spring is a good time to lose weight, everyone is busy to get rid of the fat accumulated last winter. Some people think that eating more fruits can “scrape oil”, so as to replace staple food with a large number of fruits. In fact, this practice is not desirable. In order to achieve the beneficial effect of reducing fat, we should not only combine the characteristics of different fruits, but also consider the sugar content, promoting digestion and defecation and balanced nutrition. The sugar content of


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should not exceed 10%.


Chinese medicine believes that obesity is related to eating too much “fat, sweet and thick taste”. The term “fat and sweet” includes not only meat, sugar and cakes, but also “sweet” fruits. Fruit contains a lot of fructose, it is very easy to be absorbed by the human body and converted into heat, if these calories can not be consumed, it will be converted into fat, causing obesity in the body.


suggest that people eat more fruits with sugar content less than 10%. For example, strawberry with 6% sugar is rich in nutrients, including fructose, sucrose, citric acid, malic acid, calcium, iron and other minerals and nutrients. Grapefruit, which contains about 9% sugar, is sour and sweet with a little bitterness. Its component is a kind of flavonoid, which can inhibit appetite.


can promote metabolism and relieve constipation. Some people think that fruits are mainly “water” and not high in calories, so they use fruits instead of staple food. In fact, this kind of non screening eating method, may lead to weight does not fall, but rise. We should eat fruits that can relieve constipation and accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, so as to improve the metabolic state of human body.

such as Kiwi fruit sugar content is not high, each 100 grams contains 61 calories, its dietary fiber content is rich, can effectively enhance the gastrointestinal peristalsis ability, the pectin can also prevent the small intestine from absorbing food fat. The content of water, potassium, vitamin B, carotene and dietary fiber of Xuehua pear are higher, which is conducive to relieve constipation and is suitable for eating during weight loss.


can inhibit appetite, balance nutrition,


can strengthen the sense of fullness and relieve hunger. For example, fruit and vegetable tomatoes are rich in pectin, which not only gives people a sense of fullness, but also absorbs body fat. Orange contains natural sugar and is the best substitute for sweets, cakes, cookies and so on. Eating an orange a day can also effectively prevent nutritional deficiency. In addition, guava, which is rich in antioxidants, can remove harmful free radicals in human blood and keep the body in a state of youth.

weight loss eat less of these fruits

1, litchi

litchi is known as the king of fruit, but litchi can not eat more, otherwise it will lead to fire, and in addition to the fire, it will cause harm to people who lose weight, its sugar content is very high, weight loss people eat it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, if serious, it may lead to fainting.

2. Persimmon

persimmon contains a large number of pectin and some soluble astringent ingredients, these substances are conducive to digestion and absorption after meals, but if eaten on an empty stomach, it will cause a lot of gastric acid in the stomach, which is very harmful to the human body, and can cause people to feel nausea, stomachache, stomach perforation, etc.

3. Avocado

avocado, also known as avocado, contains up to 20% unsaturated fatty acids. It has the fat and taste of meat. It has been loved by fitness professionals and gradually entered the table of ordinary people. However, avocado is too high in calories and fat, so it is not suitable to consume more than half of avocado a day. The above content of

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