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Drones For Sale
Drones For Sale

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  1. Grasshopper September 29, 2016

    Good fun. This a good starter quad drone with a camera and real time WIFI. The camera is not bad, not the best however good for this price range. You will get about 5 minutes to 6 minutes of flight time on battery with camera on. In addition, when the 4 lights on the bottom of the motors start to blink you have about 30-40 sec to bring it down (but it does come with a extra battery). It also comes with extra blades and a screw driver. I also like that the up and down control is not spring loaded, it make easier when trying hovering. Also the battery is very easy to replace. In general, if you looking for inexpensive drone to start and won’t cost too much this is a good one. I gave it five stars because it does what it says, it’s well constructed and seem like it will last a very long time. Lastly, if it breaks or any other issues, I’ll bring up to date this review.

  2. Debora September 30, 2016

    Finally! A Drone I can fly!! I have bought 2 other drones, all smaller than this one. I could never fly them because they take off real fast before I can learn the controller.

    This one is much slower for beginners like me. That’s what I was wanting. I don’t plan on doing any Drone races with it so I’m good. This drone is sturdy! I already crashed it a few times trying to do flips. The only problem I have now is the camera/battery door wont stay closed and keeps falling off. So I just use a piece of tape to hold it in.I really like how easy it is to fly, and control.

    The on-board camera is of fair quality. I wonder if I can find an upgrade for it?

    The FPV works great, indoors. I can’t see my smart phone’s screen outdoors in the sunlight. But that’s my phones fault, not the drone.

    Out of the 3 drones I own, this is the least expensive, and the most fun flying it.

  3. GrandpaJake November 6, 2016

    See what it is seeing right on your smart phone. What is really cool about this quadcopter is that you can see what it is seeing. This is called FPV, first person view. using the downloadable app you can record and see exactly where it is flying and what it is going to be recording. You also have 3 levels of performance from very mild to a very aggressive flying ability which is a lot of fun as your flying ability improves. And make sure you check out the Headless mode which is great as you first start out. No matter which direction your quadcopter is facing it will respond to the movement of your left control stick. So basically if you move the stick to the right it will move to the right, this makes is safer inside your home or even when you are outside. The extra battery will give you some extra flying time which you will appreciate. Hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to write should you have any questions.

    Take Care, GrandpaJake

  4. marisha5 November 9, 2016

    Great for beginners! This 6axis drone is excellent for beginner flyers. It’s quite fun. I have tried this drone indoors and outdoors for some crash tests and practice and let me tell you, this drone was absolutely fun. I can’t believe how difficult these things are to fly. However, the controls are smooth and controller has a good range. I didn’t experience any interference with the 2.4ghz. With that said, the controller requires 4 double AS batteries and lasts a long time. The attachment for the phone goes directly on top of the controller but the directions didn’t address this mount at all making the assembly confusing at first. After evaluation of the picture on box, I finally figured out how to mount it. Again not big issue but something to note. The phone has also an application that gets installed using a simple QR code. The app is Chinese but once loaded in English. Now to the fun part, the drone itself is made from very light simple plastic which makes it less durable but agile. The instructions do a decent job at describing the installation process but do not state anything about tiny screws short of picture that is hard to read. After some quality time and tiny screwdriver(provided ) it became apparent where the screws go. The battery is very flimsy and requires a full 1.5hrs charge thru USB for full 6 minutes average flight time. The good news there’s also spare provided so charging both and swapping gives a full 10 to 12 minutes of good air time. The drone Flys really well once assembled and the camera does a good job capturing video and pics thru controls of the phone. The view is really great. The blade guards do a good job for damage control of the crash tests. Overall an excellent choice for a beginner flyer.

