DIY-ING MY OLD CLOTHES CUTE AGAIN! (turning ugly clothes into cute clothes)

DIY-ING MY OLD CLOTHES CUTE AGAIN! (up-cycling everything i would have thrown out otherwise). ok guys, so it's time to do a little clothes up-cycle... tiktok ...

Art is Fun! 13 Painting Hacks and DIY Drawing Tricks

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CRAZY FUN DIY IDEAS TO TRY OUT If you are looking for easy but fun craft ideas then you are certainly in the right place! We've put together a fantastic video ...

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  1. Phillipsclan December 1, 2013

    Kind of complicated. My 9-year old daughter makes the bracelets and such better with her fingers than the loom. She find the directions confusing as do I, but I think with some practice she will be able to use the loom part also. She loves the bands and has requested more for Christmas already.

  2. Vernap December 2, 2013

    My Son loves making the bracelets. My son loves making the bracelets and necklaces with the loom rubber band kit. He has made birthday gifts and sold them for a small profit. A great gift for a kid of any age. Hey my husband makes them with him.

  3. coopcarmom December 7, 2013

    fun to use! My two sons ages 5 and 6 love doing this. It is too hard for them to do by themselves but I let them pick out the colors and designs and then I make it for them. We have made several for their friends too. It’s fun and something creative to do with them – would recommend it. They have videos on YouTube and Michaels.com on how to make different designs which are very helpful too.

  4. tltjk December 9, 2013

    Hours of fun….. Our granddaughter makes these bracelets for everyone and has so much fun doing it….we have bought her two of these kits and extra rubber bands and keeps running out of the bands and hooks. and with two kits her and a friend can have hours of fun together.

  5. Granny174 December 27, 2013

    lots of fun time doing a project together. I purchased this gift for my granddaughter (9 years old) for Christmas. I was hopeful she would be interested in something other than a computer game for a change, but I didn’t expect the enthusiasm I saw once she started to make her first bracelet. All the electronics were set aside for the day as she and I, and even little brother (5 years old) started creating different things. It took a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once she did, she was inventing different ways to do things to get a different look. We ended up spending most of Christmas day making things together and had one of the best days I’ve ever spent with my granddaughter. I had also purchased extra bands with sparkles and various colors to go with this kit and she came up with some very beautiful designs. She has spent several hours since Christmas making things for family and friends and she’s quite happy that we are going to mail some of the things she created to them as gifts she made herself. I’m so pleased to see her interested in doing something old fashioned that doesn’t require batteries or electricity…..just imagination.

  6. betsybaby December 27, 2013

    Excellent choice. My daughter loves this wonder loom. She got it for Christmas and is on it all day long, creating bracelets, rings, headbands, necklaces. It is amazing to see what she creates. I would recommend it to anyone.

  7. lbean000 January 7, 2014

    My daughter loved it! This was a Christmas gift for my daughter 10 year old daughter because somehow throughout the year, she’d discovered her new talent for making bracelets and now has a business for such. It’s an easy for her to keep up with her demand! She couldn’t have been more excited! 🙂

  8. Oobermommy February 17, 2014

    Excellent product for younger loomers. I purchased 3 of these for my 4 & 5 year old sons & 7 year old daughter. Because they are one piece they are very sturdy, better for younger children. My daughter previously had a Royal Loom that broke easily. The pegs on the Wonderloom are rounder & less likely to break the bands. The bands that come with this are also excellent quality–comparable to Rainbow Loom brand. I discourage purchasing cheap bands. It is quite frustrating to complete a more advanced project on the loom only to to have 1 band snap while trying to remove it from the loom.

    The only reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is because it is not adjustable like the original Rainbow Loom. This limits some of the projects that my older one can do. Otherwise this is an excellent quality product that my children & I are very happy with.

  9. Magato3 November 29, 2014

    Too tedious. Vibrant colors, 4 cuts of each, Clear instructions for easy but time consuming assembly. Fabric glue is included to attach a choice of many felt appliques. Something for everyone’s taste. That is the good part.
    It took awhile to set up pattern of pieces that were pleasing to my granddaughter. We learned from experience not to set this project up on a bid unless you re planning on sleeping elsewhere for several days, until the project is completed or moved very carefully to another location. Same warning for using your dining room table.
    This would probably be best used as a group project where different children would be working at the same time on separate areas of the “quilt”. I could als make good take along project, a few squares at a time.
    Unless a child has a long attention span, this project will become tedious for a 6 year old and I can not imagine a child any older than 9 even being interested.
    Personally, it wold be much more practical and interesting to teach a child how to sew a patchwork quilt with pre-cut squares. The basic idea of learning crafting is good, but not with this project.

  10. EMS27 November 3, 2015

    Nice set for creative. I am a Spark Reviewer and received this item Made By Me Stepping Stone Kit, it comes with a mold tray which is seven inches, includes gloves, paint, a brush, four bags of plaster mix to make four different molds, ten plastic colored gems, one sticker sheet which has butterflies, flowers ect. A wooden sick to stir with and directions as the box states 6+ I gave it three stars as I found some true and untrue. This is a great project for older children eight or above as I have a six year old granddaughter we tried to make her hand we have used two out of the four so far, First one I followed the directions to mix in the molding tray and it don’t work as the molding tray does have the indented leaf, butterflies and stars the plaster mix didn’t mix to well so then I opened another bag of the plaster mix put it in an old bowl and pored it in the tray by the time we were about to put my granddaughters hand in the mold using the amount of water in the directions it was to dry even to try to apply the stones. We will try a third time having the stones and gems right there and ready. This is not intended for a hand or foot print. This set is nice for a child to make the mold and paint and have the stones and gems right there ready to apply. I do recommend this product with adult supervision as it can be a design made and painted from your child(ren) or grand children for a lifetime to cherish. If your looking for a hand or footprint this stepping stone isn’t it. Wal-Mart does carry the correct plaster mix for just that as my youngest daughter and I made one of her hand when she was three now twenty one something to always cherish. This isn’t a bad set just know its not made for what most would think as it does show a hand print on the box. I’ve attached a picture of what all comes with the Made By Me Stepping Stone Kit

  11. Jetboss57 November 4, 2015

    Cute starter kit to scrap booking. Just My Style Ultimate ScrapBook
    This is an adorable little kit that contains everything a young person needs to create a scrap book. Includes over 800 accessories. Starting with a sweet 40 page hardcover scrapbook with 20 sheets, to stickers, punch outs, a ball point pen, pair of wavy scissors, glue stick, sequin shapes and sparkling sons to add bling, and of course a helpful how to guide. Everything ya need and more are included. This is a young person 6+ starter set to becoming an avid scrap booking pro. Watch out for these small parts, they pose a definite chocking hazard. Parents should think about the child they plan to gift this to, and be sure they are old enough to know not to put the parts up their nose or in their mouth. They should know how to be carful with the use of glue and scissors. It’s rally a darling set with some cute papers included. I especially loved working with the type-dye paper. I have n upcoming event planned that I will use this kit for. Can hardly wait to capture memories in this scrapbook kit.
    This makes a great gift for an adult wanting to try their hand in creating a scrapbook for the first time, like me.

