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stroke. A new study suggests that more dietary fiber can prevent stroke. Researchers from the University of Leeds, UK, analyzed the literature and found that eating more food rich in dietary fiber can reduce the risk of stroke. The study, published in the Journal of stroke, reviewed eight studies conducted in the United States, Japan, Europe and Australia. The results showed that for every 7 grams of dietary fiber added to the diet, people’s risk of first stroke decreased by 7%. At the same time, the study emphasizes the health benefits of dietary fiber directly from food, rather than in the form of nutritional supplements. The researchers of


say that the total amount of dietary fiber that people should take from food every day should be between 25 and 30 grams, but the average person’s intake is only half. In fact, it’s not difficult to get an extra 7 grams of dietary fiber a day, such as a coarse grain pasta with a fruit and a standard tomato. Increasing dietary fiber intake does not necessarily mean a complete change in the existing dietary pattern. Simply replacing white bread with coarse grain bread and replacing corn flakes with wheat bran chips can have such effects. ▲

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