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water is the source of life. However, there are three kinds of water in life. No matter how thirsty you are, Xiaobian does not recommend you to drink them. These three kinds of water are steamer water, boiling water and aging water.


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are three kinds of water. Don’t drink it again if you are thirsty!

1. Steamer water

is the water left over when we steam fish and rice in a pot. Generally speaking, this kind of water is not drinkable. Because after repeated cooking of water, which contains a high concentration of nitrite, often drinking it is easy to cause nitrite poisoning.

2. Uncooked water / raw water

the tap water we usually use usually needs to be chlorinated and sterilized. Some chlorinated compounds contained in it are harmful to the human body. When the water temperature is boiled to 100 ℃, these harmful substances will evaporate with the steam, thus reducing the risk of human diseases. In addition, raw water without special treatment contains many harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. Drinking raw water can easily cause acute gastroenteritis, dysentery and parasitic infection, which is harmful to human health. In particular, with the rapid development of industry, many river and well water will be polluted by heavy metals, domestic wastewater, pesticides, etc. drinking raw water is easy to cause poisoning.

3. Aging water

the so-called aging water, which is often called “dead water”, that is, water stored for a long time. As time goes on, the nitrogen-containing organic matter in the water will continue to decompose into nitrite. If it is drunk by people, it will harm human health. If you often drink aging water, it is easy to reduce the metabolic function of human cells and affect body development.

in a word, water is necessary for human activities, human life can not be separated from water, we should be cautious about drinking water into the stomach, the above three kinds of water, really do not recommend drinking!

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