    I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  5. AprilW November 16, 2016

    Great Starter Drone. There were many things I loved about this Remote Quadcopter, and a few things that I didn’t love. My highlights include the very affordable price point and the FPV (First Person View) capabilities. Although I was originally hesitant about the lack of directions offered in the manual, I quickly came to realize that it was easy to figure out through trial and error. I love the clip that attaches to the remote device which locks your phone into place. This allows for a seamless wifi connection and also allows you to use your phone to operate and pilot the device. The body of the drone itself could certainly stand to be more sturdy, but the lightweight frame also allows for easy lift off. There are four landing legs on the underside, which help regulate smooth take offs and landings, but they snap off pretty easily even when falling from a short distance. Super glue quickly became my friend and the legs were back on in a hurry. We typically flew this during daylight hours, but were impressed that even nighttime video showed up. This device comes with an extra battery pack, which is useful because flight time before needing a recharge is 5-7 minutes. I would definitely recommend this quadcopter for anyone looking to capture aerial video

  6. MaMaBear December 23, 2016

    Why go through Walmart???? We had to return this product because of a duplicate with Santa. I would not purchase from another company through Walmart again. Returns are very complicated and expensive. WE did not realize we could not return to Walmart, so what is the purpose of ordering through Walmart???? We could have made an order directly with a company without going through Walmart

  7. djoker March 9, 2017

    Quadcopter FPV RC Drone. As far as recommending to a friend, it would be a maybe. If you want it to fly it’s ok, but if you want to take pictures or film video it does a lousy job. The camera just doesn’t do well. The real time video/wifi link up works great, no problem getting everything synced. The only issue i had with flying was one of the motors slipped in the housing, and the gears lost mesh. That means one prop quit turning. The unit of course came down. Fortunately I wasn’t high off the ground. I pulled it apart and spot glued all 4 engines into their housings and so far no more problems. I added a couple of pics taken with unit so you can see quality…( I didn’t blur them, this is how they came out)…it works, just not real good!

  8. Jessica March 16, 2017

    Super cool! Drones are such a hot item right now, but it is so hard to find a good one at a decent price. This quadcopter drone with WiFi camera and real time video from Best Choice Products does all of the cool tricks, for half the price of its competitors! Since I am not an expert, I was extremely excited to find that this drone was extremely easy to fly! All I had to do was insert batteries into the remote, connect the battery in the quadcopter, and it was ready to fly! The remote had all of the basic functions such as the up/down joystick and the direction joystick. I can easily do 360 flips and rolls during mid-flight! The 2MP camera allows me to capture, save, and share live photos/videos onto my mobile devices! It is even compatible with most VR headsets! One of the coolest things about this drone is the WiFi features. If I don’t want to use the remote, I can control the drone with my mobile device or tablet! This drone is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Everyone in the family has been having a blast flying this around the yard! Since it is so lightweight, I thought it would be much harder to control while in-air. Thankfully no one has had any issues with it, but we are happy that BCP included spare parts just in case!

  9. bradybunch May 18, 2017

    Fun, Fast, Great For Beginners! My son was nagging me for a drone. So I decided to let him find a drone online. He did some research and came up with this drone. The drone pricing and features were right on target. The drone has a FPV WIFI camera, is VR headset compatible, dual control mode with 360 eversion, 6 axis gyro, throwing flight with the head free mode and one key return is perfect for us beginners. This is one awesome drone according to my son. In no time my son had this drone soaring through the air and doing in air tricks. I thought that was the coolest thing tricks in the air, well of course my son let me believe it was all him for a while. He let me in on the secret there a button you push for the in flight flips and roll over’s. He clips his phone right onto the controller and you get the live feed. The drone is equipped with the 6 axis gyro and throwing flight which allows you to throw the drone in the air and watch it fly. The one key return lands the drone safe and sound. The drone comes with the USB charger, two batteries, spare parts and the controller. The controller requires four AA batteries, which are not included. With two batteries you always have a spare charged up and ready to go. It takes about 95 minutes to charge up a battery. You will only get about seven minutes of fly time with each battery. The quality of the drone is excellent. We are flying high with our drone soaring above. This is the ultimate gift to give. This drone offers lots of fun and entertainment.

  10. Kate July 19, 2017

    Cool Drone!! My nephew really wanted a drone for his birthday, so I researched extensively online and compared the different ones on the market. Since the “Altitude Hold 2.4G 6-Axis FPV Drone 720P HD Live Video WIFI Camera Headless RC Voice Command Quadcopter Gravity Sensor” seemed like an impressive drone for the price, I decided to get one for him.

