


in the three “minefields”. 1. Pay attention to the adding time of soy sauce. The usage of

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soy sauce is very particular. Especially in the addition time, soy sauce has different taste when it is added to dishes. For example, in the production of fish food, soy sauce can be added as early as possible, which is conducive to better entering the deep tissue of meat quality. If it is fried vegetables, you can wait until the vegetables eight mature, and then add a small amount of soy sauce to avoid the high temperature decomposition of amino acids in soy sauce in the pot. Do not confuse cooking soy sauce with cold sauce. There are many types of soy sauce, each of which has a different role. For example, cooking soy sauce is suitable for frying, and it needs high temperature to make the food more tasty. However, cold soy sauce can be directly imported, and the hygienic standard is higher. Cooking soy sauce is often more bacteria, if confused use, can suffer from gastroenteritis and other diseases.

3. Soy sauce storage should be reasonable.

soy sauce is easy to deteriorate, especially in the humid spring, once exposed to the air, it may be affected by bacteria and deteriorate, so we should pay attention to the storage methods of soy sauce. In order to avoid the deterioration of soy sauce, add a few drops of edible oil after using soy sauce, and then put two garlic slices, which can achieve the ideal anti mildew effect.

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