many people like to soak dry lemon in water, which is simple and convenient, and makes white water full of flavor. Some people wonder whether the water soaked in dry lemon is rich in vitamin C as fresh lemon?


lemon is the earliest fruit rich in vitamin C. The Vitamin C content of fresh lemon is 22 mg / 100 g. What about the dried lemon? Vitamin C of


is a kind of antioxidant with high activity, which can be damaged by light and heat. Therefore, in the process of dehydration, high temperature and freezing will cause extremely serious damage to vitamin C. In addition, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which is easy to exist in the environment with water. When it is exposed to oxygen rich air after losing water, it is easy to be damaged by accelerated oxidation. We can see that the vitamin C content of dried lemon is almost zero after dehydration and long-term exposure to the air. When soaked in water with dry lemon, the acid taste comes from citric acid in lemon, and there is no vitamin C.

therefore, if you are not afraid of trouble, use fresh slices of lemon water, is a better choice. However, it should be noted that warm water must be used for brewing, because the high temperature of boiling water will also destroy vitamin C. ▲

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