    This drone has a 720P HD camera attached to it which you can use to take aerial photographs or videos. The footage is surprisingly clear, and you can record about 5 minutes of footage on a single charge. The drone is easy to learn to fly and great for beginners. It even responds to voice commands, which is a nice bonus feature. The drone is just over a foot long and comes with four extra propellers as well as a 4 GB SD card, a SD card reader, and a power bank. This is a very fun item for children but it would be also enjoyable for adults as well. My nephew loves his new drone!

  11. Kate July 20, 2017

    Cool Drone. My nephew really wanted a drone for his birthday, so I researched extensively online and compared the different ones on the market. Since the “Altitude Hold 2.4G 6-Axis FPV Drone 720P HD Live Video WIFI Camera Headless RC Voice Command Quadcopter Gravity Sensor” seemed like an impressive drone for the price, I decided to get one for him.

    This drone has a 720P HD camera attached to it which you can use to take aerial photographs or videos. The footage is surprisingly clear, and you can record about 5 minutes of footage on a single charge. The drone is easy to learn to fly and great for beginners. It even responds to voice commands, which is a nice bonus feature. The drone is just over a foot long and comes with four extra propellers as well as a 4 GB SD card, a SD card reader, and a power bank. This is a very fun item for children but it would be also enjoyable for adults as well. My nephew loves his new drone!

  12. Theron July 25, 2017

    Very Cool !!!! This is a very cool drone. I really like the voice controls on this drone. The voice control is very helpful especially for someone like me who is pretty new to flying. When I get mixed up after flying around I can just say left, right, or landing when I see I am heading into the trees. I also liked that this drone comes with a portable battery charger so that you can recharge the two batteries that it comes with without having to go inside or find an outlet. The altitude hold setting has been great for setting up aerial shots. I can get it in place and it will just hover in one spot to shoot video or take pictures. I would recommend this drone. It is a nice one with some good features.

  13. Trey July 25, 2017

    Very Cool !!!! This is a very cool drone. I really like the voice controls on this drone. The voice control is very helpful especially for someone like me who is pretty new to flying. When I get mixed up after flying around I can just say left, right, or landing when I see I am heading into the trees. I also liked that this drone comes with a portable battery charger so that you can recharge the two batteries that it comes with without having to go inside or find an outlet. The altitude hold setting has been great for setting up aerial shots. I can get it in place and it will just hover in one spot to shoot video or take pictures. I would recommend this drone. It is a nice one with some good features.

  14. crystle August 5, 2017

    Easy Handling. I like the fact that is much more stable than most other drones I have flown. I also like that it comes with 2 batteries. The only bummer was you have to do some assembling which I was not really expecting to see as a first impression of opening the box. Not as hard as it looked tho and had it together in no time at all. It flies very fast, is easy to handle and control, but I would recommend you go slow with it at first until you get comfortable with how the controls and voice features work. This looks amazing from ground view and the camera has impressively good quality video.Will recommend to others.

  15. Pilot November 22, 2017

    Quadracopter. Pretty cool!!! Need to practice more with ‘copter. No problems with delivery, etc. It was a great gift for a pilot.

  16. Connie1405 November 23, 2017

    Spy high. I bought this intending to give it to one of my grandchildren for Christmas. My husband opened the box to see the quality and has been flying it ever since. I think he likes it

  17. Fleurbleue December 14, 2017

    Great drone for beginners. Since I travel so much to beautiful beach destinations, I have been on a search for an easy to use and portable drone to document all my travel adventures. So I was extremely excited to get my hands on this 4 Channel 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter Drone w/ Wifi Camera.

    First impression for me is how easy it is to practice all the controls in the app. Downloading the app is a breeze and the instructions are so detailed even my 12 year nephew had no problem helping me assemble the unit. In addition, its compact size makes it fun for any beginners to handle.

    I was equally impressed with all the features it has for the price & all the countless spare parts. It can even fly with with voice command, flight planning, or gravity sensor mode for easy operation.

    The kit is amazing for anyone who wants to really get into drones and needs WiFi connection for simplified usage.

