Top 5 Best Drones with HD Camera (Cheap and Affordable Version)

Drones, who doesn't love them? They are cool and awesome. You can play around with the drones, shoot amazing videos and take stunning pictures with ease.

SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults 1080P HD Live Video Review 14+

SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone with Camera for Adults 1080P HD Live Video Review 14+ #spaptain #drone #camera ...

Top 5 Best Cheap Drones with 4K Camera in 2020

THE LINKS TO PURCHASE ARE DOWN HERE 5 ▻ SHRC H2 Locke 2K WIFI FPV RC Quadcopter ○Amazon United States: ○Amazon ...

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Last updated on May 13, 2020 8:13 pm
Drone With Camera For Adults
Drone With Camera For Adults

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  1. Wilbur December 15, 2017

    Flight time should be longer other than 8 minutes. But weight times energy consumption plus thrust = short battery life.

  2. BeginnerDroneUser January 5, 2018

    Upon receipt of the Contixo F18. Packaging was very well with product description being fully enclosed. Assembly was easy and very straightforward per the instruction booklet provided. I have completed two flights, both of which the battery lasted approximately 15 minutes (I have a second one on order) for longer play time 🙂 Overall, I am delighted with the purchase, I have yet to take it long distance. As I’m still learning all the controls along with functions, I’ll follow up with an update once I get out into some more open spaces and can let loose a little. Lastly, the camera is excellent, provides superb 1080 video directly to my S8+ and takes relatively good photos.

  3. OldKid January 26, 2018

    Excellent for price and tough. Easy to assemble. Easy to learn how to fly in an open area. Tough, tough, tough, 30 seconds into the first flight, I crashed into the side of the garage, some battle wounds (scuff marks) on the propellers, wipe the mud and dirt off and it was back in the air in no time. The propellers lasted me about 10 crashes, a few were horrible- crash into the top of a tree at a high rate of speed and bounce off several branches on the way down. Most crashes pilot error, but I am a slow learner to the low battery RTH- nothing to do but watch a crash. Camera good quality, it would be nice to adjust camera angle. Very impressed for cost.

  4. BUCKEYEJIM February 21, 2018

    F-18 DRONE. easy, idiot-proof device, way too much fun to fly, even for a first-time pilot. all the features were spot on, easily accessible, i will recommend this drone to anyone for its ease of operation, cost value and just down-right fun to operate. I might even buy a back-up drone. thanks for good adult toy fun.

  5. William April 14, 2018

    Great little drone, easy to set up and easy to fly. I would recommend this as your first starter drone. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

  6. RTH3 August 5, 2018

    Great product. Great product for folks just getting into drones. Out of the box, the F18 was easy to get up and running. If you are out in an open field you would have to screw up bad to wreck this drone. I want to use the drone for my work, so I am flying around objects. I have wrecked into trees, mailbox, house, and car just getting used to flying. The drone has taken a beating but it still works great. One of the landing lights/legs broke but duct tape fixed that. I have replaced the blades once. I would recommend getting extra blades and extra batteries(I got the blades and batteries on Amazon).

  7. Jeff December 27, 2018
  8. paughprincess January 9, 2019

    perfect for toy lovers. holy stone really “hit a home run” with this GPS drone. auto hover and low battery “return to home” feature really make this a perfect match for beginners and experts alike. the 1080p camera makes it a good fit for the photo/video enthusiast as well!

  9. bobinh2otown February 25, 2019

    understand only holystone Brands them. its actually a bugs 3 pro.
    holy Stone only Brands them.
    this is well-known everywhere. yes it comes with a warranty when bugs doesn’t.

  10. Shastaski March 12, 2019

    Many Features for the Novice or Pro. This drone has many professional features with a decent camera, First Person View, Point of Interest, Follow Me, Return To Home etc. Most important is the Return to Home which sends it back to you if your battery is in need of a charge. This is a great drone for learning to fly or to improve your skills.

    Customer Service with Holy Stone is number one!

  11. BilyD March 16, 2019

    Great First Drone. This is my first drone. Having flown private aircraft I was interested in a simple to fly yet comprehensive drone. The HS100 exceeds my expectations. For the price this drone has many features found on more expensive models. The one touch take off, return home and follow me features make this drone a pleasure to fly. I quickly advanced from the beginner mode to straight GPS with no limits. The camera while not superior gets the job done for a variety of photo opportunities (see ocean shot). I am very pleased with this model drone by Holy Stone.

