dinner is our last meal of the day. Many people will go home to eat and drink during the dinner, because it is already very hard to work during the day, so we have to have a good dinner to reward ourselves at night. In fact, many foods are not suitable for dinner. What are the specific ones? Let’s get to know the problem.

want to be healthy, the following food is not recommended for dinner:

barbecue stalls are mostly open in the evening, so many people will choose to eat barbecue for dinner. In fact, dinner is not recommended to eat barbecue, because barbecue contains a variety of carcinogens, which itself is very harmful to our body. In addition, at night, the body’s metabolic capacity level is significantly reduced, and the damage to our body is doubled. It is suggested that people should eat less barbecue in daily life, especially when barbecue is not used as dinner or supper.

]] greasy food

during dinner, it is not recommended to eat too much greasy food. Most greasy food contains a lot of protein and energy. For people with three high blood pressure, it will lead to the increase of blood pressure and blood lipid.

Compared with the daytime, the blood flow speed of

is relatively slow during sleep at night, and the coagulation of blood lipids will also be enhanced, which is very easy to deposit on the blood vessel wall, leading to arteriosclerosis and thrombosis; if you put the daily heat supply in dinner, it will also accelerate the reduction of glucose tolerance, greatly increase the burden of pancreas, and promote the pancreas It is easy to cause diabetes.

desserts contain a lot of sugar and calories. If you eat them as a dinner at night when their metabolism level is relatively low, they will greatly increase body fat. And for our pancreatic health is also very bad, there are some people do not have the habit of brushing their teeth at night, eating desserts at dinner will greatly increase the incidence of dental caries.

] flatulence food


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during dinner, you should also pay attention not to eat some food that may cause flatulence. Such as beans, Chinese cabbage, onions, and so on, this kind of food may cause the body to appear bloated feeling after eating. Excessive abdominal distension will not only lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, but also affect the normal state of sleep, in the dinner time to avoid as much as possible.

dinner is a very important meal of our day. It is recommended not to eat the above food. It is recommended to eat light dinner, which is very good for our health. It also helps to keep fit. High calorie dinners can lead to weight gain. For some people who want to keep fit, dinner must be right, which can have a very good effect.

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