    The drone seems very responsive but you do have to practice a few time to learn how to stabilize it with the handheld remote control.

    I will continue to practice with it so I can put it through good use when I travel. So far it has been nothing but fun…not bad at all as a first drone.

  18. Julie Gowens December 17, 2017

    A hundred times cooler than expected !! I bought this for my 15 yr old grandson..he opened it last Saturday. Well they went to play with it outside and I couldn’t get his father and his Grandpa to stop taking it Looks like I may be ordering another one after the my husband can have his own ! Lol

  19. Darlene67 January 9, 2018

    Awesome Drone. I bought this for my 12 yr old daughter for Christmas and she loves it ( her older brothers like it also). I would highly recommend this product and BCP is an awesome company to order from.

  20. qwqwqw January 17, 2018

    cheap quality. broke right away

  21. AustinD December 12, 2018
  22. Mila January 16, 2019
  23. RJC February 24, 2019

    The HS 160 Shadow rocks! The HS160 drone is a unique product in that the arms fold into a compact size and a small velvet bag is provided to protect the drone in that configuration, and then the whole thing slips into your pocket, a very, very clever arrangement. It was this feature that most intrested me in the beginning.

    When the product arrived through the mail, the 1st thing that was unusual was the packaging, a cube size package with a 2 fold flap that was affixed at the loose end with a magnetic catch that, when folded open, was printed with instructions on how to fly the drone. Very, very clever. The owner’s manual does go into things in more depth, but the flap will get you in the air very quickly if you have any experience at all in drone flying.

    I quickly charged the batterys and took the drone for a short hop inside the house as our weather was horrible. It flew well but the house is a bit close quartered for this particular drone. It needs a little space and unless one has a large room I wouldn’t suggest flying it much in the house.

    The drone handles extremely well. It’s very clean so it builds speed easily and holds that speed when you neutralize the controls. If you’re in a confined space you’ll have to nudge the sticks to get going and then you’ll have to apply opposite controls to stop the drone because it’s going to continue on for a good while after you have nutralized your initial inputs. There are 4 control sensitivities. They are selected with a push button under the left index finger, from mild to wild.

    The purpose of the drone, of course, is to act as a flying camera, or to fly with FPV (1st person view). Considering the drones size and price point the camera works very well. The cameras configured for both still shots and video.

    The transmitter has a nice shape and falls to hand very easily. I particularly like the rocker style switches provided for trim and mode selection. There is a handy mount atop the transmitter for mounting your cell phone to act as an FPV screen. It plugs in and pulls out nicely and is easy to use.

    The drone comes with 2 batteries and 2 charging cables that are very easy to use. It takes about an hour to charge the batterys.

    The drone is shipped with the usual spares as well as propeller guards. And againn the bag that’s provided to slide the drone into in a folded configuration is just a very nice touch.

    Last, but not least, Holy Stone’s customer servive is phenomenal! Best i have delt with in my 73 years!

    All in all, I found the HS160 Shadow a very pleasant aircraft to fly. It performs as advertised. My friend is a relative newcomer to the drone fraternity and he had no trouble whatsoever flying the HS 160. I highly recommend this product. I have had a lot of fun with it and I know you will to!

  24. jamham April 6, 2019

    HS160 update. Update to my previous review. After a little more time with this unique little quad copter….I’ve found its attributes are really suited for outside flights where it’s full potential can be appreciated. Thanks again to the great customer support staff with HolyStone.

  25. MarcA April 17, 2019

    Fun, fast drone. This is great medium size drone, wasn’t able to get outside with it right away because of the weather and found it to be an agile flyer inside in tight spaces. Once outside it proved to be a great flyer, easy to control and fast. Love that the controller has a built it screen.

  26. Jax April 24, 2019

    Best Drones Available! Holy Stone makes the best drones in the business and their customer support is second to none. I now purchase drones from Holy Stone exclusively and they have never disappointed me. I have several from them including this one and I will have several more in the future.

  27. racer April 24, 2019

    Great drone. Great mid size drone with two batteries and a screen on the controller. It’s fast and fun with easy set up.

