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are used to brewing tea with hot water. Seeing the dense appearance of tea, they ask about the rapid diffusion of tea flavor, and think that only by doing so can the original flavor and beneficial ingredients of tea be made. In fact, the effect of making tea with cold boiled water is also very good. As long as the soaking time is enough, the taste and nutrition of tea can come out. Moreover, compared with hot water, cold brewing has “special” harvest.

[what’s good about making tea in cold water? 】Tea polysaccharide is a kind of healthy component in


tea. It has the functions of anti radiation, enhancing immunity, reducing total cholesterol and blood sugar. However, this polysaccharide is different from other beneficial substances in tea. Very afraid of heat, if you use hot water brewing will seriously damage, and cold water can effectively retain such beneficial ingredients. The Japanese scholar


has done the following experiments: he used cold water, warm water, boiling water three methods to extract tea extract, and then used hyperglycemic mice to test. It was found that only the tea extract extracted by cold water could significantly reduce the blood glucose of hyperglycemic mice, up to 40%.

[you might as well try this? 】

visible, tea! For diabetic patients or friends with family history of diabetes, it is a very important information, worthy of attention. Especially cold water tea, more suitable for this kind of crowd! The other beneficial components in tea, such as tea polyphenols and theanine, have a higher precipitation rate under hot water brewing, but they can reach more than 65% in cold water brewing. Interestingly, the precipitation rate of caffeine in cold brewing is lower than that in hot brewing. It is also an important information for caffeine sensitive friends who can’t sleep after drinking tea.

[cold bubble followed by hot bubble, polysaccharide polyphenols, do more with one action]

you can make tea with cold boiled water, get the tea polysaccharide you need, and then make tea with hot water, so that a variety of health ingredients in the tea are drunk. Especially when you are away from home, sometimes it is not convenient to carry a cup of tea and want to drink tea. You can buy a bottle of mineral water in advance and brew some tea. When you want to drink, the taste of tea has been completely immersed in the mineral water. Making tea cold is a healthy and convenient tea drinking method.

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