  12. Drone March 17, 2019

    Drone. It’s an excellent drone for beginners. Easy to set up and use. I’d recommend this drone.

  13. MarcA April 17, 2019

    Fun, fast drone. This is great medium size drone, wasn’t able to get outside with it right away because of the weather and found it to be an agile flyer inside in tight spaces. Once outside it proved to be a great flyer, easy to control and fast. Love that the controller has a built it screen.

  14. Jax April 24, 2019

    Best Drones Available! Holy Stone makes the best drones in the business and their customer support is second to none. I now purchase drones from Holy Stone exclusively and they have never disappointed me. I have several from them including this one and I will have several more in the future.

  15. racer April 24, 2019

    Great drone. Great mid size drone with two batteries and a screen on the controller. It’s fast and fun with easy set up.

  16. ThomasP May 14, 2019

    Holy Stone HS700. The holy Stone HS700 has a sleek professional looking design that looks and looks and feels expensive. The clear assembly instructions made it easy to put together and the operating manuals were well written so that my first flight was a huge success.  This is the perfect trainer drone for the novice and has plenty of features for the advanced operator. Connected to my Note 8 phone the FPV HD camera with 5G worked flawlessly at a range of 175 meters out with an altitude of approximately of 100 meters with plenty of room to spare.  Features like the Return to Home (RTH) with a simple press of a button, return to home with a low battery or transmitter signal loss or out of range makes it worry free and almost impossible to lose, as it simply returns to where it took off from. I tested each of the return to home features and they all worked perfectly.  Flight time was nearly at the rated 20 minutes which slightly varied depending on wind conditions.  The HS700 has the ability to fly with or without GPS mode and in headless mode if desired.  Also to my surprise, I received a phone call from someone in Customer Service making sure I had no questions or problems with their product.  This says to me that Holy Stone is Proactive and they will always be there for me with awesome customer service. For the Quality,  Value and Dependability I would highly recommend the Holy Stone HS700, you won’t be disappointed.

  17. Jamessisson June 6, 2019

    Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia is a great drone. I love this drone either for beginners or experienced flyers this drone is perfect. It flys very smooth and quiet. It is very durable and sturdy. It has excellent app features and low battery voltage features so u wont crash if your battery is to low. It has great response to the transmitter and is morethan i expected in a drone. If your looking for a great professional easy to fly drone this is a must have

  18. Corvul June 17, 2019

    Pretty good drone, room for a little improvement. This is the nicest drone I have owned to date. The pros of it are long battery life about 16 minutes using the camera and the app. Stabile over 50 feet even in windy conditions.

    The cons of it are camera quality is marginal. And under 50 feet it does not hover without constant adjusting with the transmitter. I expected a little more in these 2 areas for the price.
    Still a nice drone. Check out my you tube video

  19. Missymom June 19, 2019

    Great Drone was really impressed with this product. I was really worried since i got it at a low price but it really is a great product and the camera is fantasic.

  20. Reporter June 25, 2019
  21. Rockinthebrock July 17, 2019

    Fly. Good little drone for the price. It is definitely an entry level drone which means that it’s on the cheaper side. It flies like the professional drones, but the video quality and alterations in steering and settings are minimal. It does have some cool features like to follow me mode which works OK and that just your mode which is kind of fun for kids.

  22. gary July 18, 2019
  23. Unhappy July 22, 2019

    Not good. This was suppose to be a beginners unit, it lasted less than 20 min before one of the servo motors locked up. No instructions or info on who to contact was supplied. VERY unhappy with product.

  24. Thomas July 28, 2019

    Nice product. Good quality happy with product. Even send extra parts

  25. Drone August 6, 2019

    Fun for kids and adults. This is our first experience with a drone. It was very east to put together and start up! We laughed the first time we tried to fly it! Take great pics and battery lasts a long time!

  26. EZJ August 10, 2019

    Waste of 50 + dollars. Long time to get to function of somewhat. Drifted off when it was supposed to hover or raise into air. Lost direction part of right Joy stick and then got caught in a tree 40 feet up… Could not get the phone app, reason: no Wifi in my area. Can’t take pictures or videos without WiFi. Doesn’t have manual/USB port or anything like SD card to get pics the conventional way. Hate to buy one cheaper…

  27. ind90 August 12, 2019

    Good product Easy to use! It’s the first drone I’ve purchased and I definitely love it. The Drone is really nicely built and easy to fly, the app is super easy to use. It was simple to assemble and easy to fly out of the box. It has been fun learning to fly it. At first, it took me some time to control it smoothly. After a few trials, I’m having a great time with it. The camera is great for flying, pictures taking in the air are amazing! I was also impressed with the flying time – more than I expected.