  28. Drone August 6, 2019

    Fun for kids and adults. This is our first experience with a drone. It was very east to put together and start up! We laughed the first time we tried to fly it! Take great pics and battery lasts a long time!

  29. ind90 August 12, 2019

    Good product Easy to use! It’s the first drone I’ve purchased and I definitely love it. The Drone is really nicely built and easy to fly, the app is super easy to use. It was simple to assemble and easy to fly out of the box. It has been fun learning to fly it. At first, it took me some time to control it smoothly. After a few trials, I’m having a great time with it. The camera is great for flying, pictures taking in the air are amazing! I was also impressed with the flying time – more than I expected.

    I have to say one key takeoff, headless mode, altitude hold, and emergency landing features are nice touches and all work well. Those features help a lot, especially for us beginners.

    Overall this is a great buy. Definitely worth the money.

  30. Naveed September 10, 2019

    Beginner Drone Easy to Use. My first beginner drone, great experience, easy to fly and controls are easy, battery holds good charge, picture and video quality are good enough. App is very friendly. This DRONE is so much fun. It’s a good way to buy beginner drone before buying an expense one. 5 Star *****

  31. BigDaddy October 7, 2019

    Drone is very nice and works well. Just waiting on my promised free battery for more flight time.

  32. jule October 14, 2019
  33. Nelson November 2, 2019

    Excellent Drone. Great experience and professional skills develop with them.

  34. dronedad November 10, 2019

    phoenix is worth it! I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Phoenix drone. the only real complaint I have as a beginner was the instruction manual not being more clear on a few things. I eventually got it, however, the process was a headache lol. I do however highly recommend this for the amateur in drone flying such as myself. it has good flight time and the picture is fairly decent. the camera adjustment makes it nice as well. good thing for return to home mode when the battery is low as well. although at first I thought the drone was going to take off and disappear, I soon realized I had walked away from where I took off from. all in all, excellent product!

  35. LovemyFAMM December 1, 2019

    First drone – love it. Ok so I’ve never owned a drone but I saw someone using one at the mall the other day and it looked so cool. Figured I would get one on sale so thought I would try this out.

    A bit small (thought it would be bigger)

    Very easy to use – I just downloaded their app and was flying in no time.
    Pretty rigid – I’ve crashed it but it has sturdy wings and has not broken after a few hits and crashes.
    The app has an easy take off and landing button so I don’t have to be a professional pilot.
    Picture quality is pretty nice

    Overall I’m happy with this purchase- thank you Walmart!

  36. Brad December 3, 2019

    No Google play app! I have scanned the QR code in the booklet and nothing came up. I’ve Googled VTI PHOENIX DRONE app and it shows it found something but when I click it, it is not found. The ads and description and even the book says it on Google play.

  37. Zach December 8, 2019

    BUYER BEWARE. This drone only has 1 charger that takes 5 hours to charge 1 battery. You CANNOT buy any replacement parts for this drone, SO IF YOU BREAK A PROPELLER THE DRONE IS RENDERED USELESS. This drone will fly into things and destroy propellers, it will not shut off after accident propellers continue to grind into whatever they hit. customer service is no help whatsoever, useless company. Just spend the extra cash for a DJI and call it a day, these things are expensive and that’s just the reality of it.

  38. WHISKEY43 December 16, 2019

    FAST AND FUN! This little thing is super fun. My first drone for beginners and this little thing is fast and fun and pretty durable as I have hit things I am not supposed to do. If you want to learn how to fly a drone, this is and excellent beginners and as far as I am concerned I will by another one again. You will not be dissapointed

  39. papafred December 25, 2019

    does the drone work with 4G also?

  40. Shiny151 January 3, 2020

    A very fine drone for the price. Over the (2019) holiday this drone fluctuated in price from $268 down to $99. I bought two of them. At $99 this drone is a steal. I have logged about 15 flights so far without any issues whatsoever. Many of the other negative reviews on here have me scratching my head. Random crashes into things? No app for Android? No spare parts? I have had NONE of these issues. I own both iOS and Android devices and the apps are both available and work fine. This drone is also rebadged from the MJX MEW4-1. It’s the exact same drone and you can find spare parts if you spend some time searching.

