papaya is known as “king of Baiyi fruit”. We said there are two categories of papaya, Rosaceae papaya and tropical fruit papaya family papaya (papaya). Papaya can also be divided into edible and medicinal papaya. Although many women know that papaya is the best fruit for breast enhancement, in fact, it is not that eating papaya can have breast enhancement effect. If the method is improper, it may even turn the original “a cup” into an “airport”. Nowadays, more and more “spkds” of “spkds” and “pakds” are regarded as the “spkds” of “spkds” and “papaya”. This is because papaya is rich in papaya enzymes, which can break down protein, sugar and fat. At the same time, papain rich in papaya is very helpful to breast development, can stimulate female hormone secretion, promote breast smooth, so as to achieve the purpose of breast augmentation.

how to eat papaya to breast enhancement

many women think that eating papaya can breast enhancement, so they eat a plate of papaya salad every day. After a period of time, it was found that the original “a cup” has become “airport”.


papaya can be breast augmentation, but eating papaya raw will only backfire. In terms of food therapy, the ancients mainly used papaya to treat uric acid. As for the treatment of postpartum hypogalactia and breast augmentation, papaya enzyme was used to open the spleen, invigorate the stomach, unblock the milk and enrich the milk. Experts suggest that papaya is flat and cool. If you want to have breast enhancement, you’d better eat it after stewing, so as not to eat more and more flat chest.

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