However, women are less likely to drink alcohol than men, but they are more vulnerable to alcohol damage than men. In an article published in the Indian Express on December 26, Dr. Howard Munsell, director of Hepatology at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, USA, stressed that women are more likely to develop liver disease from a genetic point of view, so they should limit their intake of alcohol or stay away from alcoholic beverages completely. “The idea that only alcoholics get serious liver disease is wrong; in fact, if you have this genetic predisposition, especially for women, if you drink a little too much, it can damage the liver,” he said About 20% to 30% of people with


have a genetic predisposition to cirrhosis. Dr. Munsell believes that for women with a genetic predisposition to cirrhosis, even drinking only one glass of wine a day is excessive. Drinking the same amount of alcohol can damage the liver of women twice as much as men. Alcohol is less dispersed in women and more concentrated in the liver. In addition, the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase in the stomach of women is low, which is not conducive to alcohol metabolism, which will lead to a large amount of alcohol into the blood, thus increasing the risk of liver cirrhosis. Unless liver damage has reached a certain level, the disease usually has no obvious symptoms.

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