Top 10 Best DIY Power Tools Every Man Should Have

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5 Diy Tools Every Man Should Have

5 Diy Tools Every Man Should Have Links To All The Tools In The Description Click ["Show More"] ~*~ Diy Tools Links: ~*~ Be Awesome And ...

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diy tools for men
diy tools for men

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  1. tryingtofindhappiness May 28, 2014

    just…….. just what I was looking for and I got what I expected. excellent product. quality tools at a good price. very happy with this purchase. you should buy it if you are looking for a good starter tool set.

  2. fagyh August 21, 2014

    Glowing Husband. well i only picked it up yesterday but gifted my husband and he’s GLOWING!!! he’s never had a “STANLEY TOOL KIT” before and it looks amazing!! and for this price, its AMAAAAAAAAAZING!

  3. Mrrollback November 3, 2014

    Compact but Mighty!!! Nice neat and organized you get the tools to get the job done. Every tool has it’s own spot in the blow molded drawers, which helps me stay organized and not loose tools as it’s easy to see which one is missing. No holiday assembly required projects will slow me down this year!

  4. Vijaya May 2, 2016

    Quality product. Impressed with quality. Nice box. I wish it had adjustable wrench.

  5. Vicki September 19, 2016

    Great tool set! These tools are really nice and heavy. It has a great tool box so everything has it’s own place. The drawers have a bar that keeps them shut so they won’t fall open. This is a starter for my Grandson, but would be great for every house hold. It would be great if they made a pink set for the girls!

  6. Stephanie November 6, 2016

    Worth price paid. We need just some basic tools for around the house . For the tools I would give it a 5 star . The reason I gave it a 3 is because of the case . It does not stay closed when transporting . There is also a little stick lock that is next to impossible to line up with all 3 drawers . All in all we needed the tools and those are a 5 .

  7. OldFartacus November 12, 2016

    Great little toolbox. It’s a nice compact toolbox with most of the tools you need for an average home repair or for a product that requires assembly. Would buy another.

  8. redfeather December 10, 2016

    Great Buy. This tool set is perfect for the small jobs around the house and is very simple to travel with. Its a great stater kit for those with little or no tools. Great gift idea too.

  9. Mels2601 December 31, 2016

    Good. Good product. Arrived on time

  10. GramaHill January 28, 2017

    86 pc tool kit. All the tools I expect to need. The box has room to add other tools.

  11. cflo042000 February 25, 2017

    Came in handy. This was a wise choose when I knew I was going to be getting a treadmill. It helped with having the ratchet handle and bits to go with it. Since your not supposed to use a drill and the pieces the give or a regular screwdriver would take forever and trying to keep a grip. Now I also have other pieces of tools I did not have prior.

  12. bearmilk4u March 15, 2018

    Stanley mixed tool set well worth the buy . real nice set for the price and the storage makes it well worth the buy

  13. Gmob March 30, 2018

    Tools are good, case needs work. This tool set has all the tools i need to get my job done. Only problem I have is that on day one the lock for the case broke. It is now hard to carry the set with me when going into a home because it will not stay closed. I will give this set 5 stars if i can get this fixed. Thank you

  14. Ernie July 15, 2018
  15. JustMe April 8, 2019

    Perfect first tool kit! This was a gift for a handy nine year old boy. It is perfect for his needs! He has used it to tighten up a loose door jamb, nail together a basic birdhouse of his own design, measure his closet to see if a closet organizer would fit, and many other things. We looked at many tool kits for young people, but this tool kit for adults is easy enough for him to use, without having an overwhelming amount of tools. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  16. Russell June 5, 2019

    Leg-Oh-Horn. It’s what I needed to make the fret repair go smooth. A few of the file teeth on one end (Seems like it was the fine tooth side) were not complete, but this is an outstanding price. I reworked a 24 fret neck with many problems and it is still a usable tool ready for more.I did use the tool properly and not abused.

  17. vcwalters October 27, 2019

    Great for small child. I receive my 9 PIECES TOOL SET WITH 2 PROJECT KITS and ready to start eh projects with my 5 year old granddaughter.
    The whole kit contains several real tools. There is a real tap measure that is 6ft. There is a plastic ruler, 2 clamps, a pair of clear safety glasses, a real hammer, straight screwdriver, and Philips screwdriver, there are 2 project kits to build also. All of this comes in a blue plastic tool box. The box also has some places on the top of the box (like a tackle box) where you can put nails, screws, etc. there is a carrying handle. It is all lightweight so would be perfect for a child. There is plenty of room in the box to add tools and other items. The box is kind of flimsy but the tools are actual tools that can be used for most any project or repair job. My granddaughter is always wanting to “help” when I am working on something so now she has her own tool kit to do so. This is a great starter kit for a child and gives them a sense of having real tools just like a grown up.

  18. SherriP61 October 30, 2019

    Great for me! I got this set for my own use. Every time I look for one of my husband’s tools, it takes forever to find. This little set comes with it’s own carrying case. I put my tools back when finished, so I no longer have to search for hubby’s tools. This little set is perfect for use around the house & has helped this lady out.