  12. redheeler November 5, 2015

    Just My Style Scrapbook Kit. Very nice Just My Style Scrapbook for girl’s 6 and up. There are over 800 accessories inside. Forty page book,355 stickers,270 punchout shapes, pen, scissors, glue stick and 32 Dimenensional stickers. This is a great indoor activity that promise’s hours of fun. Your child can use their imagination while having a great time. My Granddaughter absolutely loved this Scrapbook, she is seven years old. I would recommend this highly as a great gift for a Birthday or Christmas. You will not be disapponted, great value for the price. Thanks to Walmart.com for great service!

  13. mayi1953 November 8, 2015

    it spells happy scrapbooking. I like sharing my opinion about items I purchased because they might help others to make a decision about a purchase they might be planning to make. I know for a fact that other individula’s honest opinions had helped me many times.
    This review is one opinion I’m delighted to share ” The Ultimate Scrap Book Kit” is from Just My Style they make crafts kits mostly for kids. Their kits are suitable for kids of a wide age range. Two things about this kit blew me away the content, and it’s price.

    This scrap book kit brings over 800 accessories and pieces.

    It includes: The scrapbook which it’s hard cover with 20 pages (using both sides are 40 pages) 355 stickers, 270 punch out shapes, 1 scissor, 32 dimensional stickers, 5 printed pages,1 glue stick (net wt..28.3onz) 50 sparkling stones in different colors. Plus, 100 sequin shapes, and a very easy to follow instructions sheet.

    We purchased kits before with many accessories, but for a price under $10.00 USA dollars all that included? Never. It’s intended for kids over 6 years of age because many of those items are very small.
    Moreover, Just My Style has a web site that offers tips, information about “how to” ( projects, techniques, tips) videos .

    The web site also has a blog section in which experienced crafters display their projects and offer ideas about different crafts. It even has a store locator in which you can find the store nearest your home to purchase anything you might need. This kit is a new item from, Just My Style a company that it spells out happy crafting.

    You can find them here: http://www.craftprojectideas.com/index.php/products/activity-kits/just-my-style

  14. Kunchie November 9, 2015

    Enjoying, learning our family with pictures. This scrapbook kit comes with a forty page (twenty sheet) hardcover scrapbook, 1 pair of scissor, 1 glue stick, 1ball point pen, 100 sequin shapes, 50 sparking stones, 5 printed pages, 355 stickers, 270 punch-out shapes, 32 dimensional stickers and east to follow instructions. The scrap book is made by Just My Style for ages 6 and up. Use your imagination and create what you desire. Find one of your favorite pictures and create. Fallow the instruction guide and begin your work.
    Setup your work area. Put all your material in front of you before you start your project. Start scrapping by choosing embellishments from your kit. Lay it out until you get the design you like. Glue everything down on the page. Now add a frame, then a border.
    You can have hour of fun bonding with your child, sharing a lasting treasure that you both made but the real joy was the precious time you experience creating an everlasting memento with your child. Because of the excitement of that day and memories of what you did will forever be in your hearts.
    To keep all you accessories organize put back in the box it came. It can be use as storage. This is just a suggestion.

  15. BooBerry2 November 9, 2015

    Disappointment. The Just My Style Designer Scrapbook Kit by Horizon Group USA was a huge disappointment for me. We have purchased other scrapbook kits from Wal-Mart before and have had great experience with them.

    Unfortunately, the Just My Style Designer Scrapbook Kit was disappointing and looks very cheap. Definitely not the quality of materials that we had anticipated receiving. The product is supposed to be the Ultimate Scrap book including everything you need from a 4- page hardcover scrapbook to over 800 accessories including: 5 printed pages, 355 stickers, 270 punch out shapes, pen, scissors, 32 Dimensional Stickers, 50 sparkling stones, 100 sequins and a glue stick. All those items were indeed in the package.

    The book itself is very flimsy. The pages do not include paper holders to actually hold the paper, so one would have to glue the paper to pages of the book. Why only 5 pages of paper? There are over 40 blank white pages in the book. I would have loved to have more choices of paper to use on those pages and may be less stickers or punch outs.

    The glue stick really does not hold the sequin shapes or sparkling stones into place on the pages. I had to find Elmer’s glue to get them to stick. It did however work on some of the paper products but not all of them.

  16. deallover11 November 11, 2015

    Alot of fun once you get the hang of it! The mix and mold stepping stones kit was a lot of fun! I do wish it came with more than one mold tray tho. We used the included mold tray and pie pans and lids.
    Our first attempt did not go well tho. Our room temperature water was apparently too cold and the mold set up way too fast and we were not able to put handprints or any designs in it.
    For the rest of them we used cool or warm tap water. That worked much better! We used a butter knife to mix it in a stainless steel bowl. That worked much better than the large popsicle stick that was included.
    Our second mold in a pie pan lid, we put my toddlers handprint and a few of the gems from the kit in it. The other two were used to just paint on them and decorate.
    We do not plan to use these as actual stepping stones. I honestly don’t think they would hold up for that. Maybe as decoration in the garden but I don’t know how well they would hold up to the weather.
    Overall, the mix and mold stepping stones kit was easy to use and fun for mom and the kids! We are going to buy another kit now that we got the hang of it and make more!

  17. kdkboy November 13, 2015

    Amazing Scrapbook Kit for Kids. My 5 Year Old Grand daughter loves this. It came with a scrap book, bling, pens, decals, paper, everything you would need!! She spent many hours working with this. By the end of the day she was finished and was so proud to tell us this was her first scrapbook. We started something here. She wants to go to the store for more ideas to do another one…This is truly a 5 star rating!

