What are the eight mistakes

often make in drinking milk? Although


milk is a very common food, there are still eight common mistakes in drinking milk in our life. These mistakes are very common, but they can not well absorb the nutritional value of milk, and even harm the body.


drink milk often make eight mistakes, which eight, the following Xiumei Xiaobian to take you a detailed look:

1, the thicker the milk, the better

many people drink milk to supplement nutrition, so they like to drink that kind of strong milk; more parents in order to make their children absorb milk nutrition, they add little water when making milk powder, but they don’t know that doing so is really harmful to their children. If the milk is too thick, even if adults drink it, it will lead to indigestion, not to mention children. Moreover, if children drink too much milk, it will affect water absorption. In the long run, it will cause children’s insufficient water absorption, increase the kidney burden, and easily form stones, and even affect brain development.

2. Drinking milk with sugar

many people just drink milk, because they are not accustomed to the taste of milk, so they will add some sugar into it. In fact, Xiaobian just drinks pure milk like this. However, milk with sugar taste up, but the nutrition has decreased, and even lead to poisoning.

3. Milk + eggs = the best breakfast

the protein content of milk and eggs is very high, and the feeling of satiety is strong. After eating, they often can’t eat other things, which will lead to the lack of glucose in the body and drowsiness.

4, milk and fruit with

fruits contain fruit acid, the protein in the milk will react with it, so that the milk will coagulate after being absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract, which is not easy to absorb the protein in the milk, but also can damage the stomach and intestines, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.

5. Milk with chocolate

milk is rich in calcium, while chocolate contains oxalic acid. If the two combine, it will form a harmful substance calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate will affect the absorption of calcium elements in the body, so milk and chocolate together not only will not absorb the nutrients, but will be due to the existence of calcium oxalate make the body calcium deficiency, leading to rickets. If children eat it, it will affect their growth.

6. When drinking milk on an empty stomach, the concentration of gastric juice is high. When drinking milk, the protein in milk will coagulate in the stomach, affecting the absorption and digestion of protein, and causing stomach discomfort.

7. Boiled milk

if the milk is boiled, the calcium ions in the milk will be precipitated, and the vitamins in the milk will be destroyed by high temperature, and the nutritional value of milk will be destroyed. The lactose in milk will form harmful Caramel after heating, so it is better not to heat the milk for drinking. The best way is to put the whole bag of milk in hot water and drink it after five minutes.

8. Cold storage milk

in addition to protein and calcium ions, there are many beneficial nutrients in the milk. After refrigeration, the nutritional bacteria in the milk will be killed and the nutritional components will be destroyed. And the cold storage of milk will eventually be bad for the stomach, so milk generally drink at room temperature is the best.

how to drink milk is the most nutritious.

because the eight mistakes often made in drinking milk in life are too common, so today I’d like to give you a good introduction about how to drink milk is the most nutritious. In fact, milk is common, but there are still exquisite drinking.

1. Master the appropriate time to drink milk

morning and evening are the best time to drink milk. Generally speaking, it is better to drink milk half an hour after meal or half an hour before going to bed. Drinking milk after breakfast can ensure the body’s nutrition for one day. Drinking milk at night is not only helpful to sleep, but also helpful to the absorption of its nutrients. 2. Control the temperature of drinking milk

2. The suitable temperature for drinking milk is 40-50 degrees. When the milk is heated, it should not be too hot or boiled for a long time, which will damage the nutrition in the milk. In particular, yogurt can only be drunk with warm water (about 50 degrees), not hot, otherwise it will damage the antibacterial factors inside. If the milk is too cold to drink, it is not easy to digest and absorb. Cold milk will also increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, causing mild diarrhea, especially for patients with ulcers, colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases, it will aggravate the disease.

3. Avoid drinking milk on an empty stomach.

milk should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because gastric acid can coagulate protein, make the body not easy to absorb, but also destroy the immune substances in milk. Also avoid drinking milk when gastrointestinal peristalsis is too fast, such as when you just get up in the morning. It is better to drink milk in half an hour to an hour after meal.

4. Can’t drink


together with tea. In life, many people like to drink tea while drinking milk. In fact, this is an unscientific eating method. The reasons are as follows: milk is rich in calcium, and tannin in tea will hinder the absorption of calcium ions in the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, we lost the original nutritional value of milk, so we must pay attention to when drinking milk, do not drink with tea.

5. Don’t drink ice milk

in the hot summer, many people like to drink ice milk, and some people process milk into frozen food at home. In fact, drinking ice milk is unscientific. After the milk is frozen, the fat and protein contained in it will be separated, and its taste will be significantly reduced, and the nutrients contained in it will not be easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Milk how to drink the most nutritious, now you know it. Drinking milk is also to find a way, so that the human body can absorb more nutrients in milk.

6. Drinking milk at night is more beneficial to


. Scientific research has found that there is a special rule of calcium metabolism in human body: at night, especially at midnight, bloodThere will be a “trough” in the plasma calcium content, which forces the body to transfer part of the bone calcium to supplement through the regulation mechanism. In this way, although the calcium in the blood is temporarily maintained, the calcium in the bone is reduced. Milk is rich in calcium, so drinking a cup of milk before going to bed can compensate the body’s demand for calcium at night. The above content of

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