  19. MzPitbull November 5, 2019

    • 1- 6 ft./ 2 m Tape Measure
    • 1- 10 in. Ruler
    • 2- 3/4 in. Clamps
    • 1- Safety Glasses
    • 1- 4 OZ Claw Hammer
    • 1- Slotted Screwdriver: 1/4 in. x 3 in.
    • 1- Phillips Screwdriver: #2 in. x 3 in.
    • 1- 12-1/2 in. Tool Box

    Cute beginner set for kids to get started comes with a money bank and tic tac toe set you build. East to use.

  20. HeyitsAmy November 6, 2019

    Cute toy. Great little toy. It provided to be a great project for my little guy. He is five years old and has lots of energy. He did awesome with it- no casualties. And the toy has still been played with weeks afterwards

  21. Dolphincrazy88 November 7, 2019

    Great for your little helper! I received this product from the Spark Reviewer program. This is so neat. I little tool box and tools. Great for your little helper around the house. Several tools and a few projects to do. Great for kids. There is a hammer and several more.

  22. Bri November 12, 2019

    9 pieces tool set with 2 project kits. I received the 9 piece tool set with 2 projects kits and its so cool. Although, when ordering I missed the fact that its actually a kids first tool set. It says that it’s for ages five and up. It does however, come with real tools. This would be a great starter kits for young kids that idol to be like their parents that are working on projects. It comes with many many things, such as; 2 project kits: coin bank and tic, tac, toc, 1 6ft. / 2m tape measure, 1 10. ruler, 2 3/4″ clamps, 1 safety glasses, 1 4oz Claw hammer, 1 slotted screwdriver: 1/4 in X 3in, 1 Phillips screwdriver: 2in X 3in., and 1 12 1/2 in. Tool box. This may not have been what I thought it was but it will defilement come in handy for a child that comes over and wants to help us remodel our house, or if the tool box has something that we may not have at our house. I do recommend this for anyone who has children that is interested in this kind of thing. It’s a great idea!

  23. LoLo57 November 15, 2019

    Great tool set. Wow! This is a great tool set to have around the house and in the car. It comes with 2 kits. I consider myself to be handy around the house and this tool kit sure does make life better. My husband wanted it but I said no. It is large enough for you to put other items in it. Really it could me multifaceted. There is nothing to set up just take it out and start using it. Simple and hassle free. I encourage anyone who is looking for a tool kit to get this one. You can’t go wrong.

  24. BigGip November 15, 2019

    Fun. This little tool kit is too cute. It comes with kid size but real tools to make two projects with. I had fun putting together the projects with my little sister. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to build and spend quality time with a child.

  25. Sparky November 26, 2019

    Convenient tool set. This is a very convenient tool set. It has most of the tools that you will normally use. This set is not for a carpenter but the average person who needs basic tools. The bag is very nice and you can fit more tools in there as well.

  26. Pearls81 November 28, 2019

    Convenient Tool Kit! I am a Walmart Spark Reviewer, and I had the pleasure of reviewing the WorkPro 199-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit. This kit is very handy for the household. The tools are stored in a beautiful carrying case. It contains all I need to do projects around the house. The case is not heavy, therefore, very mobile. I love the leveler that will make projects must easier to complete.

  27. sayno November 28, 2019

    Home Repair Tool Kit. This basic tool kit Can handle just about any minor household repair with this the exception of plumbing or electrical major work.. I have better quality tools but they’re scattered between work, my truck or somewhere in the garage,or shed.. So I noticed First of All that these tools are not a expensive tool kit set but I could keep them close by and that the kit has enough items included in it to handle those little repairs or installations that all Repairmen have to deal with from time to time. This tool kit fits the bill perfectly. I noticed that the Yellow tool bag is well made with Double stitching in the well used areas, the Zipper is a quality dual Zipper set up, and the Bag is well cushioned to hold the Entire Tool aray in a balanced set up. I have Already used it to fix & do a Vacuum cleaner repair and a minor repair on my vehicle, and that this Kit has everything I needed to do the job. Don’t expect Snap-On quality tools, because these aren’t on the same level. But I’d like to say they’re a must-have for those random household jobs.I will recommend this Home repair Kit for keeping all of my needed tools in a convenient pouch when I need to a quick service or repair.

  28. TheHedge November 29, 2019

    Great Tool Kit. The WorkPro 199-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit is quite handy and a MUST to have if you live in any kind of a structure, like a house or apartment or mobile home. Own it or rent it, you are going to need a few tools for repairs and personalizing the place. This is it! The WorkPro 199-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit has quickly become my “go to” tools for home repairs, hanging pictures and also for assembling things. I added a stud finder and a larger assortment of picture hanging devices and it is all set! The bag makes the WorkPro 199-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit very convenient to keep in the house. No need to go out in the garage or storage room to dig around for the proper tools.The included hammer is the perfect size for hammering small nails into sheet rock, it is not so big and heavy that it damages the sheet rock. All in all the WorkPro 199-Piece Home Repair Tool Kit is quite handy. I would recommend this tool set to anyone needing a few tools to get on with life!

