mango is a kind of tropical fruit that many people like. Xiaobian also loves mango very much. Every time I eat mango, I can’t stop. My family always tells Xiaobian that we can’t eat too many mangoes. If we eat more, we will get angry. Mango originated in Malay Peninsula, where mango grows in high temperature and dry weather. What is the effect of mango? What should I pay attention to when eating mango?

mango flavor, I think most people should be very familiar with. Mango fruit contains a lot of sugar, protein and crude fiber. So this kind of fruit contains so many trace elements, which are very rare in the fruit population.


mango is also popular as a famous tropical fruit. Because of its delicate and sweet flesh and peculiar flavor, mango is known as “king of tropical fruits” among the crowd. So what are the effects of such a fruit on our body?


first of all, eating mango is conducive to promoting body fluid and thirst, and has the effect of invigorating the stomach and diuresis. A ripe mango can be used medically as a dirt suppressor as well as a diuretic. In the hot summer, if you can eat a mango, then you can also relieve the heat.

in addition, mango can reduce the body’s internal cholesterol, so often eating some mango can prevent and cure cardiovascular disease, also can moisturize the skin. So it’s also a good beauty for women. But a little taboo female friends also want to know, in women’s monthly menstrual period, never eat mango, because this period of time if eating mango to a certain extent will cause breast cancer propellant. Therefore, female friends must pay special attention to those days of each month. And some friends who will have allergies after eating mango should not become sausage mouth or eczema because they are greedy for food and eat too many mangoes!

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