    I have to say one key takeoff, headless mode, altitude hold, and emergency landing features are nice touches and all work well. Those features help a lot, especially for us beginners.

    Overall this is a great buy. Definitely worth the money.

  28. myfirstmicro August 22, 2019

    Great Drone – Great Price, CatB. I love this drone. (unlike the nickname indicates, this is not a micro drone – that’s my nickname 🙂 It has all the features you want without the price tag. It folds up small to carry around but flies like the big ones! Takes great pictures and videos which save right to the app on the phone. I didn’t think I was going to get to fly because of the wind, but I really wanted to check it out as soon as it arrived and it was much more stable in the wind than I expected. It has a nice simple controller without too many buttons to get confusing. There are 2 speeds and the fast is pretty fast. The return to home is very accurate and it’s nice that you don’t have to calibrate the compass every time. Battery life is good, I think I was in the air for a good 15 minutes. This is my first foldable, but when I got my first drone, I didn’t know what I was doing and Holy Stone has great customer service assistance.

  29. Lance August 22, 2019

    do not buy. going through the steps to fly, the 700D is hard to calibrate, have to try 5-10 times any suggestions==called and get no answer from the tech team==do not buy

  30. JonP August 23, 2019

    Great portable GPS drone. just bought this for my kids and myself…I have had a few different brands of drones, I do like Holystone in general….this one is nice because it folds up for storage and transport, otherwise they are pretty hard to move around without a big box or something to protect the guards and blades….simple control, easy to fly but still with some good features….I have a hard time buying drones without the GPS like this one has….when they are smaller and lighter like this class of drones the GPS makes the auto hover easy and compensates for wind if you are outside! otherwise they tend to get blown around even with a light breeze…this one has a good camera and features such as auto return and follow me…a second battery would be nice but Holystone will send you one for free if you ask!

  31. Blue August 25, 2019

    HS165. Love this gps drone, honestly thought it was gonna be bigger but was happy about the size i can use it indoors or out which is a plus. The return to home worked almost to the exact spot and my video amd pictures came in so great without laggin i would recomend this drone to all and would purchase again for a gift or another one for my family.

  32. Naveed September 10, 2019

    Beginner Drone Easy to Use. My first beginner drone, great experience, easy to fly and controls are easy, battery holds good charge, picture and video quality are good enough. App is very friendly. This DRONE is so much fun. It’s a good way to buy beginner drone before buying an expense one. 5 Star *****

  33. dronearecool September 23, 2019

    Love it. I loved how high quality the camera was for the size. It is extremely easy to use and I really like the gps function. All around the drone is the best I’ve ever owned so far and I would recommend it.

  34. Macker September 23, 2019

    Holy stone HS700. After reading reviews and comments from other HS 700 owners I settled on the HS 700 drone as my first drone to enter flying quads. I was not disappointed. It came in high quality packaging and the unit was flawless. With excellent assembly instructions it only takes a few minutes to complete. I have been flying RC aircraft and helicopters for awhile so the transition to the HS700 was very smooth. Once the battery was charged the fun began. I knew I had made the right choice. The HS700 is smooth and has quick response. It is loaded with about every feature you would expect to find in a much more expensive drone. I would recommend the HS700 to anyone from beginners to experienced pilots.

  35. Lonelygirl September 26, 2019

    Got lucky. We bought this drone on black Friday for way cheaper then it’s price but for beening our first it a awesome one

  36. BigDaddy October 7, 2019

    Drone is very nice and works well. Just waiting on my promised free battery for more flight time.

  37. jule October 14, 2019
  38. Tyler November 10, 2019

    Love my New DEERC DE22. I love my New DEERC DE22 Drone. If your shopping for a new drone seriously consider the DE22. You won’t be disappointed. The DE22 is foldable and compact so you can carry it easily on trips. On my first flight I was surprised with the power it had yet it was super quiet with the brushless motors. It flies beautifully and is very steady with the help of the GPS so you can concentrate on the FPV Live Feed on your Phone while flying to take better video. The video and picture quality from the DE22 Camera is impressive and that’s what I was looking for. I’m happy with my purchase.