  29. Rinoman November 30, 2019

    One Stop Home Tool Kit. The WorkPro 199 Piece Home Repair Tool Kit reminds me of a doctor’s home visit bag. This kits comes loaded with all the items a person would need to do simple home repairs. I love the 33 all purpose bits that range for standard Phillips to Hex. This is a great kit for the person that is getting their first place or for that college student getting an off campus residence. One of the coolest things about this kit is that everything has a place in the bag and all the tools are easy to place back in their holders. It comes with a tape measure, hammer, and level which come in very handy for hanging pictures. The kit could also work well for the car. Make sure you write your name on the bag because it will disappear from someone borrowing it.

  30. Kash December 1, 2019

    Great tool kit for beginners. Was pleasantly surprised to open this kit to see all the tools it contained. It included tape measurer , hammer, nails , scissors, wrench etc . All the basics for basic repairs around the house . This is perfect for me being a single female moving into my own place shortly . This will definitely come in handy .

  31. Carol December 2, 2019

    WorkPro 199 Piece Home Repair Tool Kit. The WorkPro 199 piece home repair tool kit has everything available for you to perform repair jobs in your home. The tools are very well made and sturdy. I love the bag all the tools come in. Very convenient that everything is at your fingertips. No need to have to run all over the house to find everything. This would make a wonderful gift for a do it you self home owner or just plain do it yourselfer. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

  32. Diane December 2, 2019

    Basic home tools. This home repair tool kit has a lot of the basic tools that may
    be needed for around the house. The multi screw driver bits
    will be very useful . The tools are of decent quality, not the best
    but for the basic home owner to tighten and secure , they should
    Do the job.

  33. sharkansas December 4, 2019

    Handy little tool kit. I like this tool kit because it’s lightweight and has everything you need in it to do little chores around the house. It has a screwdriver (with multiple change-out tips), hammer, level, tape measure, and lots of other useful tools. Many of the “199 pieces” are in the box of screws and other small attaching devices. You aren’t going to build a house with this kit, but it is perfect for tightening up doorknobs, hanging pictures and doing all of those little jobs that come up in home maintenance. I’ve had other tool kits that were so heavy I couldn’t pick them up and some that had nothing I need in them or were hard to store. This one keeps everything together neatly. Even my husband who has a shop full of tools uses this in the house because,” the tool you will use is the one handiest.” This tool kit keeps it all handy.

  34. NewEnglander2014 December 21, 2019

    Just right tool kit for home just add plyers. I was surprised with this kit because it didn’t have plyers. As a basic repair tool kit, plyers are one of the go to tools. Yep it has a box knife which is great filled with a break off blades. The bag it comes with is great with 2 outer pockets and one main storage pocket. It is durable and useful to keep your go to tools all together. The small screwdrivers come in a plastic box that will not remain closed. I went with the rubber band to keep it from popping open. The hammer is not a full weight heavy duty but works well if you are not planning to use to hammer a lot of long nails to build a deck or something. The hardware picture hooks and nails are good for light weight pictures, but this is not a tool set for carpenter. It’s perfect for small tasks around the home just buy a pair of plyers to add to the set and you will have what you need.

  35. Cheap March 2, 2020

    Great quality tools. Great quality combination tool set in a compact case. Just what I needed for my truck.

  36. John316 April 1, 2020

    Great tools but… The carrying box is terrible handle broke a week after having it and lock broke a month later, and they don’t cover the box

  37. David April 4, 2020

    Great home tool kit. Has all the basic tools for small fix it projects

  38. MightyMama April 6, 2020

    Perfect tool set for the single woman. Perfect tool set for the single woman. I bought this when my husband and I split as a basic tool set with a little bit of everything. The quality is good and the case is strong (a common complaint about other sets I looked at). I recommend it!

  39. Sandy April 6, 2020

    A Wonderful Gift. We bought this for our daughter’s housewarming. She absolutely loves it!

  40. VoiceoftheCommonMan April 9, 2020

    Gave them to all the kids. Well, you’re not going to build a house with this set but it is convenient and has everything needed for those issues that pop up in every home. I got tired of showing up to the kids house to fix something and being handed a butter knife as a screw driver. Lol. I decided to put one of these in each of the kid’s homes. Perfect! Recommend highly.

  41. Paula April 14, 2020

    Birdhouse. My cousins daughter loved it. She is being taught the Montessori School way and she was ready to build a birdhouse. She’s 4 years old, smart as a whip. I can’t wait to see her other projects be finished.

  42. Len April 28, 2020

    Tools and Kits good- Box not so much. Not bad for the price. Plastic box started breaking into pieces within 5 minutes of my 5 year old opening and closing.

  43. sharron May 3, 2020

    Love that tool chest. Everything I need to fix just bout anything in my home. Love love love it

  44. melba May 4, 2020

    Convenient and all in a chest. Just what I wanted. Complete set of tools to around the house. Love it.

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