feels tired, the first thing people think of is to drink coffee to refresh themselves. However, a new British study published in the European Journal of nutrition found that drinking a glass of orange juice (about 240 ml) can also refresh the mind. In the new study of


, Dr. Daniel Lambert, a researcher at the University of reading, and his team conducted a series of psychological tests on 24 young participants over two days. On one day, participants drank an orange juice before the test; on the other day, they drank a sugary drink that looked and tasted like orange juice. The results showed that after drinking orange juice, the participants’ alertness, attention and reaction speed were significantly better. More importantly, drinking orange juice can increase alertness for up to six hours. Compared with not drinking orange juice at breakfast, drinking orange juice at breakfast can make the participants more awake in the afternoon.


Dr. Lambert pointed out that the reason why drinking orange juice can refresh the mind is related to its flavonoids. These health promoting phytochemicals are found in many fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits and berries. Flavonoids can improve the working state of the brain and relieve the information channels between brain cells. Therefore, drinking orange juice or eating citrus fruits are beneficial to improve attention in class or at work. ▲

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