June 1 is not only international children’s day, but also “world milk day”. According to the survey, China’s per capita dairy consumption level is at a low level, which is one third of the world average level. To get more people to drink enough milk, some of their concerns need to be removed first.

milk is nutritious and delicious, and can be mixed with many foods. But many netizens said that milk and papaya will have bitter taste when they meet. Eating on an empty stomach and roughage will affect calcium absorption In fact, it’s because you don’t know enough about milk. You’ve wronged it.

milk + papaya have bitter taste?

fruit do not cut too big!


netizens reported that milk with papaya or kiwi fruit will produce bitter taste, in fact, this is a “prank” by protease. Kiwifruit, papaya, pineapple, mango and other fruits contain a lot of protease, especially in the immature kiwifruit, the enzyme content is quite considerable.


can have a certain effect of tender meat if they are used to soak diced meat with these fruits first. But for the mouth and milk, close contact with these proteases is not so pleasant. Eating raw kiwi fruit and pineapple, there is a “mouth” feeling, because the enzyme decomposes the protein of oral mucosa, resulting in pain. If you put these fruits into the milk, if you don’t eat them immediately, but eat them after half an hour, then these enzymes will quickly decompose the protein in the milk and produce some bitter peptides, which will make the taste of milk hard to swallow. Therefore, you can cut large pieces of fruit into yogurt, do not cut too broken, let the enzyme and milk protein contact surface smaller, and then quickly eat, reduce the chance of enzyme action, there will be no bitterness.


can be steamed and boiled to kill or inhibit the enzyme activity. For example, when making papaya milk, you just need to steam papaya first, or microwave heating to the center temperature of about 70 degrees Celsius, put out the protease, and you can rest assured with milk. Or Papaya stewed milk, first stewed papaya, then put milk, taste is very good, neither bitter, nor precipitation. If you want to drink fruit milkshakes or fruit smoothies, just keep beating at low temperature or refrigerate fruits and milk first, and then add some ice to temporarily inhibit enzyme activity. However, as long as the temperature rises, the protease will still be active. So after playing, enjoy it as soon as possible while the ice is still cool!

milk + fasting protein?

babies drink milk on an empty stomach! Many people believe that milk can not be drunk on an empty stomach, because the gastrointestinal peristalsis is very fast during fasting, and milk is a liquid, which may pass through the intestine, and the nutrients in it will be wasted. Therefore, they did not eat breakfast, hungry, even if they had a box of milk, they did not dare to drink, preferring to be hungry until noon.


do not say that the human digestive tract is not a funnel, milk will become a clot in the stomach and then pass through the intestine, which is totally unscientific crazy imagination. Even if the absorption rate of nutrients by the human body decreases due to the rapid intestinal peristalsis, most of the nutrients in milk will still be absorbed, rather than wasted.


babies drink milk on an empty stomach. Don’t they grow up by absorbing nutrients? Since babies can absorb nutrients, it must be that adults do not have worse digestion. Even if the absorption rate of


is reduced by 30%, after all, 70% of the nutrients can be used by the body, which is better than being hungry all the time!

milk + coarse grain steal calcium?


are exaggerated!

heard that milk and coarse grain can not be eaten together, the reason is that phytic acid in coarse grain will affect the absorption of calcium by the human body. In fact, from the perspective of nutrient absorption, the firmness of the complex formed by phytic acid and various mineral elements is copper > zinc > manganese > iron > calcium > magnesium. The phytate of calcium and magnesium is relatively soluble. At present, there is no serious lack of calcium and magnesium due to phytic acid. Traditionally, phytic acid, tannin and protease inhibitors are regarded as antinutritional substances. It is because phytic acid forms a strong chelate with iron, zinc and other minerals, thus hindering their absorption. However, studies have found that as long as there are enough organic acids, vitamin C, carotene, vitamin A and other factors in the diet, this effect can be largely eliminated. The absorption of heme iron in meat was not affected by phytic acid. Research has also confirmed that phytic acid can bring little nutritional problems to people who often eat fish or beans. Finally, by the way, milk with grains can not only increase calcium, protein and B vitamins, but also reduce the blood glucose response of the human body during a meal, and also delay the arrival of hunger. Because of the complementary effect of protein and amino acid between milk and cereal (milk is rich in lysine, but cereal is lack of lysine), it is really a good match to improve the nutritional value of a meal.

in short, milk is not so many enemies, it is actually a very friendly partner, every day to remember to eat reasonable! The above content of

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