pitaya is one of the fruits that many people like to eat. Will pitaya make you fat? Eat pitaya breast enhancement? What are the taboos of Pitaya? Now let’s learn about it together with Xiaobian!

eat pitaya will fat?

generally do not. Pitaya does not contain any fattening elements, and the calories are not high. The calories are 51 kcal / 100g. Moreover, pitaya is rich in dietary fiber, with 1.9g dietary fiber in each 100g pitaya. It can increase the feeling of satiety, wrap the food in the stomach and reduce the intake of other staple food as far as possible. Therefore, it also reduces the energy intake, and has the effect of defecation and bowel movement, indicating that it should be eaten properly Pitaya is beneficial to lose weight.

eat pitaya breast?

1. Pitaya has no breast enhancement effect. The food with breast enhancement effect includes papaya, stewed pig’s feet with soybean, etc. The following knowledge about pitaya is for your reference only:

pitaya has unique appearance and unique taste. It has excellent dietotherapy effect on human body because it contains plant albumin and anthocyanins, rich vitamins and water-soluble dietary fiber.

pitaya diet taboo

1, to eat seasonal pitaya

pitaya and other fruits, the best to eat seasonal. Generally, pitaya matures from May to August, so pitaya is the freshest and the best taste. It is recommended to eat pitaya from May to August.

2. It is better to buy and eat

because the temperature of Pitaya was relatively high when it was on the market, and it was not easy to preserve it. Pitaya is also a tropical fruit, which is not recommended to be stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is better to buy and eat pitaya now, and it is better to eat the whole pitaya after cutting.

3. Take

half an hour after lunch. Generally, fruits are better to eat between meals, and pitaya is better to eat after lunch and half an hour later. Lunch is a connecting link between the preceding and the following. It can supplement the lack of energy and reserve energy. A pitaya can also supplement energy after lunch.

4. It’s better not to eat

on an empty stomach. In fact, most people don’t pay so much attention to pitaya. As long as they don’t eat on an empty stomach and eat immediately after meals, they can eat whenever they want. Only high blood sugar people, body deficiency cold and other special groups need to pay attention to.



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