    The tips I have for this drone are; don’t lift-off until you have a minimum of a seven satellite lock on the controller. Sometimes it takes a minute or two. Otherwise if you take off in non-GPS mode, the wind can push the drone around at medium/higher altitudes and you can become disoriented very quickly while trying to recover; especially since the drone does NOT have a headless mode. Be patient, stay focused and keep it in low power mode while flying the first few times and you will avoid almost all of the issues mentioned in these reviews. Get comfortable with the drone at closer/lower ranges for the few flights before flying longer ranges and at higher speeds.

    I have had this drone vertical about 160 meters and at that range you can barely see it in the sky. Overall, the range on it is fantastic for almost any line-of-sight flight you desire. The camera on it is so-so, it’s merely decent but to me it’s not a deal-breaker, especially at the price I got them for.

    One of my favorite features is the remote switchable, vertical landing lights. At dusk, they are BRIGHT! And even at a very high altitude you can easily see the drone from a remarkable distance with the lights on. I do not think this is a beginner drone; I have been flying for four years and own about ten different drones and I would rank it as an intermediate skill level. I have attached a couple of in-flight photos. These are not the full resolution so keep that in mind. They are down-sampled from my phone.

  41. Matt January 4, 2020

    Cool drone but the app does not work. This is my first drone and it flies great. I treid to fly it in the wind at first and it was not happening. On a calm day it was great. One downside is the app does not work so I can not use the video function. I am using a Samsung galaxy s10 that is up to date.

  42. Monie January 22, 2020

    Don’t buy. The drone looks cool, but, the rotors keep falling off!

  43. Jeff January 24, 2020

    need parts. Excellent drone. I broke the back right arm and need replacement part . also looking for propellers?

  44. zack February 10, 2020

    got this today and im impressed, its very durable feeling, flys great for me being a noob and the camera is decent, id recommend this drone to anyone

  45. inoc February 10, 2020
  46. Ray February 11, 2020

    Buyer beware. This item was received as a Christmas gift with extended warranty and for approx. 6 weeks (7-10 flights) it worked as advertised and was a great deal of fun and took fair pics. On the last flight, after initial one button lift-off it lost all contact with the controller, began a steady rise and rapid flight path away and east. The drone was non responsive to any controller commands, the item would not return home after loosing reception and on low battery or land on one button command it flew continuously over impossible terrain and was lost. This flight took place on a wind free day and with full battery charge.
    Even tho this was a flawed item the company has been of no assistance.
    If you purchase this item realize it has an extended range and if you are unable to recover the drone you are most likely out the cost.
    The only satisfying element is that Walmart has tried to be helpful.

  47. Casalan February 17, 2020

    Phoenix drone. I like the quickness of it the response was good takeoff is easy connection is easy one of the best Drone ever buy.

  48. JaeMomSoFly February 24, 2020

    Beginners dream. I was on the fence about this due to previous reviews. However upon reading most of the low ratings I see people are frustrated because they either lost the drone or didn’t know how to properly operate it. With that being said my advice would be READ THE DIRECTIONS! This is an indoor/outdoor moderately priced drone. This is not a heavy duty thousand dollar drone professionals use by any means but I can definitely say this drone is PERFECT for beginners. After reading the flying instructions I would suggest to practice flying indoors first. We happen to have a large bare hallway and it was a great place for practicing take offs, simple turns, complete 360s, hover techniques and perfecting our landings.

    Once you get the hang of the controller or phone (whichever you decide to use) you should then take it outside. Again, in the manual it says DO NOT fly the drone in winds over 4mph. Listen, I get it. You go outside, you don’t feel active wind so you assume you’re clear to fly that day…Nope! You’re most likely wrong. I urge you to check the weather app on your phone that will advise you of the exact current wind condition you’re in. Many times the wind here has been between a steady 6-8mph and we would’ve never known it solely based off what we felt at that time. I will tell you now, ONE good gust of wind mixed with an inexperienced pilot will send this drone anywhere and you may not see it again.

