now has a variety of bottled juice in the supermarket, which is full of natural, pollution-free and high content of juice. Many consumers just see different brands, different packaging, different ingredient tables, they are already exhausted.

today, let me give you a popular science, how to judge whether the juice you drink is pure or not? Pure impure here refers to the content of juice contained in bottled juice, the more pure the more.



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there are four types of juice on the market: juice drinks, concentrated and reduced juice, fresh juice, and non concentrated reduced juice (NFC juice). It is usually marked on the package.

1 juice drinks

you see the name, juice drinks, juice and drinks, certainly not too pure. Juice beverage ingredients contain concentrated juice, but generally the content of juice will be less than 10%, there are many kinds of juice. In order to make up for the lack of taste and increase nutrition, juice drinks will add water, sugar and various food additives.

2 concentrated and reduced fruit juice

concentrated and reduced juice refers to the process of low-temperature vacuum concentration after the fruit is squeezed into the original juice, and the same amount of water lost during concentration is added in the reduction process of fruit juice. The taste of concentrated and reduced juice is similar to that of fresh juice.

3 fresh juice

fresh juice, we should be very familiar with. Generally, it is completed by a juicer. During the process, water and sugar are added, which is delicious, but it is a little worse than the original juice, and the production environment is worse than that of the enterprise.

4 non concentrated reduced juice

non concentrated reduced juice, also known as NFC juice. Non concentrated reduced fruit juice refers to the fruit juice directly pasteurized and processed in low temperature environment. There is no process of concentration and recovery by adding water. There is no sugar, no water and no food additives.


are more healthy than concentrated and reduced juice and juice drinks, and their nutrition and taste are closer to the fruit itself. Compared with fresh juice, it is more hygienic and tastes more delicious. NFC juice is the purest bottled juice on the market.

after reading these, do you recall that the bottled juice you once drank was pure or not? How pure is it?

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