about milk diet taboo, the folk has been circulating “drinking milk in summer will be inflamed”, “summer can not drink milk” and other statements, the truth is this?


from the perspective of nutrition, milk contains protein, fat, minerals and water, which do not lead to the “inflamed” factors in TCM theory. Moreover, the moisture content of milk accounts for more than 85%, which is also a good water source in summer. Some people drink milk in summer, and the more likely reason is that when they drink milk, they are in a state of lack of water, insufficient immunity or gastrointestinal discomfort, mistaking milk as the cause of “fire”.

therefore, there is no scientific reason for people to say that drinking milk is easy to “get angry”. Whether it is spring or summer or autumn and winter, milk is a better nutritional supplement. In summer, people often have poor appetite, and the nutrients provided by milk are more important.


finally, we need to remind that milk is rich in nutrients, especially prone to deterioration, especially under high temperature. Therefore, we should drink the whole package of milk once in summer. Don’t put it in the room temperature for a long time after opening, and do not put it in the sunlight. Especially the pasteurized fresh milk must be refrigerated in the refrigerator. If it is found that the milk is bloated or has peculiar smell, it should be discarded decisively. ▲

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