    Furthermore, the box says this product is for ages 14 and up. Though I generally agree with this rating, I’ve seen and heard of adults losing drones all the time. Our son (9 years of age) is an avid gamer and highly into science/mechanical stem projects and he uses this drone almost everyday. He’s captured surprisingly clear photo and video footage using his iPhone as the controller. Note: You’re not required to use a phone to pilot the drone but you do in fact need one if you want to capture video/picture footage. The battery takes 120 mins (2hrs) to charge. It’s important to also note even with a fully charged battery actual fly time has only lasted anywhere between 14-23 minutes max before it needs another charge.

    In conclusion, this drone is compact, fast, durable enough to take a couple crashes and the camera provides crisp, clear photos and videos. 4 stars only because I wish the fly time was at least 1 hour.

  49. byocow February 26, 2020

    Yay! This thing is great fun! My husband absolutely loves it! It only flies for about 15 minutes and takes almost 2 hours to charge, though.
    Loaded with features you would expect to find only on high end high cost drones. He really likes the auto take off hover feature and the auto landing. Takes nice photos and you can shoot a music video with it using the app on your phone.

  50. Kdk28 February 26, 2020

    Powerful litte drone! The Jetstream Blizzard Drone is a compact, foldable aircraft with amazing power for smooth flying. As shown in my pictures, it has a 4K camera that takes INCREDIBLE pictures and videos. It has an Altitude Hover feature that will hold the altitude and the position of the drone steady for optimal pictures and videos. The remote controller is easy to use for beginners as well. I highly recommend the Jetstream Blizzard 4K Camera Drone for all levels, from beginner to expert drone pilots!

  51. Sam March 1, 2020

    Fun. The only drawback is short battery life. Other than that it’s super fun to play with easy to control behind a mindful of the emergency button, hitting that emergency button drops it down super quick so be ready.

  52. Amanda March 2, 2020

    Excellent drone for a beginner with a great price. This drone is perfect for a beginner. The picture quality from the 4K cameras are fantastic considering the price of the drone. The drone controls and flys well with the iPhone app, can’t say for Android. The battery life is also good, although the battery does take 2 hours to charge. For the price point, there aren’t many other comparable drones on the market. This drone has a limitation and it’s not due to quality, it comes down to the fact that it’s a beginner drone under $100. You cannot fly this drone in the wind or at least I don’t recommend it as the directions also state. Overall, for the price, this is a good beginner drone.

  53. audreyrn09 March 5, 2020

    Great. This drone has been Easy to learn to use. We have never owned one and still working out the little things about it but it is really neat. We love the camera effect.

  54. Shashidhar March 5, 2020

    Easy To Fly Nice Product. This is very Nice Drone. I love to play with it. Control

  55. Azebraslife March 8, 2020

    Fun for a beginner. I haven’t been able to master this yet but it is fun trying. The weather hasn’t been great until recently, so I’m still learning my way around the drone. I love that it has a camera. That just adds a fun element to it. I am nervous to go to high until I have perfect control. I plan to take my husband. Out to test soon and I’m sure he will have it down quicker than I will.

  56. Lisa503 March 12, 2020

    Better than expected! Wow! What a fun drone! To be honest, my expectations were a little low on this drone due to the price, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. The drone was extremely easy to set up, and came with some spare parts just in case your flying skills haven’t reached their peak! The drone can be flown with the remote control that’s included or the free mobile app. The remote control works great and is of higher quality than I thought it would be. The controls are very intuitive and responsive. I wouldn’t mind handing it off to a younger person to control. The app is easy to install and is available on both Android and iOS. Once in the app, it’s easy to calibrate and operate. My kids and I took it out for the first time on a windy day and it did surprisingly well. We didn’t fly it “high in the sky” but we did fly around at a comfortable distance and height, it did great and was tons of fun for everyone! Not to mention I almost ran myself over because I was caught off guard due to the incredible speed it travels at!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an entry-level drone!