  18. mommaceta5 November 14, 2015

    Great keepsake project. I chose this product to receive as a Walmart Spark reviewer to test out and give my honest opinion. I really loved this Stepping Stone kit as a creative project to do with my 11 year old daughter- ours came out PERFECT.
    I read thru the directions, got all the necessary pieces together, and set up.
    First, I used the cardboard INSERT box, not the outside product box, as my work area (it opens up flat). I filled a measuring cup with 2 cups of roomish/a little warmer water since the directions said to start with one cup of water and have one cup on hand to add as needed. My daughter put on the cute little “surgical looking” protective mask and the WAY too big for a kids hands plastic gloves. Directions say to use a disposable bowl to mix the water and plaster (NOT in the provided round molding tray!). I don’t have disposable bowls so I took a plastic bowl I had and put a gallon size freezer bag opened in it- this worked awesome to mix the water & plaster together! I poured the cup of water in first as directed, then half the bag of plaster as the directions said (then it says to continue adding the mix and water as needed to get a “cake batter” consistency) but it was watery enough with just the one cup of water so I just kept adding the plaster and mixing (I used the provided stick but also we used our hands on the outside of the bag to smoosh it all together well and quickly :). When it was the right consistency, it was so EASY to just pour the mixture out of the end of the bag, into the mold, without any mess. We tapped the mold to pop any air bubbles that might have been on the bottom (we didn’t lift the mold to look). Using the heavy cardboard insert as our work surface was also a great way to be able to lift and transport our stone safely to the dining room to dry without handling the still liquidy plastic mold itself. We waited about half an hour for the mold to set a little bit so we could make my daughters hand print in it- again, this worked perfectly! It was also the right consistency to stick some of the gems in the moist plaster to make them stick in it (and have the plaster harden around them to hold them in) and decorate it. It’s been almost 8 hours since we left it to dry, and I can see that it is dry, but my daughter is asleep now so I’ll wait for her till tomorrow to do the paint decorating part herself.
    My only minor criticisms: 1) smaller plastic gloves included for kid size hands (the big ones should still be included for the “adult supervisor” 🙂 not that we really seemed to need them. 2) Maybe include a freezer strength, gallon size bag for mixing or inserting into a bowl as we did instead of hoping people have a disposable bowl or wrongly think they should use the decorative plastic mold to mix in. 3) Lastly, more than one plastic molding tray. We would’ve loved to have done at least 2 stones at a time instead of waiting 8+ hours to re-use the only one provided, especially since there is enough bags of plaster to do 4 stepping stones, it would be nice to be able to do all four at once if you want to make them as gifts. I’d rather even pay a little more to have an extra molding tray included (since this kit is so cheap in price anyway). All in all I would definitely buy this kit for my daughter to make more stones to give as gifts and even to give the kits themselves as gifts to others.

  19. Sizzlinred November 17, 2015

    Wonderful project for family project. I had seen these products in the stores and was considering purchasing several for my grandchildren. When I saw this product offered for the Wal Mart Spark Reviewer program I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to test the craft project with two of my granddaughters.
    When I opened the box I found all of the instructions and the pieces were included. Two things I was not impressed with was the paintbrush and the gloves. The gloves were stiff and very large. Even an adults hand would not function very well in these gloves. Also the paint brush bristles were very long and stiff. I had vinyl gloves and paint brushes available for my granddaughters to use for their stepping stones.
    We followed the instructions for the first stepping stone. My suggestion is do not attempt to mix the plaster in the mold itself. It is difficult for a child to mix and water and powder smoothly without it
    splashing over the edge and the mixture begins to set before the plaster is fully mixed. For the other stones we mixed the plaster in a disposable container and filled the mold.
    The girls enjoyed making their own creations with the stones, tiles and paints provided in the project box. We enjoyed the project and I will purchase more of these products.
    Thank you for the opprotunity to test this product.

  20. blueangeleyes5 November 22, 2015

    Perfect for Your Crafty Kid. I already knew this would be a hit with my crafty kiddo. She immediately got down to business when she opened it. I asked her what she liked the most and she said she liked that it came with glue and designing scissors. It also comes with a plethora of items to create and decorate each page in the book: stickers, jewels, printed pages. The book is actually a hard cover and that is a plus. I just wish it came with more printed pages. Overall, great for your little crafter to begin learning how to scrap book.

  21. cogziegirl November 22, 2015

    Afternoon of fun!!! Made by Me Stepping Stone Kit is an awesome way to spend an afternoon with your kids making memories and so much more. The kit comes with four packets of quick set cement that requires less than two cups of water and 15 minutes to set. It also has jewels, colored tiles, paints, as well as, a mold. The mold has a flower and butterfly pattern for your child to paint and decorate once the stepping-stone has set, or create their own design while still setting. You can even do your child’s handprints or footprints. My daughter and I did one with her right-hand print and a left footprint on one of the kits stepping-stones. I absolutely love the kit it was a messy fun afternoon that filled my little girl with excitement and creativity. And you need not worry about doing this with your son or your daughter the kit allows for either one to be creative. If you are looking for an inexpensive afternoon of filled with love and great memories with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, this will be perfect for you. My daughter and I still have two more to do and I am so looking forward to doing them.
    I would definitely recommend this product and am going to get a kit for my sist

  22. TheIndigoButterfly December 13, 2015

    Great for your budding scrapbooker. Such a simple yet sweet set for any young lady to start her way into scrapbooking…which may or may not be a great thing because being a scrapbooker myself…it can be a VERY expensive hobby. However this kit has everything they need to make themselves an attractive book full of momentos, photos, written ideas/thoughts and wishes.
    The book has 20 all blank/white pages which I think is great because with blank pages it allows you to draw or write anywhere you like. You get sheets of color/decorative papers, stickers, embelishments, glue, pen, decorative edging scissors, chip board like pieces in fun shapes.
    Colors are bright and cheery, mix and match styles and with white pages you could easily add your own papers and stickers. Included stickers have 3D and glitter styles. Scissors add a decorative edge to your own cut frames or page edges. Make a keepsake book for yourself or for someone special by leaving blank spaces for the person to add their own photos or thoughts.
    Book is sturdy with a stiff book-like binding for durability, a very impressive set/gift for anyone!
    A break down..
    Allows child/adult to use their creativity
    Comes with all you need to get started
    Book has sturdy binding
    Is able to be customized with other papers, stickers, ect.
    Fun and cheery colors/designs
    Easy to follow instructions included
    Box was easy to open

    Glue runs out quickly and is not as good as other types of glue

    **I received this for free in exchange for my open and honest opinion of the product**

  23. EastCoast May 25, 2016

    Love it. Great item my daughter loved it!

  24. LovinLouisiana May 31, 2016

    She loves it! Bought this for my niece and she loves it.

  25. sandyo October 24, 2016

    grand daughter thrilled. My grand daughter asked for the MC2 lab and I bought this Lip Balm kit and the soda can robot for an extra surprise gift. She was so excited to to get it and couldn’t wait to get home to try out her gifts. So happy to see her smiling face.