  39. Katherine November 14, 2019

    It’s awesome! This is a very nice and compact drone.I really like how the drone is foldable. Very impressed with the quality. It is very stable in flight, I tested the follow me mode, I also tested the way points on it. It worked excellent. The wind was a factor in the test but GPS kept it stable in flight. I would highly recommend the DE22, you won’t be disappointed.

  40. Jeremy November 21, 2019

    Very Impressive Drone. This drone is very impressive and at a great price. The brushless motors are super quiet, all you can hear is the power of the propellers. The 2k camera is good, both in clarity and lighting. I can’t wait to try out the more advanced gps capabilities. Flying time is excellent and as advertised. Very pleased with this drone and I’m looking forward to getting adventurous with it over the lake and on hiking trips!! Photo was taken at late sunset.

  41. Wildcat20 November 22, 2019

    GREAT drone! Wow! This drone is seriously great! There are tons of functions on this drone that allow it to be personalized. It is very strudy with great control and takes great pictures!

  42. Gary November 23, 2019

    5 Star. I love this drone. We went hiking up the mountains and we were able to get awesome footage through the canyon with the leaves changing colors. The carrying case is so good with straps to hold it like a backpack. Super easy to set up and use.

  43. AndrewB November 24, 2019

    Pleasantly Surprised. This was my first drone and I found it to be perfect for beginners, but advanced enough that experienced drone users won’t be disappointed. It has a great camera that takes pictures in 2k which makes them clear and crisp and something you’ll want to show off to your friends. I liked the GPS capabilities because the drone could follow me. I worried about it running out of power, but there’s a one-key return which makes the drone fly back to its take-off point automatically when the battery is getting low.

    When you first open the box, you will see it comes not only with the drone, charging cable, and controller, but also with and four extra propellers and a very helpful instruction sheet that walks you through the setup process. The battery lasted about 25 minutes, which is consistent with what was expected. So it didn’t fly forever, but I got a pretty good amount of time in the air.

    My daughter and I were looking forward to taking this drone for a spin and opened it as soon as it came in the mail. I was surprised at the short battery life, but since it was my first drone, I didn’t really know what to expect. We really enjoyed this drone!

    The controls are easy to use, even for beginners. It’s a basic setup but has a lot of advanced features, such as being able to design a custom flight path, making it fly in a circle by setting a point, and a “follow me” feature that tracks my position. If you’ve not flown a drone before, you’ll quickly get used to the controls after flying around for a couple of minutes.

    With the size of the drone, I wouldn’t recommend flying inside the house even if you have an open area. We tried flying it around our dining room and living room but quickly took it outside where we were much more comfortable.

    I was surprised how great the camera is! The 5GHz connection made receiving the photos from the drone really easy. I got some great pics! And we had so much fun playing with this drone. I really look forward to enjoying the thrills this drone brings to my family and me!

  44. Alina November 25, 2019

    Good for the price / very quick drone. The drone is really good, steady and respond good to the remote controller.

  45. Jazzphet December 9, 2019

    DEERC DE22 RC Drone. I bought the DEERC DE22 RC drone as my early Christmas present from me, to me. It folds out making it easy to store. The picture quality is beautiful, it has a 2K camera and hand gesture technology, making it simple to take high quality pictures. This drone is very easy to learn and calibration is a snap. You’ll have 25 minutes of pure fun, plus it has a GPS return home so you’ll never have to worry about losing this drone. I give this drone a 5 star rating based on performance, picture quality and price. Best bang for your buck.

  46. MsVi December 12, 2019

    This is compact and easy for beginners! It is my firsr ever drone to test around. I was curious and interested in people who play around with drone. I checked what has high review ans easy to get intro into the new tech world. So I placed order with this toy. When it came, it has 4 items in the box. The controller, the drone, the charging and the manual. I read through the manual and start turn it on to test around. It is very easy to learn and beginning with. You have to download the app to sync with the drone and the controller. It also has quick start guide on the app to guide when you got confuse. It is definitely easy to nevigate as a beginner. I still need some time to test it outdoor and I believe that must be fun and joy to take with me to travel! Because it is very compact when it got fold. I can’t wait to come out more memories with this new toy!