  57. jonathan March 28, 2020

    VTI Phoenix is the name of the app on Google Play Store.
    It is the MJX MEW-4…just rebranded as a Vivitar…the electronics gps module,remote,battery app…literally everything is exactly the same.
    I have the MJX and the Vivitar and I can tell you from an experienced drone pilots point of view…BOTH are the same drone with the same features and same flight time and performance.
    The camera is good as long as you use an SD card ….as well as the video.
    with no obstacles…I have had this drone 1155meters away…that’s over 3000 feet. It returned hom with zero issues.
    My flight time before RTH was always 14 minutes….I dont mind waiting 5 hours for the batteries to charge…but there are simple fixes to this “problem”…a little ingenuity and a hobby grade charger.

  58. Dday April 5, 2020

    Cheap, Not for beginners. Although I appreciate the extra blades. Does no good when the rest of the drone is Made in China crap… only good for a webcam now

  59. Edward April 7, 2020

    The whole truth. It’s k. I won’t recommend u buy this drone if u want the camera 2 work or the app u need 2 also fly it. But if u just want 2 fly in circles. Then go ahead n by it. But nothing really work’s. But it is what it is. COWBOYEDD.

  60. Robert April 10, 2020
  61. Shteliyana April 17, 2020

    Pretty good drone! Positives:
    -Easy to use if you know what you’re doing
    -Pictures and Video
    -2 batteries
    -Comes with replacment blades

    -Sometimes when landing, it will bounce and kinda crash, but it has an emergency stop function so this isn’t a big deal.
    -Video lags, but that’s not really a problem.

    I just found this drone really good and I enjoy using it 🙂

  62. Warren April 20, 2020

    Vivitar VTI Phoenix Drone review. Outstanding drone easy to operate but read instruction
    Great drone to get when wanting to step up to the next level.

  63. CemersonsCall April 21, 2020

    Very nice drone, flys good, camera could be better. This is a very nice drone it flies really good I many things you can do with it a camera quality is decent but if you try to and large pitchers a gets a little blurry better if they are kept small like 4 by 6 om and handles very very nice landing is pretty accurate all around a very good drawn for the price

  64. Tiny April 26, 2020

    A bit delicate but keeps the kiddos occupied….make sure and it’s a wide open space….will be destroyed easily.

  65. Hannah April 28, 2020

    So upsetting, after i purchased this as a gift, the drone was used for ten minutes then somehow glitched. We pressed the “return” button where the drone was supposed to come back to the remote. As ot was coming back, it suddenly shot back up in the air and dissapeared. It was if it had a mind of its own. So upset because we coulsnt even use it for 10 minutes!!!

  66. Michael April 29, 2020

    good starter. great little drone to start off with…handles good and pictures were better then i anticipated …defiantly don’t regret buying

  67. coll143 April 29, 2020

    Such fun. Such a great little drone! My husband and kids love flying this around and creating videos. It has really great quality. Easy to use and set up. We are happy with the product

  68. Bianca April 29, 2020

    Bought this for my 12 year old son and he loved it . It was easy to control!

  69. Brandie April 30, 2020

    Great buy. Great drone for the money. Was a gift for my son. Hes crashed it a ton now, and nothing is broken. I’m really glad we purchased it. It’s a great rural covid distraction.

  70. Steve April 30, 2020

    No happy so far. I bought one and got it home and it wouldn’t lift off motors wouldn’t start and the instruction manual said the code was indicative of a compass error. So I took it back and they didn’t give me any hassles about taking it back but the drone was DOA. I had to search all over the upstate for another one. Got it home and did the calibrations and all and hit the take off button it leaned over to the left and destroyed the propellers on that side. I got out the box of extras and when I removed them they were chipped and cracked some definitely had been used before.
    The drone had the screen protectors so it didn’t seemed like it had been used before.

    This is my experience so far with this product, so as you can see I am not a happy customer at all. I was looking forward to flying already.

  71. Allen April 30, 2020

    It’s a great drone. Everything I hoped for. A good buy for the buck.

  72. Syed May 4, 2020

    I don’t recommend it. Simple and fun to play with but very fragile. Will be gone in 2 to 3 days of playing.
    So I don’t think it’s worth the money

  73. Ali May 5, 2020

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