  26. Smartshopper November 10, 2016

    Wax. My daughter enjoyed it but the wax didn’t melt. Other than that great.

  27. jarw November 27, 2016

    Good kit. My daughter enjoys these, we make them together. It is messy and a little hard to hold the wax base and chips in the hot water. It seems to make what it says it does.

  28. maryb December 26, 2016

    Mc 2 lipbalm. great toy and easy to use. wish came with more lip balm.

  29. susue41 January 1, 2017


  30. MsMelody January 1, 2017

    Horrible Scents. The scents definitely do not smell anything like they’re supposed to. For example, the watermelon smells like rubber tires.

  31. ZDLOVE January 4, 2017

    fun. Order 3 of them for the triplets of the family and they love it.

  32. ElderPanda January 5, 2017

    Perfect for my 9 year old. Directions are clear and easy to follow, the kits includes everything you need expect a sharpie or a pen to label your chapstick. The process isn’t too time consuming or involved but engages you enough to have a lot of fun doing something you normally wouldn’t be able to do. Would highly recommend, was a fun time together for my daughter and I.

  33. papote January 10, 2017

    mc2 lip balm kit. The process took a lot of time. My girls said it was not fun to making it. We did as the direction said, but when we were complete the lip gloss had no flavor and very little shine. You do have to use the stove to melt wax chips. Also if you do not work fast with the wax it quickly starts to turn solid. It was messy and sticky.

  34. cheekychase October 23, 2017

    Fun for All Ages. I bought this with the intention of doing yearly imprints of my grandbaby’s hand and foot prints. It works great but be advised that it cannot be used outdoors. It isn’t meant for outdoor stepping stones. It’s ideal for keeping the kids busy for a day. Caution: make sure that you do it with a large plastic drop cloth for both the floor and the table to ensure an easier clean-up. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

  35. rose12 November 21, 2017

    This was AWESOME. We bought all of these kits for our niece. There are filled with such cool posters and stuff. We bough all 6 or 7. She loved them!!!

  36. Key November 25, 2017

    Best bath bomb kit ever. I got this kits it a ritualistic worked and I really liked it cause it made learning to make it fun

  37. LynchDad1229 December 24, 2017

    Not too great. My daughter played with it and it was fine she put it in the storage departments and a hardened up within 20 minutes

  38. Janetj December 27, 2017

    Good quality! Great service and loved home delivery!clothes were of good quality.

  39. Gross March 15, 2018

    I bought this thinking it would be something fun and original to do with my boyfriend on date night. It was really fun to make the bath bombs and up until that point i was really satisfied.When we put it in the water it was pretty that is until we realised that we were being covered in a gross sticky layer of gunk. Thank God we only put our feet in. It was very hard to get off. I scrubbed the tub three times to get it off the walls. Absolutely disgusting would not recommend this product

  40. Lovey August 5, 2018

    Slime gift set. This was the perfect gift for my 10yr.she cried as she opened this b-day gift who knew slim was better than money!!!

  41. Hines August 21, 2018

    Came fast. It came in 2 days it’s much bigger than it looks in picture

  42. MommaP December 17, 2018

    Slime Heaven. My granddaughter is going to love this! It’s nice to have a place to store the slime and the remaining packets. She will be in slime heaven!
    Would definitely recommend this product!

  43. KaraK December 31, 2018

    Very Pleased. I love using bath bombs and thought it would be neat to make my own. I read the reviews after purchasing so I was afraid that using them in the tub would be a big mess. My only complaint on them is I couldn’t get the two halves to stay together while they were molding but that is fine because then I ended up with more, just smaller. The instructions were very easy to follow, I wore gloves since it got messy. I was very pleased that my tub did not get stained like some reviews said, and I was not left sitting in bomb gunk. I would buy this again in the future to make more.

  44. m January 5, 2019

    The contents of the tub labeled “Coconut Oil” is definitely not coconut oil. Coconut oil liquefies at 76 degrees. Just touching it will melt it. That stuff wouldn’t melt for anything. Also the two halves would not stick together and so we decided to just have 2 half circles but they broke apart the minute we tried to pick them up.

  45. Diana February 5, 2019

    Would definitely recommend! I have friends whose kids are mostly of age 5 and above n I keep in exploring some intersting stuff online at a reasonable price.I earlier bought this set for my niece and she was super excited when she got it so I thought of getting similar types of sewing kit for my friends daughter who is 8 years and this would be appropriate for her.She spends most of time during weekend on this kit and learnt various sewing ideas.Its great for beginners n a wonderful gift for girls above7.

  46. socute March 6, 2019

    love this. me and my niece loved this it matters about how much water you put in it the more the stretchy

  47. kstormgemini March 10, 2019

    easy, fun but goes fast. the Only reason this didn’t get five stars is because the mixes get used up so fast.
    the slime created itself is loads of fun, easy to make and doesn’t smell like some slime kits do. the little “surprises” weren’t terribly great but whatever. the glitter is what it is… glitter that gets into every nook-n-cranny. the shimmer was kind of cool even if it does make your skin look a bit alien for a while. but hey who doesn’t like to have glam skin for a tiny bit? it washes right off so no problem.
    the case itself isn’t bad and it isn’t great. it’s got kind of a flimsy hasp for a closure that can be tricky to deal with but the roominess to hold all your Other slime making stuff more than makes up for it. i took the cardboard thing inside and cut extra holes in it for future shakers to make that even work for me.
    so all in all, i would recommend this. especially if you’re not super sure of what you’re doing in the slime maker area. it’s very easy, straightforward and great for kids with adult supervision.

  48. Gram April 25, 2019

    My granddaughter was thrilled. She loved having a case to keep her slime together.

  49. Bathie May 2, 2019

    My 8 year old granddaughter selected this for herself!

  50. Jc30436 May 10, 2019

    Big thing’s come in small packages! LOVE IT! Okay so I thought it was going to be too big to fit in my mailbox but I was wrong, BUT there’s a TON of stuff in there!! I will definitely buy again!!!

  51. Meg May 21, 2019

    Would not recommend. Couldnt get the bomb halves to stick/dry together. Paid $13 for this my walmart with no success. My daughter was bummed!

  52. Gina July 22, 2019

    Such a fun activity! this was such a fun kit to do with my cousins while babysitting! It was easy enough for them to do on their own with my supervision!

  53. Savannah July 22, 2019

    We followed instructions and they came out too wet to stick together.