  47. vivian December 13, 2019

    great drone.  That’s the first thing that comes to mind with this product. I’ve had other “beginner “ drones in the past but decided to up my game and this one has blown my mind. This is nothing short of spectacular! It has an auto return feature so the drone comes back to you when it’s out of range or the battery is low. It has a gps feature so you can set the precise location you want to record. It has a “follow me” feature if you want it to follow your every move and it has a cool virtual reality mode that I haven’t had a chance to play with but looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  48. eccoleman December 18, 2019

    Excellent value for entry-level drone. I’ve bought several drones, this one seems quite easy to fly! What I like best is its compact folding up ability and the retractable props. I honestly think this extends the life of the prop when it can do this. The GPS return home feature is a must, as I can never seem to get the drone back easily on my own! The picture can get a little jittery in the wind (there is no gimbal), but the GPS does hold position well.

  49. Shobi December 20, 2019

    Best drone for beginners. This is the best drone for beginners. Walmart is cheapest place to buy if you wants to buy it. Very easy to learn and it has so many modes. Highly recommend it

  50. Droner December 24, 2019

    Absolutely fabulous. Absolutely fabulous drone. I am very happy with I would recommend this to anyone as their first drone. very easy to control.

  51. Erica December 25, 2019

    To expensive for what it does. This drone is a price of crap. The battery doesnt last at all. I wish i could get a refund.

  52. Ahmad December 27, 2019
  53. Leica2000 January 1, 2020

    This is a great drone with fantastic features. Holy stone was the first indoor drone I bought and I have bought several others before. They never let me down. Great customer support and spares availability( I do crash pretty often). If this is the future of the company, they are going in the correct direction.
    I love the case it comes in. The remote is comfortable in the hands and fits my iPhone 10. The display is easy to read. The joysticks have a great response and feel sturdy. The buttons are layed out well. This drone has some weight to it. It doesn’t feel cheap.

  54. fish January 1, 2020
  55. TheExpertNovice1 January 3, 2020

    Buyer Beware!! tried these with 2 different android fones. Neither would go into the app once the unit was installed. kept closing the app. I should have known at the price, they appear to be selling returned nonfunctional items… batteries worked well and flew nice with just the controller, but with out app no fpv , pics , video, optical flow or follow me.
    I don’t want to hassle tech support as the sky rider thunderbirds worked fine out of the box and app for fpv had no issues with my android.

  56. Pepperbass January 3, 2020

    Missleadind Add. Bought these drones for the GPS in add, just received today and boxes say thay are Optical Flow altitude hold. Missleading add

  57. KevinR January 7, 2020

    Kind of a downgrade to the older F18 model. The only thing better is the camera and more options on this app from the old model. They went to downgraded propellers that are directly screwed on, meaning these propellers have a history of stripping out since the thread is plastic. The old model had metal caps that screwed on so no stripping. They also downgraded from a 2100 mah battery to the common 1800 mah battery.

  58. Gadams32 January 9, 2020

    Hs720. Overall good drone. Needs obstacle avoidance but it does what it’s supposed to. Very responsive and good camera

  59. Solidrone January 13, 2020

    Flies good even in a light breeze. Really like the dual cameras. The battey last longer than i thought it would. The instructions are better than some but still leaves you with some questions. But overall a great drone

  60. Gnbnhgn January 24, 2020
  61. marr February 4, 2020
  62. Amber February 10, 2020

    highly recommended. my cousin purched a pair, they are so amazing I highly recommend

  63. zack February 10, 2020

    got this today and im impressed, its very durable feeling, flys great for me being a noob and the camera is decent, id recommend this drone to anyone

  64. jonboy February 12, 2020

    awesome drone. one of the best drones have found so far excellent and the price is fair an excellent customer service if you have any issues

  65. Leroy February 21, 2020

    Well worth the money. Drone works like it should as long as you follow correct procedures.. Good quality camera. Customer service is the best for any product worldwide. Battery takes awhile to charge but if you buy extra it’s not an issue. A great beginner drone. You won’t be disappointed.

  66. Robert February 22, 2020

    could not get it to connect to wifi, i tried everything

  67. KW182 February 24, 2020

    Would definitely purchase again. This was very easy to use right out of the box. We were able to sync it with the app and the phone very easily. I takes awesome pics and videos and I love being able to watch it on our phone while it is in use.

  68. Ronald February 29, 2020
  69. cris March 5, 2020

    Great buy. Perfect for beginners and great video

  70. Shashidhar March 5, 2020

    Easy To Fly Nice Product. This is very Nice Drone. I love to play with it. Control

  71. Luis March 12, 2020

    well what can I say it’s a cheap drone and the gps dosen’t work and you can probably only get 5 to 7 minutes per battery but just for playing around its okay

  72. Dday April 5, 2020

    Cheap, Not for beginners. Although I appreciate the extra blades. Does no good when the rest of the drone is Made in China crap… only good for a webcam now

  73. Edward April 7, 2020

    The whole truth. It’s k. I won’t recommend u buy this drone if u want the camera 2 work or the app u need 2 also fly it. But if u just want 2 fly in circles. Then go ahead n by it. But nothing really work’s. But it is what it is. COWBOYEDD.

