What is the practice of

cuttlefish soup? There are many kinds of common food in our life. When we buy food, we can also do it according to our own preference. When we eat, we still care about our body. The practice of

cuttlefish soup is beneficial to human nutrition supplement.

method of cuttlefish soup

material: two cuttlefish, two pairs of fat, one small piece of coriander leaf, salt, pepper.



, 1. cuttlefish soaked in clear water, cut into thick silk;


cuttlefish soup is beneficial to human nutrition supplement,


, 2. fat slice, electric purple sand pot, add cuttlefish silk, add enough water to boil, turn to small fire for 2 hours, before eating salt and pepper are OK!

1. It’s better to go over the fire before soaking in water, so that the black film can be easily torn off after soaking in water;

2. The fat stew is very delicious, and it’s OK to remove the fat when you eat it;

3. Add enough water to the soup once, and cook it slowly over a small fire, so that the flavor will be released completely; There is no need to add chicken essence.



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