  54. Anthony September 4, 2019
  55. LoveToShopLoveaDeal September 10, 2019

    Granddaughter Loves it! Our 4 year old Granddaughter loved it! Everything about it worked out well. The slime consistency has stayed perfect. The glitter is the only “messy” part of this kit…but that’s the nature of glitter. We also had fun with the sounds it makes. It would have been better if they’d provided 6 containers to store all 6 colors of slime. I had to add lidded containers from my kitchen. All in all, it was a hit

  56. Tanya September 30, 2019

    These are the Bomb. My daughter, sister and I had so much fun making these. They smell great and work awesomely and everything needed is already included in this kit. The instructions are also very easy to follow.

    I read some past reviews that said the bath bombs halves did not stick together, so with that in mind I also use some single sided flower silicone molds that I had on-hand already. Tip: When completed I let The bath bombs sit overnight and as a result they held perfectly.

    I’ve used store bought bath bombs in the past, so I was prepared to have it stain my bathtub, so that was OK with that happening.

    My little one is now obsessed with making these and wants to make more for her friends. We decided to buy a few more kits and use them at her “sleepunder” (a sleepover—just no actual sleeping over) birthday party.

  57. Sweet99 October 12, 2019

    Fun For All. This is a basic terrarium kit where all the hard work of making a terrarium is all done and ready to go for children and yourself to enjoy.Some ventilation holes punched out of the jar lid,seed selection made, with seeds that grow quickly, are sized well for the terrarium soil, pebbles clean and bright and the jar can be decorated as well.This lets kids get down to the fun part, actually putting everything together, then watering and watching, while skipping the parts of the project that might bore them if you did this from scratch.The final result is attractive, the seeds in our kit grew quickly and well, it is manageable for kids, who were able to take ownership of the project and feel proud of the results.This is a fun activity for your children, it looks great, it works,plus it teaches something about biology,botany.Easy win with this terrarium set.

  58. tinkerwd October 12, 2019

    So cute. The Creativity for kids grow and glow Terrarium kit is so much fun. My daughter had the best time putting everything in the jar and customizing it to look how she wanted it to look. It was super easy to do and didn’t take much time at all. I’m not sure how long the seeds take to spout, but it’s been 3 days since she did it and no sprouts yet. We placed it on our front porch where it will get some sun each day, but hopefully not too much. We look forward to seeing the sprouts, so the fun continues.
    Definitely would recommend to others that need gift ideas for children.

  59. OceanDreams1979 October 13, 2019

    Cool Little Art Project. I’m excited to review the Do-It-Yourself Resin Kit in blue because it was a fun project and also didn’t take long to do. I feel its a great project for a rainy day or when you feel crafty or artsy but don’t want to do something that is involved or takes a long time. First of all don’t try to be a hero and not use the protective plastic sheet to put down and do your project over and also make sure to wear the gloves it also comes with. This is a messy project where you will be tilting the board in different angles to create the design and it’s going to drip all over the protective plastic sheet. Resin is bad for your skin so gloves are important too. Instructions were very easy to follow. You just pour both of the clear liquid bottles into three different little cups ( equal amount of each ) and then pour a color into each cup and mix it up with the provided sticks. Drizzle, move board around, crate whatever designs you want it in. Let dry for 24 hrs but cures completely after about 3 days. Instructions show that this project is recommended for a cutting board, drink coasters or a tray. It does not come with these things but I also got the cutting board. I feel there was not enough paint for the cutting board version of this project but would be great for coasters. It said to tape the edges of the board but it didn’t come with any tape. Luckily I had some masking tape near by. Only complaint is not enough paint and it was hard to open the small color paint bottles so I had to use pliers but they were easy to open with the pliers. Fun little project. As you can see from my photo I’m no artist but it was cool to make it.

  60. SavvyShopperGirl17 October 14, 2019

    Great for Art lovers. This is a great product for people who have a passion for art and like to explore and make art. At 1st I thought the resin kit was paint and other accessories to draw and do paintings. It turns out it’s a whole complex art project. My kids wanted to “paint” but I had to tell them, this 1 is not for kids. If you are not familiar with resin pour art like myself, you will have to make sure to read and follow all the instructions. The colors are very easy to mix. The kit comes with everything that you will need to create your masterpiece. You will have to buy the item that you plan to pour on separate. Also a blower dryer or heat gun. Your design will have a beautiful, glossy finish.

  61. Emilou02 October 15, 2019

    For the child that loves nature! This is a super cute set! My kids loved putting it together! The set came with everything you need and had a lot of seeds! There are enough to use many more times! The instructions were easy to follow and included pictures so the kids could do the activity almost completely on their own.

  62. AudreyG123 October 15, 2019

    Easy set up! So exciting! This terrarium was so easy to set up and it’s so exciting to watch as it’s going to be growing. I love that this is such an educational set up. It’s got stickers and small animals to set up inside the terrarium. It’s even got small rocks for inside. It doesn’t come with a growth light but it can still grow without the light just not as quickly. It was truly a lot of fun to set up and lots of fun to watch grow. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

  63. clsmith019 October 16, 2019

    Cute Little Terrarium. My 6 year old daughter loves doing little activities like these. She loves doing little arts/crafts activities, but she also loves things like collecting rocks and planting flowers, plants and other outdoorsy activities. She could not wait to get everything placed inside this cute little jar and start watching the plants grow. This kit includes a plastic terrarium jar and lid, potting mix, chia seeds, wheat grass seeds, plant mister, decorative blue sand, river stones, resin figures (a cute little rabbit and a mushroom shaped one), clear stickers (in the shapes of ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars, flowers, etc.), glow in the dark stickers (in the shapes of a moon, stars and various circles/dots), and instructions/ideas on how to set up your very own terrarium. There is also a “Grow Light” that can be purchased separately. These project was super simple and my daughter enjoyed pouring in each layer and decorating the jar afterwards. It has been a few days since we placed everything into the jar, and she comes home from school each day, looking forward to just how much it has grown. Overall, I think this is a great little kit/project for any kid to do. It teaches so much, but best of all, it teaches it in a creative way that kids will love and learn from. I would most definitely recommend this terrarium kit to others.

  64. AngieB October 17, 2019

    Easy to do. This resin kit is easy to do. Has easy to follow directions. It makes your projects beautiful and custom designed. Three pretty colors included in the kit. Just make sure you set some time to complete the project.

  65. Ash101 October 17, 2019

    Good for young kids! This terrarium is very good for young kids who want to have there own garden. Easy to use. I like that they added cute stickers and decorations for fun. It was also easy to plant but a little messy. Overall this is a great terrarium for your kids. It comes with wheat and chia seeds. Instruction say that garden will begin to sprout in 3-4 days. My kids got so excited when it happened on the 4th day.

