as we all know, eating more fruits and vegetables can help women improve their skin color. Many people can’t live without fruits every day. However, we should pay attention to the methods of eating fruits. If you eat fruits like this, then the nutrition of fruits is really gone.




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1. It is a pity to peel off


for pesticide control. Because fruit skin and its subcutaneous part is often the most nutritious part, it is a pity to throw it away. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much about pesticide residues on the peel. China has explicitly prohibited the use of highly toxic pesticides in fruits and vegetables and other directly imported foods, and most of the fruits are not eaten until a few days or even months after harvest, and the pesticides have basically been decomposed. Before eating fruit, you can wash it repeatedly or soak it in rice washing water for a while to remove the residual substances on its surface.

2. There is no harm to eat more

some fruits are easy to have cold stomach and stomachache. Therefore, according to different types of fruit, it is appropriate to eat about 200-400 grams of fruit every day. Most of the fruit dietary fiber content is high, eating too much will cause stomach pain, abdominal distension. In addition, the elderly with gastrointestinal deficiency and cold should not eat more oranges; people with gastrointestinal problems or constipation should eat less persimmons. Some people eat pineapple will induce allergy, gastrointestinal disease and coagulation dysfunction do not eat it. Banana contains more sugar, people with high blood sugar and renal insufficiency should eat less.

3. Fruit as rice, weight loss and beauty

in order to have a good body and beautiful face, many women will take fruit as their meal. Experts say this is not healthy. The content of protein, fat, calcium and iron in fruit is less. If you take fruit as food for a long time, it will lead to insufficient intake of protein and lipid, resulting in malnutrition and anemia. Therefore, nutrition intake should be comprehensive, not single. Imported fruits are more nutritious. In fact, local fruits are also delicious and nutritious. The cost of transportation, packaging and storage of imported fruits is high, and the price is also high. In order to look good, the fruits may be treated with preservatives or waxed to keep their appearance bright, but the nutrients will be gradually lost during transportation. Therefore, the best fruit to eat local, seasonal. Fruits can replace vegetables. Fruits can not replace vegetables. Although the nutrition of fruits and vegetables is very similar, fruits can not replace vegetables. For example, the vitamin C content of cabbage and spinach is about 10 times higher than that of apples, peaches and pears. But if you want to meet the recommended amount of vitamin C in a day, you should eat 5 kg Fuji apple. Therefore, fruit can not completely replace vegetables, a balanced diet is very important.

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