  74. Gary April 8, 2020

    Good Service. Item came on time. With weather, and a novice pilot, it has flown once. Impressed, so far.

  75. wyatt April 11, 2020
  76. Thelma April 14, 2020

    This ws my grandsons main birthday present . He was so excited to use it after it charged. However, it was short lived. This drone was so light weight that when it got up to maybe 8 feet the slightest wind blows it away and takes it out of wi-fi service. No way to retrieve it. He was so disappointed as I was. Money down the drain.

  77. sha April 14, 2020

    A great drone I have 4 contixo drones and you can’t go wrong buying from them if your a beginner or experienced it will meet your expectations and if there is a problem there customer support is great.

  78. Shteliyana April 17, 2020

    Pretty good drone! Positives:
    -Easy to use if you know what you’re doing
    -Pictures and Video
    -2 batteries
    -Comes with replacment blades

    -Sometimes when landing, it will bounce and kinda crash, but it has an emergency stop function so this isn’t a big deal.
    -Video lags, but that’s not really a problem.

    I just found this drone really good and I enjoy using it 🙂

  79. Nite05 April 20, 2020
  80. keldric April 24, 2020

    I bought this for my 11 yo son and he loves it. It has been easy to learn so far.

  81. Rachel35 April 25, 2020

    It fell apart. Well, pretty much everything on it fell apart the first day. Not a good buy. The thing that holds the camera broke off and all of the wires to the camera came off then the battery got stuck inside the drown.

  82. Hannah April 28, 2020

    So upsetting, after i purchased this as a gift, the drone was used for ten minutes then somehow glitched. We pressed the “return” button where the drone was supposed to come back to the remote. As ot was coming back, it suddenly shot back up in the air and dissapeared. It was if it had a mind of its own. So upset because we coulsnt even use it for 10 minutes!!!

  83. Laity April 29, 2020

    Nice pics and video ..battery dont last long but pretty good drone.

  84. Michael April 29, 2020

    good starter. great little drone to start off with…handles good and pictures were better then i anticipated …defiantly don’t regret buying

  85. Bianca April 29, 2020

    Bought this for my 12 year old son and he loved it . It was easy to control!

  86. Brandie April 30, 2020

    Great buy. Great drone for the money. Was a gift for my son. Hes crashed it a ton now, and nothing is broken. I’m really glad we purchased it. It’s a great rural covid distraction.

  87. denise May 1, 2020

    Solid Drone,Solid Price. This drone is great. First off, it handles like a champ and can fly out about 3/4 of a mile, which is amazing for this price. It has many different modes including follow me, way-point, and many more. The calibration process is easy and quick so that you can start flying within minutes of unpacking. The battery lasts very long which means you can take it out far with no worries. In conclusion, this is a great drone for all ages.

  88. roger May 2, 2020

    Fantastic Beginners Drone. Excited to get this foldable drone sold by Holy Stone USA. I own several of the more expensive drones by Holy Stone so i thought this new to me brand might be a great start. Big features at a modest price. Sporty look with the colorful LEDs beneith the rotors and very bright headlights make it easy to spot while flying. Comes assembled with no need to purchase batteries. FPV to cell phone and even 3D if you are experienced enough to use. Other Features include Return to home, GPS with map interface for point to point flights, auto take off and landing, circle in place, manually adjustable camera, a beginners mode with adjustable virtual fence to keep fly aways from happening, follow me (that one is fun,) and more! Not included in the ad are prop guards, small tool kit, and extra props. Customer Service from Holy Stone is famous as the best in the CS industry so I expect the DEERC to be just as great if i ever have a problem. Another feature i have not seen before is adding a variety of music to your video recording while in flight! No SD card to lose, it records directly to your phone or tablet! All in all, a great drone for the price!

  89. Jason May 8, 2020

    I bought this for my daughter’s 9th birthday, she loves it,this thing is pretty tough you can crash it over and over and over and it doesn’t hurt it one bit. as long as it’s not a really windy day it flies pretty good for what it is. I was actually pleasantly surprised.

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