  66. Jacqueline October 18, 2019

    Easy to do project. I’ve seen the pour art painting on YouTube so I was super excited to try my hand and doing my own! The kit comes with all the paint and epoxy you need. You’ll just need to purchase whatever you want to paint! The instructions were really easy to follow and I had so much fun being creative!

  67. Reviewsforfun11 October 20, 2019

    It’s a great craft to try out. The resin pour kit was an exciting kit. I have experience with resin pours and love them very much but have never poured over a cutting board. I realize you can use it for food after the pour as that is mentioned on the insert. However, it was fun and turned out beautifully. The kit comes with everything needed and a book. Everything is really easy to use and so much fun.

  68. glitzNgloss October 22, 2019

    Really fun, but takes practice! This was so much fun, but definitely harder than I expected. The instructions were pretty good, but I did do this with my friend who is way craftier than I am. The fact that they gave a cutting board to use was awesome. Such a good idea! I would give your self some time as this was like a half day project. The pinks were beautiful (I didn’t use gold the first time i tried), and it was perfect for a breast cancer cutting board. I feel like I really want to do this again, as this would be an awesome Christmas gift.

  69. Wbuy October 22, 2019

    Easy craft for nature-loving young kids. This is such a cute craft set. My daughter loves the outdoors, plants and creative toys so this was perfect for her. The set comes with everything you need to create a terrarium. The plastic jar with shaped holes in the lid, rocks, sand, glow-in-the-dark stickers, seeds and the little spray bottle to keep the seeds moist. The package comes with helpful hints for creating a successful terrarium. I didn’t read through well enough and didn’t realize the set comes with extra. So you will not want to fill the plastic jar up with all that is provided. Rather save some to do it all again when your child is ready to start over and create an all new terrarium. Therefore, our plastic jar is overfilled but still looks cute. The box shows the option to create a night-light out of the terrarium but doing so would require purchasing the light and plug separately, as this set does not come with it. The best things I enjoyed about this set is that it provides a fun opportunity to spend one-on-one time with your child creating something together. In our busy lives, having crafts like this already in one box gives us time to just be together instead of me having to track down all the pieces and finally come together to figure it out. My daughter definitely loves the little figurines and the spray bottle. She uses her little spray bottle each day to give her seeds the water they need. It’s a great way for her to learn responsibly in taking care of something. I recommend this set to creative young kids who love nature and to parents looking for a way to play creatively with their children without all the work involved in tracking down craft supplies.

  70. MoonPearl October 27, 2019

    Great for a beginner. This resin kit was great for a beginner! The instructions were easy to read and follow, I had just enough resin material to make a cutting board,and it had everything I needed. I loved the colors and the marbling effect!
    I would love to try it again for matching coasters.

  71. AJnMyzMom October 28, 2019

    My daughter loves this. I let my five year old daughter put this together. She had a lot of fun doing it. She followed the directions and the picture to do it herself with a little help from me. She really enjoyed decorating the outside of the jar with the stickers, especially the glow-in-the-dark ones. She watched and watered it. She checked it everyday. Within a few days plants started to sprout. Within a week we had a little growing terrarium. Its was fun just watching her reaction when she saw all her work really did grow something.
    On the otherhand, I did have to go behind her a press the bigger seeds into the dirt because they really weren’t growing without being pressed in, but the smaller ones grew just fine.

  72. QueenLadi November 1, 2019

    Cute. This is a great activity to do with both boys and girls. It doesn’t take long to assemble, but kids will have something to take care of in the end. I love the stickers which let’s you add your creative style. So easy, so fun, and will absolutely add this to my list of gifts for other kids. Everything is included. Doesn’t take long for the chia seeds to grow. You can do this any season, any day.

  73. Davidg November 5, 2019

    Lip balm. My daughter and I have done this a few times and she loves this it’s a great little project to do with your kid and they get something out of it and then she enjoys being able to sit down do little project and make her own lip balm

  74. TC146 November 6, 2019

    Quilt making kit. Got this just for fun with my foster girls that I have at times. I was concerned because about having problems with the ties but it ended up being fine. It’s a very nice craft for any child. Very simple to make, quality is ok as well. Not too messy or complicated to make. Was easy enough for a 7 year old to use alone, which was Great!

  75. WiGal608 November 6, 2019

    Fun to make. Kit comes with everything you need: 24 precut fleece pieces in different colors, an instruction manual on how to braid/tie, and various shapes of felt stickers. Instructions were easy to follow, but I still needed to view a few videos online to help me out. You will need a large flat area to lay out all the pieces and to make the quilt. We timed ourselves and it took me and my son about 1.5 hours to make it. A little longer than I expected as we ran into a minor issues with some of the felt pieces being too thin, that it was hard to braid or tie. One piece was also poorly cut (basically shreds) and this made it very hard to braid and tie into the quilt, but we managed to salvage it. Finishing touches were the addition of the felt stickers which my daughter had the joy of doing. Overall, quilt looks good and is cute, but just make sure to carve some time out of your day to make. Perfect size for kids.

  76. Amy621 November 6, 2019

    Fun creative project! Really enjoyed this. My daughter and I made beautiful coasters with this kit. It was a great activity to sit down and do together. The kit comes with every you need. The kit also comes with very detailed instructions. It offers ideas on what you can make. Great product! Gave my daughter and I some quality time together doing something creative and the coasters will be a reminder of this

  77. TrixieSez November 6, 2019

    Adorable DIY set! This create your own lip balm set is a favorite in this house. It has 5 cute containers with stickers, good scented base, tools to mix and blend your glosses, and glitter and mica powder for added lip sheen. A fun activity for kids at parties or sleepovers or even a boring afternoon. Great!

  78. whitt November 7, 2019

    Soft & colorful, easy for kids to make. This quilt making kit is just like one I had when I was younger. It has very soft materials that is easy to work with. The kids loved making their own quilt, they are proud of their accomplishments and use their quilts every day. The kit comes with everything you need directions are easy, no real sewing involved, the kids had no problems, they found it easy to make. It was entertaining to them and myself too. It’s not a full size quilt but great for use as a cover-up while watching a movie. Nice soft and colorful quilt looks great and feels great.

  79. 3sak73 November 7, 2019

    Fun for Little Girls! My daughter loves to play in makeup. Most times we will let her wear lipgloss when she goes to school and other places. Just My Style Swirl n’ Style Lip Balm is absolutely perfect for her. She’s only 11 years old, so lipgloss is the perfect starter makeup for her. She loves how she’s able to mix the different glosses together to create some fun and funky combinations. The lip balm comes in 3 different flavors and she’s able to create up to 5 various shimmering styles. The lip balm smells fruity and looks very nice.

  80. Dottie119 November 8, 2019

    Just My Style Swirl n Style Lip Balm. Just my style swirl n style lip balm is a cute starter kit for little girls to make their own product. It’s for ages 6+. My granddaughter is 6 and we did it together. We did it together because I thought it would be a little hard for her to do alone but once we did the first one together, she did them all. It was fun seeing her be creative and deciding to mix and match different types. There are 15 different parts. It will make 5 lip balms. And the containers are super cute. Unicorns, shells, rainbows. It’s a fun project and she asked me if I had more once she finished. She can’t wait to go to school and show off what she made. The process is easy and fun. The kit has everything needed.

  81. AudreyG123 November 8, 2019

    Lots of fun! Easy to make! This product is so neat and so easy to use! I love that it comes with the containers for the lip balm and then it has lots of choices for color. It even has flavor and glitter which is really neat! It was super easy to make too along with easy to follow instructions. The packaging is very colorful and bright as well making it a product you would want to try. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

  82. Jas November 8, 2019

    Great. Every female in my family loves lip balm. I even have to take me one for old times sake. My daughter loves the difference styles you can make with it. Feels so smooth.

  83. coolgirl007 November 9, 2019

    Fun and Cute. My 8 year old granddaughter loves DIY kits and was really excited when this one arrived. The kit includes five very cute lip balm containers, four powders including one glitter. The wax base has a nice scent to it. I especially liked the fact that there was no “water boiling” as we’ve had to do in the past. The instructions were straight forward and easy without any confusion for her. We had a little spillage on one of the mixes but it wiped up easily with a paper towel. Our lip balms turned out great. This would definitely be a good gift. I’ll be purchasing another one for her to make more cute balms.

  84. lgraham29556 November 10, 2019

    Nice. My daughter’s absolutely love lip balm and lip gloss. This kit came in handy for them. They love being able to make there own lip balm. Everything that they need to get started is all in the box. Some of the lip balm has glitter and it gives them the option to mix more than one in order to get swirls. And the fact that the lip balm is flavored is a plus. I think lil girls, and teenagers everywhere will love this kit.

  85. R32012 November 17, 2019

    Fun but messy. I felt like a teen again once me and my daughter pulled out all of the contents in this box. It comes with East to follow instructions on how to create your own lip balm. My daughter came up with her cosmetic line and each container was a different color. This was so much fun mixing and creating different colors along with adding glitter. We ended up wasting glitter but we put down a towel before starting. The instructions recommended wax paper but we had already started mixing up the colors. It says 6+ but my daughter is 5 and I helped her along the way. Tons of fun!

  86. Sjb November 20, 2019
  87. JAM6860 November 25, 2019

    Made by Me Easy-to-Knot Quilt Making kit. Made by Me Easy-to-Knot Quilt Making kit, what a fun and exciting quilt making kit includes everything you need to make a 12 x 12 in colorful quilt – 24 – 12x 12 colorful fleece squares, 18 adhesive felt embellishments and easy to follow instructions with 4 styles of knotting .

  88. blalockm November 25, 2019

    Easy craft for any age. The fabric is soft and comfortable. This kit includes everything for a small knotted throw that can be used for naps, decorating or a lap blanket. The size is perfect for short overnight trips, school, and car rides. It fits easily in a backpack.

    This is super easy to make and absolutely anyone can be successful making this. It’s really cute and comes with more decorative accents than I expected.

    Did I mention the kit is all inclusive? I was so pleased that I didn’t need to buy anything to go with this or add to it.

  89. MizzLBC December 12, 2019

    Great for Bonding Time. Made by Me Easy-to-Knot Quilt Making kit is very fun and great for bonding time with your daughter or daughters. I’ve also seen these and wanted one. Selected from the Wal Mart Spark Reviewer Program in exchange for my opinion. This has wonderful colors. Instructions are clear, easy and simple to follow. Great learning and teaching experience for both parent and child. Teaches you to pay attention to detail, if one doesn’t have patience then you will learn to adopt during this project. This isn’t a large size quilt but it is great for covering up while lounging around. It could also be used to cover a small child like an infant or toddler. The size of this quilt is 59 in. x 39 in., it is a cozy fleece quilt! No sewing or cutting necessary!

  90. Sk6760 December 16, 2019

    So cute. The Just My Style Magical Glitter Scrapbook Set is so adorable. I got this set for my 9 year old daughter who is totally into mermaids right now. So this was definitely right up her alley. It comes with all kinds of fun stuff. Not only do you get the note book but you also get stickers, pens, scissors, little envelopes and so much more. It’s amazing all of the creative things you can make with this set. I would highly recommend this for little boys and girls.

  91. AR36 December 26, 2019

    Meh. Not much supplies. Lip gloss doesn’t even fill the containers provided. My daughter did enjoy doing it but the fun only lasted about 5 minutes because of what little supplies there are.

  92. FailureIsNotFatal December 28, 2019

    Kit Doesn’t Include Everything You Need. The first annoying thing is that it doesn’t come with everything you need to complete the project inside the box. Don’t advertise yourself as a complete kit if you don’t come with everything needed for the project. That is annoying. Let me inform anyone thinking of buying this that you will also need to go out and buy painter’s tape, cups, and a hair dryer if you want to complete what is on the front of the box. I marked it down two stars for failing to mention that.

    I bought 2 of these kits, the blue and the pink one. The blue turned out a lot better than the pink did, so I would recommend that one much more.

    Overall, this is an okay project.

  93. Crystal December 28, 2019

    Great project, needs some adjustments. Bought as a christmas gift for my 6 year old daughter. A great project to do together but there are some faults.
    There is only one molding tray, sure adding three more tray, or at least one more, wouldn’t be too cost effective? Also, the first bag mixed with room temperature water took hours to dry, while the second bag along with room temperature water dried so quickly that we could add the provided jewels to it. Bummer. The paint was nice, and no complaints from my child…she loves it. Perfect walkway to her clubhouse.

  94. Grandmother December 28, 2019

    This said for 7 years old. Adults can’t do it! The mesh is too small to pull the loops through. A total waste of money!

  95. Liz January 1, 2020

    No sline is better than this slime. Best slime kit in the world easy and not messy

  96. Patricia January 2, 2020
  97. Kat January 5, 2020

    Happy. I bought this in store, it turned out just like the picture on the box it definitely takes patience but its so soft and cute!

  98. Megan January 8, 2020

    Good kit! Great product, did the job of fixing my bracelet!

  99. prettyhippo16 January 9, 2020

    Fun. My 7yrs old daughter loved making her own quilt! It was so much fun and easy to do. The stick on stickers made it even made the quilt more prettier. But the sticker design doesn’t stick so well. After about 3rd time using the quilt the stickers all fell off but no worries the quilt is still good to use. The quality time that we spent making the quilt makes it all worth any cons about this kit. She loves it and I approve!

  100. Brittany January 12, 2020

    Not for kids!!! Ill be honest. Im a pretty crafty person. I thought my daughter would love it. I gave it two stars because i was able to get it finished, but it looks ridiculous. My seven year old definitely tried to do it and couldnt. The mesh holes are small and they yard is big. The pink rubber came off of the croche hook. And towards the end i just didnt care how it turned out. I wanted to be done with it. Definitely dont purchase for a child if you arent willing to do this yourself

  101. Sweetmysery1303 January 17, 2020

    Daughter loved this. My 7 yr old is a huge crafting fan. She had been asking to make her own blanket but I wasn’t prepared to start helping her see etc. This is a perfect solution! She loves that she can do this herself with out my help. It’s warm n fuzzy n just the right size. The like stickers that come with it are adorable.

  102. Sweetmysery1303 January 18, 2020

    Great to do on a snowy day. My daughter loves this kit. She has. Been asking to make a blanket for awhile and thhis is perfect for her as she can do it on her own without me helping. The stickers that come with it are so cute. The color choices that come in the box are nice. And can go with most. Kid rooms.

  103. odis64 January 21, 2020

    Grow and Glow Terraarium. This product is made by Creatuvity for Kids. It offers young children a hands on learning experience in which they will learn all about what a terrarium is and how it is made. What an amazing learning experience. I know that the first attraction of most children will be that this glows in the dark! Who wouldn’t love that! When I opened the box I immediately see all things that are required to build a successful terrarium. There is a plastic jar with a screw on lid, it comes with stickers to decorate the plastic jar, there is potting mix, chia seeds, wheat grass seeds, a plant muster to keep things damp, decorative sand us included..mine is a wider blue color, there are river stones, resin figures to decorate the inside of the terrarium and glow in the dark stickers. It also comes with a pamphlet that defines what a terrarium is and has directions on how to make it. Once you plant everything you get to watch it grow and care for it. It does state on the box that purchdingvtgeir gtiw light is recommended but the sun will do the same things. This is a wonderful learning experience for any child.

  104. Mommyalex January 23, 2020

    Beautiful set. The Just My Style scrapbook is the perfect gift for the special little girl in your life! I got this to put together with my niece and we had so much fun! She loves it so much and had a blast putting it together. I have never seen her so engaged in an activity that was not a video game. She spent hours writing, putting stickers and pictures into the included scrapbook journal. The set comes with everything you will need to make an adorable scrapbook! It is very well thought out. A journal, scissors, glue, a jell pen, hundreds of stickers, cool inserts and more! It was so nice. The theme is mermaid which she loved (who doesn’t love mermaids?) Even after I had stepped away to do some things she spent hours creating in her special little journal. When she is done I will keep it for her to show her one day when she is an adult. I know she will appreciate this sweet little memory. I think this is the perfect gift. It gets your little one creative and away from the TV screen. It gave her a chance to reflect on herself to create something for herself. I recommend for sure!!

  105. KIKI1948 February 28, 2020

    Terrible craft. This NEVER should be sold for adults or children…. the yarn is too thick and the lach hook cannot grab it. I purchased another hook and it was too big to fit in the mesh. Too. Frustrating … if you are trying to teach a child to learn this skill they will never pick up another rug kit, it should be removed from Walmart shel es.

  106. craftee February 28, 2020

    Worst product out there. I couldn’t even do it for my grand daughter

  107. Rejane March 1, 2020
  108. Gwendolyn March 15, 2020

    I just received it..love it

  109. Reema March 31, 2020

    This box was amazing the packages were put in bags buy them selfs very well pack 100% recommend

  110. Chrissy April 6, 2020

    We have made 2 so far and neither of them have turned out correctly. We have follow the directions exactly so I’m not sure if the product is bad or if the directions need tweaking.

  111. Patricia April 10, 2020

    Came with everything needed looks to be good quality. Can’t wait to see it finished

  112. kacey April 14, 2020

    I have a 12 year old daughter. I had to help her with this. It was a little tricky to get the plaster just right into the mold before it hardened

  113. Crystal April 15, 2020

    Great craft kit for a 6 year old boy! This is a great product. But it isn’t something that can be done in one day. The cement has to sit and set for quite awhile. My son enjoyed making his garden stones. It was a great birthday gift.

  114. Paula April 15, 2020

    Disappointed. We opened the box and it was missing the mold tray. My daughter was so disappointed. Since it was during the shelter at home time we were unable to return it. Waste of money.

  115. Kylea April 17, 2020

    Fun day! This was a great rainy day activity for my son and I! Only thing I can say is that there is only one mold in the kit and four packs of concrete mix. If you have more than one child they’ll have to wait 8 hours in between to allow drying time. Also, you have to mix with cold water so it doesn’t set up too quickly. I read some other reviews saying that it turned into a clumpy mess. Use cold water and it’ll mix right up! Also needed more than the one cup of water it called for.

  116. Nugget Williams April 18, 2020

    Kids Craft. We like it. It’s hard for my 8 year old to complete but she has done a little everyday. Still not done but easy instructions to follow. Just takes time.

  117. Angelina April 19, 2020
  118. Jacqueline April 29, 2020

    Awesome. Very nice product. Easy to use.

  119. Michelle April 29, 2020

    Unacceptable package received. I ordered this brand new and it came in a taped up box from the vendor looks like a second hand or a return. This is NOT what i EXPECT from Walmart.

  120. Ginger May 1, 2020

    What is this? I am very unsatisfied. I was excited to receive this, my fabric picture shows squares for my colored pieces. (AKA Diamonds) I received circle diamonds. Also, my kit did not come with tweezers. I don’t know if this is a scam company, but it doesn’t look like the rest of the examples shown throughout the internet and YouTube. And this was supposed to be a Walmart product? This is very disappointing.

  121. Justamom May 5, 2020

    You won’t be disappointed. Bought this for my daughter to expand her loom collection. She loved it and has learned to make different styles. She’s used this every day for the last 3 weeks. I would definitely recommend buying it. Worth it’s price.

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